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  1. http://www.prisonplanet.com/eighteen-reaso...his-season.html
  2. No I'd rather be dead than alive.
  3. Rainingstars00

    When you see a spider what do you do?

    Depends on how big or scary it is. I usually scream if its really REALLY scary and huge and pops out suddenly where you don't expect it to...like the shower!! I nearly had a heart attack with that one... But yeah I don't like killing stuff so I usually just get my brother or my dad and they get the job done Haha!!!
  4. Even if they pay for it I'm not taking a "mandatory" vaccine, if it comes to that. They might have to strap me down haha!! Nobody's going to make me take anything :boxer: If I get the virus and die so what? It's not like I'm going to be missing anything in this world anyways....seeing as to what it has come too. But hey that's just me.
  5. Rainingstars00


    The only song I've heard by them is Whispers in the dark on tv it was okay....
  6. Rainingstars00

    Violent Video Games

    Yep! True! I've had my share of halo and doom with my older brother in the past I mean its just a game its not like its real.
  7. Rainingstars00

    Your perfect world

    Heaven should have pretty much everything covered
  8. Rainingstars00

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    Anberlin dismantle repair :wink1:
  9. Rainingstars00

    Hip Hop

    I love hip-hop! So people are saying Lecrae, Trip Lee and all the other christian rappers are evil? Um yeah I don't think so. Yeah there is some trash out there but not all of it is "evil"
  10. Rainingstars00

    How close are you to God?

    I'll just say this...not as close as I want to be.
  11. If it was for regulations and safety yeah I would say take it off, but if they told me to take it off just for "religious reasons"...I wouldn't. :dots:
  12. Rainingstars00

    Do you talk to yourself?

    haha!! for the first one ill say yeah maybe sometimes I think out loud and the other one nope I don't talk to myself I'm too boring anyways
  13. Rainingstars00


    here ya go off google best I could find haha! I wanted to see it I saw it at best buy for like five bucks I should have bought it I like unicorns wish they were real I should tape a horn on my dog's head
  14. Rainingstars00


    Ok! lol ill try it Cute piggy cake though!