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  1. Rayn

    You haven't logged on in a very long time, and you may not ever again, but I remember our conversations and I think God really used them. If you see this, send me a messsage and tell me how you're doing? Thanks.

  2. Does that make it okay?

    But of course, he knows he's lying. He's admitted to lying, and using the ignorance of the average person to evangelize, something I find throughly dishonest.

  3. Maybe he doesn't believe he's lying.

  4. Isn't lying a sin? So isn't he distancing himself from God by his consistent dishonesty with the vast majority of his readers?

  5. That guy I can't get off my mind... is my best friend. We met over a year ago. Though we met online(Facebook), he has been my best friend. He talks to me more and seems to care about me, more than my "friend" in real life. He's just...been such a blessing. He is from the same state as me(he lives in a different state now, though), around the same area. One of his friends is actually a friend of my real life friend. I completely trust him and we even speak of meeting in person someday soon. It's not his looks that drew me first, but his character. He is funny, kind, and caring. And of course I consider him a good Christian. Thing is...I don't know if he likes me in the "more than friends" way...
  6. fjs93

    Cute things

    Delilah, my mini rex. I would get a better pic, but she doesn't like to sit still. She's quite the character, a little rascal! EDIT: Sorry, I can't get the pic to work very well at the moment.
  7. fjs93

    That struggling sin

    I've already mentioned this to one of the people on here, but to those who struggle with pornography and self-gratification, I strongly suggest the Way of Purity course on Setting Captives Free. Hope people don't consider this "advertising" or whatever. I just heard/believe this course is really good and I really hope some/all of you try it. The course focuses on Christ and how, only through Christ, we can truly be set free. I know from experiance that habitual sin can make us distant from God.
  8. fjs93

    Issues Women Struggle With Daily

    I struggle with: Anger/being snappy at mom and siblings Depression/stress Jealousy Feeling like I'm worthless and ugly Lack of prayer And something I can't mention... I have not really overcome anything yet, but I am repenting of something and I believe God is giving me freedom. When I repent of it fully, I believe the others things will get better for me.
  9. Sorry for the late reply...

    I can see some of your points, especially a bit of the last one. I do wish that he would answer some questions better. But I don't think it's his main gift, to argue against evolution. I think he's just meant to tell the Gospel message. I mainly agree with how he witnesses sometimes and how he says we must try to turn from sin. I know from experiance that sin makes us distant from God...

  10. fjs93

    hi im new

    Is it a milk cow then? We have 40 steers(male cows raised for meat) so far.
  11. fjs93

    Greetings from a Jew!

    Oh yes, as I said, I know. I actually think it's pretty nice that they do that. I didn't know that you could read Hebrew either, Ben. That's awesome! I wanted to learn to read/speak Hebrew.
  12. fjs93

    Greetings from a Jew!

    Hi, John. I'm Felicia. I pretty much agree with Judaism and I support the Jews, I just think Jesus is the Messiah. Btw, I know why John takes the O out of God's Name, but maybe he'll want to answer that.
  13. fjs93

    hi im new

    Hi, Bradly. My name is Felicia and I also live on a farm and am homeschooled. We raise beef cattle.
  14. I disagree with his attacking a strawman and saying that he's refuting evolution. He's admitted that he's not really refuting the actual theory of evolution but rather the "street definition". I find this rather dishonest.

    I disagree with his redefining the word atheism from "a lack of belief in God or gods" to "the belief something came from nothing" and again attacking a strawman and patting himself on the back for it.

    I disagree with his borderline offensive way of talking with the atheists on his blog, his tendency to reply to long, thought out questions with a single line of condescending snark, and his recycling of arguments, even after they've been explained or refuted.

  15. Well, first, what do you disagree with him about...? I've watched some of his shows and read his book...