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    Briefly: name-Jonathan Saylor, born and raised in maryland, my sister led me to Christ, I moved to Boston for college and hated it, but i met the woman of my dreams, now we both attend a christian university in colorado, i'm majoring in youth ministry and worship arts, i'm engaged to previously stated woman, and now you're up to speed on all things Jonathan
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    being involved in youth ministry and campus ministry, leading worship, spending time with my fiance, music, sports, especially baseball and hockey, working out and staying fit,
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    specialist @ the apple store/full time student
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    Jonathan Saylor
  1. saylorman


    youth ministry and worship arts
  2. saylorman

    What is the point of denominations?

    Denominations are kind of cool when researching Christianity because I can see what differences in beliefs Christians have. But, personally, I think they are distracting. We are supposed to be one church, one family, united, to serve God, our Father. Not packs within a clan, like it is today with denominations. Although, this is just my personal opinion...
  3. saylorman

    Psalm 34:3

    Come, let us tell of the LORD's greatness; let us exalt his name together. (NLT) I like this version a little more than what you used, NIV, I'm guessing. I never noticed this verse before, but I'm glad I came upon it today. Working with our brothers and sisters to tell other's about God. Very cool.
  4. saylorman

    Best place to start reading the bible.

    I always recommend starting with one of the Gospels. John is my favorite. Get to know Jesus first.
  5. saylorman

    almost married

    Before I became a christian, I was a "typical" non-christian guy. Some called me a "playa." I was only into pretty girls, flirted with all of them, and just wanted to get in their pants. Then I became a christian. I struggled with the issue of sex and girls and christianity but still continued to have sex with my current "christian" girlfriend. We went off to college together and broke up due to various reasons. I started seeing my best buddy's cousin, a truly beautiful (inside and out) woman, a true disciple of Jesus. We made a purity promise to each other and to God and now we're happily engaged. Lately, I've been struggling with the sex thing again. We are getting married in 7 months and every day it gets harder and harder to wait. Sometimes I just want to try to convince her that it's alright because we're getting married anyway. But I know if she broke that purity promise, it would break her heart. And that's what stops me from getting her to do it most of the time. I love her so much, if her heart would break, mine would also. But it just keeps getting harder and harder...and harder...Any tips or suggestions to get me through the next 7 months?
  6. saylorman

    Deja Vu.

    Hey all. I was new once before, when I used this account a year or two ago. I left, but now I'm back. My name is Jonathan. I am currently 20 years old and a sophomore at CCU. I am studying youth ministry and worship arts. I am engaged to my best friend, the most beautiful, pure woman I know. Honestly, I forgot about this website but today I felt called to log back on and chat with the people of CTF. I'm off to work, but have a nice day! Jonathan:whistle:
  7. saylorman


    i suppose we all inherit certain things from our parents but if you realize your parents are bad people and you know you don't want to be like them you can set your heart against it and break the chain some people don't think so but i certainly do
  8. saylorman

    Given The Chance, Would You Lead Worship?

    already do Sunday mornings and wed nights its amazing(:
  9. saylorman

    Home Bible Study

    just make it a time that works for everyone when everyones home and there arent any baseball practices etc. you could get a family devotion book and do one of those each night and i think it would benefit each of you best if it was outloud you'll become closer as a family with God
  10. saylorman

    Taking Your Last Name

    i want my future wife to take my last name but if she wanted to keep hers for whatever reason i'd be fine with that too and if it fit she could always combine our last names like [insert last name here]-Saylor but that doesn't always work and no way would i take hers i'm always going to be JJ Saylor (:
  11. saylorman

    Music Career?

    i'm going to own a music store/recording studio and offer private lessons and of course perform as much as a can whether thats in a band or solo and i will get there by going to Juilliard my audition is in a week! i'm getting pretty nervous /:
  12. saylorman

    Harmonizing Rehab

    when im not leading the worship i sing harmony it makes a song so much better (:
  13. saylorman

    Hai guys

    welcome(: im new too
  14. saylorman

    Reed Players.....

    just say "dwee" when you play it and make it a quick movement
  15. saylorman


    haha i will anytime i love it and i no longer sound like a dying cat like i did when i first began d: