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  1. Oh, I'm quite sure I'm Pentecostal. XD However, I also think that most Christians have more in common and less differences than they believe. There are some things which are distinctive to Pentecostalism, but the vast majority of theology, doctrine, of application, is common to all of Christianity.

    I've been reading some books which focus on Irenaeus' quote: "The glory of God is man fully alive" . . . and I find myself wondering how the Church could possibly have misplaced the truths inherent in such a simple phrase. Of course, the answer is equally simple: that phrase contains the entire mission of God, and is the focus of all the power of the Adversary. The more he can twist theology, dampen joy, help us focus on work, and do everything to steal our hearts . . . the more he makes us ineffective, at the very least.

    Thank you for your compliment, by the way.

  2. Hmmm . . . I tend to actually see those things in my studies and interaction with others now. XD It lets me analyze my own proficiencies and shortcomings, to a point.

    How about you?

  3. I've never read the book, but I have Intellection, Input, Deliberative, Belief and Connectedness.

  4. Yes, I've taken the StrengthsQuest before. XD Its quite useful. Have you?

  5. What am I reading currently in scripture? Nothing set, atm. I generally start with a Psalm, or whatever addresses my day, then go as led from there. Given enough time, its usually fruitful.

  6. eh, a couple years, then grad school. As for bible reading, I try to read when I have spare time and aren't doing other things, but I also try to read in the evening before I go to bed, and in the morning when I get up. I don't always get to, but I try.

    You might consider fasting a meal each day, using that time for prayer and scripture.

  7. I'm looking forward to the Hermeneutics class (i.e. how to interpret scripture properly).

    I'm not very consistent in my prayer . . . and usually I manage to muff things up in between prayer times . . . but like you, I find that time sweeter than any other. I just wish I could do more for it, be more consistent . . . etc.

  8. I'm going to be taking a course on Modernism/Postmodernism, Pentecostal Foundations, a book study over 1 Corinthians, a class on Hermeneutics, one on The Reformation and the Enlightenment.

    I know how you feel, about feeling down, wanting to skip things. The best thing you can do right now is draw close to God and pour out your heart to Him. Believe me . . . rough times happen, but God will see you through. I could try and tell you how close He can be, but my words can't do Him justice. Try to devote as much time as possible to Him in prayer, worship, reflection and scripture reading--even fasting, if you feel led to do so. Keep doing it, even if there seem to be no results. Ask His Spirit to show you what you need to do (or not do) or know. Ask Him to show you His love. It will pay off when you need it most.

    Psalm 91, Psalm 116.

  9. Classes start back tomorrow. We have snow, but not enough to cause a snow day, methinks. What's Finite Math? lol

  10. Thank you! How are you, may I ask?

  11. I saw the post about Odessa. I'm so sorry. I didn't even know what happened until that thread.

  12. Mine had its ups and downs, but it was mostly good!

  13. Woohoo! And how was your Christmas?



  16. Welcome Welcome! I noticed (under "Denomination") your church was Onchan Elim--and that they're Pentecostal! WOO!

    I've never heard of an "Elim Pentecostal", so I'm curious to know about it/them. I hope you enjoy your time here on CTF!

  17. Tuff times? Awww man. Praying for ya. 1 Peter 5:7, Psalm 55.

  18. lololol. I'll be the first to admit that level =/= skill.

  19. AHA! Level 70! Now I simply don't click "Prestige". XD

  20. lol--why do you dislike exams?

  21. That paper was surprisingly easy. Turns out, there's not a lot of room for dissent in meaning. XD

    OH--I'm at least lvl 62 on MW2! Desert Eagle Extended Mags FTW! When is the prestige level again? 70?

  22. The paper is on the meaning of Revelation 21. Ergh. --works on paper--

  23. Yus yus. I've been reading Logos' latest RSI post. XD It's sooo good.