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  1. canadianstudent

    Scientists build first "antilaser"

    Question: Does this mean that along with lightsabers you can have 'lightshields' that can block them?
  2. canadianstudent

    Understanding the Trinity

    The best portrayal of the trinity on this earth is marriage in my opinion (though obviously no marriage is perfect unlike God). Two people are joined together permanently. They are two distinct people but share 1 home and 1 bed. In a perfect marriage they would share 1 theology, have 1 plan for their future. In an excellent marriage the husband and wife are one yet distinct. This is how God is. The hebrew word for "one" in 'the two will be come one' in Genesis about marriage is also used to describe God in the old testament. The relationship with the Godhead is like that, and in a perfect marriage the couple's kids see them with one will for their kids. There are some differences between earthly marriages and the trinity however. Firstly, our marriages have sin marring them; meanwhile God is holy and so has absolutely no communication issues, resentment, brashness or lack of cherishing or generosity. Secondly, God is infinite in his scope and qualities, which means that the Father, Son and Spirit have an infinite bond whereas we humans have a finite one and would so even if we were sinless. Thirdly, God is 3 whereas marriage is 2, which makes your head spin when you try to figure out three entities infinitely sinlessly joined together. God is three people, the Father Son and Spirit, that have different roles that they play in our world. They act out these roles in such unison, oneness and interconnectivity however that it appears that they work as one overarching force. Modalism is unbiblical and is a common mistake to fall into theologically. It claims that God is one person who has 3 forms. However there are numerous times in the bible that the multiple 'forms' of God appear together. Jesus' baptism is one such instance where Jesus is in the river, the holy spirit rests on his shoulder, and the Father speaks from heaven saying "this is my son, with whom i am well pleased." Another time is during Jesus' transfiguration where Jesus reveals his glory and the Father says "this is my son, listen to him." If God were just one person then the Father would not talk about Jesus in these instances as if he were distinctly someone else. Another point, while Jesus was on the earth he was just another human being (physically mentally and emotionally, not in nature). Yet if God sustains the world as the bible proclaims, then the world would have fallen into complete and utter darkness and chaos, or ceased to exist, if Jesus was on it. A third point i just realized. Why would Jesus have prayed so often when he was on the earth? A few times he did it as an example to his disciples but often (garden of gethsemane, and the gospels mention he often went alone for times of prayer) he was honestly communicating with the Father and Spirit. I saw an english version of that at my church. It literally says 'Father is not Son is not Holy Spirit is (referring to all three) God' All three are God in capability, character and power. But none of them would act alone nor would give itself glory. The godhead gives itself glory in that the Father glorifies the Son and Spirit, the Son glorifies the Father and Spirit, and the Spirit glorifies the Father and Son. Each individual within the Godhead is completely and utterly selfless towards the other two. So they are not fully God if they act alone because that is not the character of God. It's all extremely confusing and no one will ever fully understand it in this life but that's the best i can give you
  3. canadianstudent

    What happened to CTF?

    I could log in on my blackberry when it was down for my laptop, anyone else?
  4. canadianstudent

    The Prosperity Gospel

    rofl! Also, the phrase "take up your cross and follow me" seems to imply that suffering and following Jesus are absolutely intertwined.
  5. canadianstudent

    The Prosperity Gospel

    And John Piper's view on it Thought you guys would like video. The visuals are very appealing and the speaking is very strong.
  6. canadianstudent

    Court bans man with low IQ from having sex

    They aren't allowing him because he doesn't understand STDs. Like not allowing someone to skydive who doesnt know how a parachute works, very high chance of something going wrong.
  7. canadianstudent

    Two Natures

    Hey guys, i was doing some random theological thinking and i came up with this theory. Similar to how Jesus has 2 natures (sinless man and God), those who are saved have to natures (sinless man and sinful man). And that unlike Jesus' 2 natures which are complementary and work together our two natures are at war. W...hen we sin our sinful nature is in control and when we do not sin our sinless nature is. And by the Holy Spirit our sinless nature must put our sinful nature to death every moment of every day. This would make sense with the war going on inside us, when one minute we sin knowing it's wrong and the next we absolutely despise that we did it. We receive a new nature in Christ but still sin, so does this mean we have this new nature in addition to our old one? Or is this result of my theological thinking unbiblical? Wondering what your guys' takes on this are. Am I overthinking things?
  8. canadianstudent

    A Peaceful Story :)

    http://www.compasscayman.com/caycompass/2011/01/28/Love-has-lasted-over-70-years/ I want a marriage like this
  9. Firstly, you're putting a lot of words into God's mouth. He talked about signs such as Christians being persecuted, natural disasters, false Christs and lots of wars. However he never once mentioned names, dates, places or anything like that; which is why i'm wondering where you got that from. Those are your human intepretations, don't put them on equal ground with what the Bible clearly says. On one hand yes much of what Jesus said is happening today. However on the other hand much of it is due to the increased communication and media around the world and not the increased fighting. People have been predicting the end times and tribulation for centuries, applying the same verses to their times; why is your prediction right? You also ignore what Jesus says 4 verses later, which is that only the Father knows precisely ("concerning that day and hour"). We can watch, wait, prepare; but we can not be so arrogant as to say we know something only God the Father knows. We can watch the fig tree and know that summer is near, but not the very day it arrives.
  10. canadianstudent

    Do You Think You Will Be Raptured Before the Tribulation?

    *wiki-googles John Shelby Spong* It doesnt make you saved but is evidence that you are. And from what i've read it is very likely that this John guy isn't saved as many of his beliefs are evidencial of being unsaved or having a shipwrecked faith.
  11. canadianstudent

    Do You Think You Will Be Raptured Before the Tribulation?

    You think John Calvin wasn't saved? Do you have any evidence? He wrote an entire book on God's grace according to wikipedia.
  12. canadianstudent

    Starcraft 2

    I love the multiplayer! What don't you like about it?
  13. canadianstudent

    Predestination By Letting Them Go?

    I have a calvanistic view of salvation. Early Romans explains it pretty well. Human beings hate God due to their sin nature. Despite us being his enemies, God layed down his life for us. God has picked us despite the fact that we rebelled against him, not because we chose him. He didnt have to save anyone and had every right to kill Adam and Eve for their horrendous crime and leave the human race at that. Everything else he's done is the working of his grace. Personally i think this view is more glorifying to God as we are justified despite us going against him and not because we chose him, which magnifies his grace. Imagine, if Arminianism was true then every aborted baby and child who died young without choosing Christ would go to hell (David says "I am sinful even from my mother's womb"). The calvanist view says that God can choose those children despite them not having even heard a hint about him. Also, Paul said not to quarrel about such things. Some people may even think that you need to be either arminian/calvanist/other to even be saved at all. Joseph Arminius and John Calvin got along much better than many people who follow their theologies do. It's not bad to discuss, but it is to divide over such things. Just remember to not get too zealous about this topic, though i dont see anyone doing so yet. We'll find out who's right or wrong soon enough. Edit: Having read Romans 5 i assume you mean the saved by faith part? Romans 12:3 says "God has alloted to each a measure of faith." Ephesians 2:8 says "For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God." I just realized how old this thread is O_o
  14. canadianstudent

    Epic SC2 Comic

    http://us.media.blizzard.com/blizzard/contests/comics/2011/2011-01-2-winner.jpg It won Blizzard's comic contest. I love it
  15. canadianstudent

    Violent Seismic Activity Tearing Africa in Two

    And the barrens will be filled with water causing things to grow! Next thing you know america will invade south africa. (more wow references!) Also, for the alliance!