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    Im Katie Lee♥
    I love God,Photography,& most of all serving my lord. :]
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    Georgia ♥
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    I want to be a photographer
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  1. I want to post a comment here so that i can fell special and you should feel special too.

  2. Praying for you,Leah ♥
  3. GodsGirl234

    Hey Everyone!

    Hello Im Back!, Ive been away for a while and finally have decided to come back,some of you may remember me!!
  4. GodsGirl234

    Hi, I'm a Muslim.

    Welcome to CTF! (:
  5. GodsGirl234


    Congrats Dude!!! Hope you have a AMAZING Time working there! God Bless, Katie *throws party* :band: :partyguy: :partyguy: :partyguy: :rockon: :pizza:
  6. GodsGirl234

    Mom has Cancer

    Definately Dear! I will pray for you,your family,and your mom! I hope she gets well ASAP! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers Always ♥, Katie
  7. GodsGirl234


    Oh My! ,AJ am soooooo sorry! Definately praying for you and your family! (Hugs) Katie
  8. GodsGirl234

    My calling

    Awwww Thats so Awesome! Well Good Luck on being a Youth Pastor! I bet you will do awesome!
  9. GodsGirl234

    Mt graduation test

  10. GodsGirl234

    How Do You Picture God?

    I see god as always in my heart... but sometimes i wonder "what does god look like?" "does he have hair or is he bald?" but thats just normal curiousity..but we will never know until we reach the gateway to his kingdom
  11. GodsGirl234

    Mother's Day

    Well Today i decided to take time out of the day to clean the house for my mom. She is seriously AWESOME! I dont know what i would do everyday if i didnt have her! Thank Jesus for Mommy's.... hehehe xD
  12. ^^^^ Name's Mandy or Amanda!
  13. GodsGirl234

    Hannah Montana!

    Well I think she is DEFINATELY talented and i <3 her new song "Butterfly fly away" and "the climb" FANTASTIC Songs!
  14. Hey! Well I just wanted to briefly introduce myself. Well Im Katie.Im about to turn 13 VERY very soon. I love to hang out with my friends,go to the movies,Worship my lord and savior Jesus Christ,and Sing. I hope to make all new friends on here and just be myself. Well if you have any questions for me Feel Free to PM me or leave a comment. Thanks Ya'll, Katie