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  1. RnB4life

    The Song Title Game

    When you believe - Mariah Carey
  2. RnB4life

    A confession

    All I have is that if your gay be gay and thats all that matters.
  3. RnB4life

    Men's Underwear

    Does it really matter what underwear guys wear?
  4. RnB4life

    Do u any of you guys...

    Use any Instant Messagers or Myspace facebook that would be cool if I can add you on any of those.
  5. RnB4life

    Giveing my life to God

    Anything for young guys like me? I'm 18 I mean books
  6. RnB4life

    The Christian Life

    OCC:: I hope I can Role Play Name: Jeremy Andrews Age: 18 Gender: Appearance: http://www.fanfiction.net/imageu/1003631/150/ Religious Status:Seeker of Christ (someone wanting to be Christian) History:Jeremy was born in and raised in Vancouver Canada. First born of his mom and dad...He is an Actor and Singer His been doing his thing for awhile now. Hinding the fact that he is a gay . fast forward to now 18 years later. He's is in High school & he is the school's Dramatist at his school. His dream is to be an Opera singer and to write his own music. His mom and his dad are were not to happy about him being gay but they got over it and yes he is still a christian. Personality & Attitude: Jeremy is a very out-going person. He is shy when he meets someone for the first time. He's also a pleasant to be around and will talk to anyone who will give him the time of day. Very kind to his family and friends. Other: He is taking vocal lesson's
  7. RnB4life

    Men's Underwear

    I'm just asking but I really don't care...but what do u all think is better or what do you like? Boxers,Boxers Briefs, and Briefs. I wear boxers Briefs. we are all guys here and I think we should talk about anything on are minds.
  8. RnB4life

    Giveing my life to God

    Hello everyone Last Sunday...I re-gave my life to God and its been amazing few days. Anyone have no any good books I could read that are christian? Also: I'm a newbie
  9. RnB4life

    Man Law

    be your self and live life