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  1. My husband strongly feels that we should change churches. He doesn't like the face that they were so hard on my brother and his fiancee. I don't even know if the church knows of their sex life (pretty sure they don't. They're quite private with it, and I only knew because my brother was trusting enough to share it with me). And, honestly, the people at church that I made friends with? I've hardly seen them in a while. I enjoy their company, but I haven't heard from them much in the last several months. So, perhaps, moving to a new church would be in order for me anyway. Thanks for understanding. I know that it's better to wait for marriage to live together, but at the same time, this is their lives. It's up to them to do what they want. I mean, if they were doing something REALLY bad like hurting each other, I could understand the church getting involved. But, shouldn't we be more tolerant and loving? Jesus Christ was around tax collectors, prostitutes, and other unclean people all the time. He wanted them to see the love and light...not make them feel worse about what they did. Thanks for the reply, TJB_GoingintoBattle. It helps.
  2. Wow! I haven't been on here for a long time!! I'm sorry it took so long to get back on here. If you ever want to chat, let me know. :) I'm always up for a good chat with a fellow Christian gal!

  3. My brother is very devoted to this woman he's going to marry. Due to some abuse at her place (not physical...emotional and mental abuse where her mother would call her a 'lazy, fat cow' even though she works hard and is too skinny for her own good), she lives with my brother in the basement suite that my brother has been renovating. They are of age, and they started having safe sex after they were engaged to each other. They are both wonderful Christians. She was in the nursery to help take care of the kids (responsible and a joy to be around), and both of them were in the Worship group for Sunday service. My parents have been accepting of it, and they are Baptist Christians. We all went to the same church. But, I recently found out that the church banned them from joining in the worship team, babysitting, or anything like that! They basically turned their backs on them, and now they're left looking for a new church. The two love each other a LOT, and they are devoted to each other. I guarantee you, knowing my brother, that the relationship isn't going to end until one of them DIES. I used to go to the church, and I had some nice friends there with kids as well (I have a toddler son), but now I'm wondering if we should just look for a new church. I'm very hurt by what the church did, and frankly, the pastor has hurt me in the past when I was going through an identity crisis (I have borderline, and my gender at one point was in question in my mind so strongly, I finally called myself bigender, but not bisexual). He wanted me to change so I was perfectly a girl, even though that's NEVER been the case with me my whole life because of my mental disorder. I just need someone to help me out with this. I'm torn, because I want to stay where there were some good friends, but at the same time, I want to stay loyal to my family and do what I feel is RIGHT. Is it possible to still have ties with those families outside the church without being awkward? Or, will it be too strange for me to go to another church while being on my brother's side when I want to still be friends? I'm a young mother (23 this year, married for three years) with a wonderful Christian husband, and he says that we should look for another church. HE feels that they're being too close-minded. We can't even find anywhere in the Bible that distinctly says not to live together before marriage. (Remember that the mother actually goes to that church too, and they probably wouldn't believe my brother if he told them what she says to his fiancee). This is more of a rant to get the feeling out, but I am curious to hear what young people now-a-days are thinking. After all, there's different ways of being married all over the world. Heck, you can be common-law and not technically married in this country, and that's legal and legit. But, what do the rest of you think?
  4. Love_of_Grace


    Just one week ago, as of today, I had a miscarriage. My husband and I had gotten pregnant accidentally a couple months after getting married. I was excited and scared at the same time, but for the most part, we were both very happy. We were looking forward to the child that was to be our first. Six weeks into the pregnancy, we had an ultrasound after a difficulty that sent me to the hospital. We got to see the baby's heart, and we fell in love. I began to swell up, soon after that, and I thought it might have been twins! I couldn't wait for the next ultrasound! ...but then...October 9th, I developed some pain in my abdomen. I'd been bleeding brown blood for three days lightly, and my Mum sent me to the hospital. I got checked out, and the doctor told me he thought I'd lost the baby. The next day, I was scheduled for an ultrasound. We got TWO, to make absolutely sure, and...sure enough, the baby wasn't alive. It had died four days after the ultrasound, and the swelling in my stomach was NOT twins or even a proper pregnancy. It had been the blood from the miscarriage and infection from it sitting there for so long...FOUR WEEKS. I had a D&C, and I was put under. That day, it became the saddest birthday of my life, the day I bore my child Adrian Grace...and lost him at the same time. My husband and I were devastated, and we still are. We could use some prayer and support during this time of need. Thank-you.
  5. Love_of_Grace

    "No-Pregnancy" depression

    Wow! Thanks, F.R.O.G!!!! It's GREAT to know that there's someone who's in a similar situation!! Thanks for ALL the great advice!!! I AM planning on saving up on some things so that way, in case I didn't get anything at the baby shower (once I AM pregnant, that is...even though I guarantee my mom will throw me one, because she does for ALL the other women in the church), so that way, I'm not relying on gifts. I've looked things up, picked out things I like, and added the costs. But, I think about $1000 will be slashed, just because you mentioned that playpen thing. There's something that my cousin's wife has. It's a playpen/changing table/crib. Easily assembled...great for packing around...comfy mattress, and it's relatively cheap, compared to buying all three separately. Thanks for the advice!!! It's AWESOME!!! I'm so glad to know that people understand and support! Thanks, again!!! It's nice to also know that you speak from experience. I also have a good friend who's gone through things like I have been. She knows the disappointment of pregnancy tests, and she relates to me perfectly! She is married with four children, all adorable and wonderful kids. I'm visiting her tomorrow, so I'll get to see two of them, at least! Thanks for the advice, again! I REALLY...REALLY appreciate it!!!!
  6. Love_of_Grace

    "No-Pregnancy" depression

    I've talked to my husband (who's been more than a little distraught with my depression toward not being pregnant), and we've decided to start saving up and planning for around Christmas. By that time, he'll be able to work a job here in town (he's still getting papers put through) so we'll be able to put some money aside. I got some advice from the internet about how to save up for a baby, and we'd love to try and get pregnant for the Christmas season. I tried another test (since I had two tests in the package), and it still came up negative. I waited till the morning, when I knew I'd have more concentration of the hormone, but it was still negative. But, my husband told me that he was actually disappointed as well. So, we're just going to start saving. We had a budget set up for saving a little, so we're going to be putting about $50 a month aside for the baby. We'll put away more, when we figure we can afford it, but right now, we're just going to do that into a saving's account. A special saving's account JUST for the baby! Thank-you all for your suggestions. I've decided to stay OFF the patch, as it doesn't even do me well to get off the blasted thing in the first place, and me having a disorder with my emotions, changing my hormones doesn't make things any better. We're going to just stick with condoms and avoid having intercourse unprotected PERIOD. I think it'll be better for both of us, and that extra $30 I would have been spending on birth control will go into the baby's account, which will add up to $80 a month instead. Thank-you all for your help. I feel better about all this, and I'm going to take all your advice. We're going to enjoy our time with each other, but because of how much time we'd spent together BEFORE marriage (we'd stay at each other's houses, since we still lived with our families, because we'd see each other for a week straight every couple months...as we lived about 6 hours away...and yes, he'd be in the living room while I would be in my own room...we did things right, here. ), we'd like to try for Christmas time. I even know how I want to tell my parents and his parents the news! I want to make some shirts for them that say "World's Best Grandma" and "World's Best Grandpa". I'll arrange for it that they all open that package at the SAME time (an appointed time, no later, no earlier), and see if they figure out the message. ^__^ (especially since MY parents have never been grandparents ever)
  7. Love_of_Grace

    "No-Pregnancy" depression

    Hey. I've been on this forum a few other times, and honestly, I just felt like telling someone about what happened. I was married in June to the most wonderful man in the world. He's the best guy I could ever ask for, and he treats me like I was queen of the world. The last couple weeks, I've been getting a bigger appetite, tender breasts, emotional days, cravings, anxiety, and fatigue. I've been on the patch, but my husband and I had done it when I just got back on the patch (about two days after I got back onto it) from the week for my period. That's when my appetite rose, as did my fatigue and such. I thought lately that I would definitely be pregnant. At first, I was scared to death about it, but...after thinking about it more and more, I grew to like the idea a little bit. I was actually hoping in my heart of hearts that I would see a positive sign on the pregnancy test. ...I was disappointed when I took the test in the middle of the afternoon today. The test said it could be done anytime of the day. It's one of those expensive super-sensitive ones. I thought for sure I would see something, but...I was sadly mistaken. Since then, I've been emotional and a complete wreck. I haven't felt this terrible since having to say goodbye to my husband (while he was my fiance) when he left for the states to find some work before we got married. I feel like my whole life has been taken away. I don't know what to think or do. I'm tired, emotional, and I'm LATE. I thought for SURE I'd have a positive result. I'm three days late, and I still don't have the same symptoms that I usually do. In fact, it all adds UP to pregnancy! And, for me to get a pregnancy test through the doctor will take almost 6 WEEKS to get any results back. I'm an anxious person...I have panic disorder and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). That means I have NO patience when it comes to something this big. It took everything I had to get to my WEDDING, which I'd waited for NINE MONTHS (six of which were spent in frustration, because things weren't going right half the time). My husband is a sweetie, and he says that if it had been positive, he'd be happy to be a father. But...it was negative. I feel so dejected and...and lost. It's a hard thing to think about, not being pregnant. I know we don't have the money nor the resources to have a child, but...I look around, and I'm so JEALOUS of other women who're pregnant and have babies. I've even been with the most chaotic family, and I loved it. I loved the noise of the children, and I loved the trouble they'd get into. I want that to be me with the family that jumps up and down in the restaurant. I want the family that runs about in the park. I want to be running after my little kids, making sure they don't get into things. I understand the troubles that babies come with, but I want that. I desperately want that... ... ...I want to have a baby...and it's something I've been wanting for a long time, now. Sure, I'm young, but my whole life, my only big dream I REALLY want to happen more than ANYTHING ELSE in the whole world...is to be a mother. That's it. A mother. I want to have children and to have a family with my husband who loves me dearly. Needing words of encouragement and comfort... Bethany H.
  8. Love_of_Grace

    My Fiance is torn between his family and me

    Oh, I'm sorry if I confused some of you. We're NOT going to be living together until marriage. I'm currently living with my parents, while we get the apartment ready. My fiance, when he DOES come up here, will be staying there (and I at my parents' place) until we're married. Then, while we're on our honeymoon, my family will move my bed and stuff to the apartment and get it ready for us to come home to. THEN, we'll be living together. Sorry if I didn't explain that enough. I found out that a lot of why my fiance isn't able to come up is because of money issues...bills his parents want him to pay...a driver's license to renew, and a bus ticket to pay an extra $15 to have the date moved. BLEH. So...my dad (who's also my pastor) is going to be talking with him really soon, sometime, to see what he's got planned. Also, my fiance told me that if he's not up by the time our birthdays arrive in May, he gives me permission to cancel the whole wedding (which means he is going to be up here no matter what...and by that time, he'll hopefully have some money). Bleh. I have tried to talk to his family, but the dad (who's my BIGGEST concern) refuses to let me get my opinion. He's so set on his ways that he doesn't want me trying to tell him anything else other than HIS ideas. We had to FIGHT for MONTHS for him to finally stop saying to my fiance about the military...he wanted my fiance to join the military!! MY FIANCE!!!! Who HATES fighting!!!! No. He'd told his dad over and OVER again that he wasn't going, and yet, he relentlessly tried to convince him. It was only when my fiance said he wasn't going to come down back to their place UNLESS they stopped talking about the military. But...again, they keep trying to control him. So, yes, I've tried talking to them, and I've tried being patient...but it's not easy when I WANT to have premarital and get some planning done WITH him...and he's busy ALL day and still down there. I just want him to at LEAST be here a day before our birthdays (since I have a whole day planned out for HIS birthday, which is four days before mine). And, I want him to be here a month before the wedding, so that my pastor can do premarital with us. Doing it over the phone does NOT make it...well...memorable or even right. I'd rather (and so would my PASTOR...he won't do it unless we're BOTH there physically) have my fiance with me in the office. You know? Just one month before? He'll be at the apartment, and I'll be at my parents' home...it works out. He gets a taste of bachelorhood for a while, and I get to have him up here to help plan, even for just some support like a hug. So...yeah.
  9. My fiance lives in the USA, and we're getting married in June. After that, we are going to sign him up for permanent residency so that he can live up here with me and work. He wants to move to Canada, and he says he would. However, his family... Just earlier this week, he promised me he would come up by bus to stay at the apartment we're renting together (since I'm living with my parents at the moment until the wedding) and work for my dad (who's in construction..and would pay at LEAST the rent per month for some part time work). His family, however, wants him to stay down there and look for work (which he's been doing every day for a month and a half with no luck) and earn some money before the wedding. I'm working, so I can earn money, while HE pays for the rent...but no one down there listens to me. My parents agree, but not his parents. My FIANCE agrees with me, but...he's not taking the moves. He ended up not taking the bus up here, because he was literally torn between his family's feelings and me. But, I'm up here, waiting for him to come up and EXPECTING him to arrive...but no. I get a message the day before he's supposed to come up that he wasn't coming up...a message from his DAD. Okay. I can understand that he had a panic attack that day. I use to get them all the time, before my medication. This was his only panic attack he's ever had. But...why just stay down there when the only way to please any of them is to stay until one week before the wedding and NOT do premarital (which my pastor INSISTS on). I just...I don't want to MAKE him choose, but he told me that if he had to choose between his family and me, he'd choose ME. But, so far...I feel like I'm getting the tail end of things. I'm getting the leftovers. My love languages are touch, time, and actions. I need hugs, kisses, holding hands, time, and little things for me, like bringing me a pop when I'm depressed or killing a spider when I can't. Things like that make me feel like he really loves me...but so far, I haven't even gotten boo about anything. Sure, we spend time on Skype, but what does that do with a fiance? I want to spend TIME with him!!!!!! I NEED to spend my time with him, and I need to KNOW that I'm worth EVERYTHING!! I don't want to be second priority...I want to be first. I'm trying so hard to be supportive, but he just has no motivation, and...well...the only things that are being drilled into his head ALL day is "Do this, do that, my way, my way, not your way". I've been making so many suggestions, and he came THIS close to taking my advice and coming up without his parent's permission (because nothing is going to please them, unless he earns money in a place that's not hiring and coming up with them for the wedding in June). He was SO close, but then...his sister called, crying for him not to leave. And...that tore his heart apart. ((how she found out about the bus ticket, I THINK I know. I found out that his dad found out about the ticket, and he usually likes to exaggerate things, so perhaps he called her...I don't know. It's the ONLY way she would have found out, though.)). So, anyway...now, I feel like he isn't going to be by my side for life. I feel like I'm taking the back seat, while his parents are driving. ...help me. Please? I need some advice. The only thing I can think of, at this point, is to either subject myself to being second priority in his life...or make the biggest choice of all. To marry him or not? I TRULY love this guy! He's like no one else I've ever met. But...I just don't want to marry someone who would rather listen to his parents than me. I want to know that he'll take MY side, if his parents try to butt into our lives when we're married. Help me! Please! Any advice will be great!
  10. Love_of_Grace


    I myself (and my fiance) find the sexual toys a little disturbing. We both believe in what was natural. Of course, that is only MY opinion. I'm sure that, as long as it's safe and both are willing in the marriage, then it's perfectly fine. Things like dildos would get me nervous, though...as usually, dildos are used for a girl entering the man, instead of what God intended. THAT is actually medically wrong. It can harm the man so BAD (no matter the precautions, it STILL can happen), that they'll need surgery. Just so you all don't get the wrong idea, these things were only asked as a premarital question before our wedding night (which will be our consummation of the wedding...we'll both be virgins on that day). We haven't used anything on each other, nor have we even done anything like that. We've both remained true to our words that wedding night would be WEDDING NIGHT. Just so you know. Some people get the wrong ideas about everything, now-a-days. As for the blood-shed, sure some women don't actually shed blood first time, but the whole thing is still a bond. The two shall become one, the Bible says. God intended intercourse to be a beautiful thing in a marriage. I mean...some of the man goes into the woman, therefore tying the two together. You feel an attraction to the other, and the pleasure brings you two closer. Also, the two can create a child, which is a part of them BOTH. And...if I may add my two cents in about the lust, there is GOOD lust, and there is BAD lust. EVERYONE will feel lust...but WHO it's directed two and WHY makes it good or bad. Perhaps, when I'm married, I will lust over my husband. I will want to feel him with me. Women and men have sexual needs...so people tend to want to have sex to fulfill those needs. God made us WANT it...so why shouldn't we want to fulfill it? If a man lusts over someone OTHER than his wife, then...NO. That's wrong. If a man lusts over his wife for reasons that don't mean her well or because of a fantasy he wants to fulfill (like hurting her because of a fetish or lusting over her when she wears a certain wig or outfit like a maid's outfit or nurses and that's how you start to look at them lustfully), THEN it's not that great either. GOOD lust is wanting your spouse for everything they are and will ever be, no matter their size, shape, race, religion...everything. No matter if they get into an accident have are in a wheelchair for the rest of their life...no matter if they get spots all over them that make them look strange...no matter what. Good lust is knowing the other is beautiful...or handsome...and that they are the only ones for you. Lust, in the dictionary, is termed as a strong sexual desire. I could desire my husband...I could desire his touch and pleasure. BUT...does that mean that it's all for me? No. Lust is only part of it. The other part is making the other happy as well, so that they will lust over you also. I certainly love knowing that my fiance looks at me and ONLY me. He doesn't look at magazines or women walking down the street. He keeps his eyes on me and my face. He kisses only me, and I love it. I feel good when I know he wants only me (though he HAS to wait for marriage, which he told me he would). I even find myself (being so attracted to him as I am) lusting over him and some of his features, which I never thought I WOULD enjoy. It's because of my deep true love for him that I find him so incredibly attractive (I could care LESS about the pictures in the magazine). I just want my fiance...his strong arms wrapped around my shoulders as I cry...the way he smiles at me...all the effort he puts into cheering me up when I'm down. All that...I love it. Sorry. I went off there. BUT...that's my two cents.
  11. Love_of_Grace

    Prayer for me in my life

    My name is Bethany...I've been diagnosed with Panic Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I'm getting married in four months, and I have a wonderful fiance who loves me along with a wonderful family and a loving God who cares for me... ...so why am I so stressed? Last year, September came. I moved to a Christian college, where I thought I would be spending the next two years with my boyfriend. He'd come up from the states, so he could study at the same place as I. We hardly got to see each other, so having him there was a special treat. Within the first week of school, we were engaged. (I'd known him for over a year and a half at that point, having met him online and visiting each other at our families' homes over that last year). At first, it was great, but then...my panic disorder came up. I hadn't realized I had a disorder...but my family has a history of it from both sides (mostly the OCD), and my younger brother has even been diagnosed with tourettes and OCD and anxiety and all sorts of things. So, I ended up with horrible panic attacks, sometimes so bad I would be screaming and flailing. The hospital did little to help, save give me sedatives to knock me out if it ever happened again...WHICH it did. My disorder got so bad, that I ended up sometimes not being able to stand or walk without help. My fiance gave up his semester to help me. All the while, no doctor or nurse would help me get in to get diagnosed, though I'd shown signs of it many times, and the staff at the college did little to help my anxiety. They didn't send me home...I lived in a tiny room with another girl and shared a bathroom with three other girls (both things I'd never done growing up, being the only girl sibling in the house), the temperature was always off, my classes were stressful (not to mention I was told "You have to be there, or you don't get credit for this, this, this, this, or this"...which were things I couldn't do at this point), AND the dean of women told me "Unless you get better in the next week, we'll have to kick you out and send you home". ALMOST her words, too...and everytime I spoke with her, I came out with tears. After so much stress and struggle trying to fix this problem myself, I finally decided to go home. It tore me apart to leave my fiance there, but I had to. In the next month, I got into a doctor and a psychiatrist. I got tests done, and I got professional help...medication I am to be on for the next year at minimum. My fiance visited for a long time (a month and a half) for new-years, ending up staying for so long after he found out the school wasn't letting him in because he'd failed his finals (all because he'd had to help me in my predicament for so long, he wasn't able to get any studying done because I would have frequent panic attacks, and he would have to help me through them, since this was ALL new territory for me). Anyway, we spent a long time trying to get things figured out. I have an apartment, though I haven't moved into it yet. As of this time, I can't even work at a normal job. We'd been going through so many financial ideas, but none have come through...one was the only way I'd be ABLE to keep a job (since I have some socialphobia half the time...), but it ended up not going through. I have some good days, including yesterday when I went to a bridal show with my mom and my older sister...but, I get depressed half the time. Today...I wish I had friends. The only good friend I really have is my fiance, who was my best friend for so long. I became friends with some of the college girls I was around, but...after coming home, I hardly get to talk to them. They've all developed friends elsewhere, and I'm left all alone with myself in the house. I live in a small town, so there is little for me to do socially, unless I want to drink (I stay away from all alcohol for myself and the medication I take...my decision for me). I am a Christian girl who is easily influenced by others, so Christian girls are my ideal bet, but...try finding any in my hometown. Sure, I could travel an hour out of town, but I have no money for gas (as I have no job). I'm living with my parents, at this time, and all I really do is...this. Computer time, games, movies, TRYING to plan my wedding, and talking to my fiance. I try to get my exercise, but I find I'm more likely to do it if I HAD someone to do it WITH. ...I just feel left out of the picture. I know I trust in God, but...some days, it just feels like I've been left behind...the invisible girl I've been my entire life. Whenever I try to get someone's attention, they just don't hear me (and I call out "HEY!!"...and yet, they just don't hear me). This is one of the few ways I DO get heard...I can say "HEY! I'M HERE!" and you can't say "Sorry, didn't hear you at all". Please...pray for me and my recovery. Pray for my loneliness that I can find some dear friends that I could be true with. Pray that my depression eases and that my fiance gets work in the states (since he left to go find work until the wedding). Pray for me...please. ...I need this prayer.
  12. Love_of_Grace

    Wedding Day Blues

    Basically...in a nutshell, I have NO idea what to do! My fiance and I have been dating for about a year and a half, and we've been engaged since last September. We were wanting to have a wedding soon, but because of circumstances, we ended up making the date for June 12th, 2010. He tells me over and over again that he just wants to get married, so WHEN and HOW is really not a problem for him. I had already been telling people my ideas for the wedding and even asked my sister to be my maid of honor. However, because of a LOT of changes in my life, I have discovered a mental condition called Panic Disorder. My biggest problem is sleep at night. I feel comfortable with someone with me, but it's not possible to HAVE someone with me all the time (unless it's my fiance, but it's not a good Christian thing to do to sleep with a man BEFORE marriage, even if it's not doing anything sexual at ALL!) I'd already bought my wedding dress (which I'm not sure WHEN it'll be here...might not be here till March, though I was told January), and I'd already announced I was getting married in June. However, we were thinking of just having a small ceremony with our immediate family and then having a big reception later, so that it's not a huge STRESS on me (because I'm EXTREMELY sensitive to extra stress). HOWEVER... What do I do?! His parents won't like him moving up to Canada with me AND getting married this soon (they nearly didn't let him come up for school), so I don't want to get them mad at me. I ALSO don't want anyone in my family or my friends to get mad at me about the ceremony and the reception change! My parents are okay with whatever I wish (because they know it's my day), but I just don't know what to DO! If it was just up to ME, I'd be married right away to my fiance, but I DON'T want anyone getting mad at me! What do I do? FYI, I've talked this over to my fiance, and he would LOVE to get married WHENEVER. He doesn't see this as taking advantage at all, but I'm just not sure what to do. Help me! PLEASE! Is it possible (or even okay) to do a small ceremony earlier on with close family and THEN have a wedding in June with the ceremony (like walking down the aisle and everything in front of everyone) and the reception?
  13. Love_of_Grace

    He hurt me with just a little action...

    I'm 19, and I still play DS, play with my PS2, and watch little kid cartoons like the Rescuers Down Under, Winnie the Pooh, and stuff. He still lives with his parents because he can't afford to get away from his family. No good job, not enough money for rent each month...he'd be basically working to live, putting every last bit of money into rent, car care, food, and other important bills. So, yeah. THAT'S why he lives with his parents! He's coming to college with me. I think that's man enough. Sorry if I sounded harsh there, but I know him very well, and he's usually very responsible! When he and I get married, he wants to be the one to have to work to earn the money (he'll LET me work if I want to, but he just doesn't want me to HAVE to, you know?). He has some childlike habits, yes, but that's what makes him HIM. There's just a few things we need to deal with, first, before things go on...
  14. Love_of_Grace

    He hurt me with just a little action...

    Thanks, horsesforlife. Yeah. Looking back at last night, I just felt like I could have been mad at him for a long time, but...now that I think about it, and with your guys' help and advice, it just seems like nothing. So long as he doesn't lie to me, especially about the important stuff, then we should be fine. We'll have things figured out in no time. There's still a few issues we need to get through, but I'm sure they'll sort themselves out during college. ^__^ Thank-you all!!
  15. Love_of_Grace

    He hurt me with just a little action...

    Thanks, everyone. Last night, I was still upset, and I wasn't sure exactly at who or what. I guess I WAS overreacting. After a sleep, it really helped, and...well...I CAN see why he did it. I wonder if I would have done the same in that situation. I probably also overreacted because my family has grown up without lying to each other...so I guess it was just a little bit of a wonder there...and yes, I WAS concerned that he might lie to ME eventually, though he PROMISED me he wouldn't. He's admitted things to me before that he would NEVER tell anyone else, past mistakes and even recent ones (none of them big or anything...just things he doesn't want most people, especially his dad, to find out). Just what really got me was when he told me that it was an off-and-on habit. The habit would come and then go...come and go...come and go. I just don't want that habit to come back when he and I are married... Thanks for all your help. I feel better about this...but now, I REALLY wish I could just talk to him about how I felt and communicate both our feelings (and I think he pretty much had his doling of punishment yesterday when he heard me crying over the phone and me telling him that I was a bit disappointed in him.)