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    Studying maths at cambridge. Trying to find the right questions to be asking.
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    London, England
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    Maths! (NOT math)
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    Baptist, (Attend CofE whilst at uni tho)

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  2. Hello Graham :-D

  3. Sounds like you're getting the full uni experience. Have you decided on what you're going to do when you're done? I'm not too shabby at the moment; a little stressed out with trying to keep up with everything >:

  4. The work goes slowly.... the exams approach rapidly... How're you?

  5. The Graham lives! How goes it, friend?

  6. Yes. You can believe in a flat earth and be a Christian as well. Evolution does raise questions, and I daresay problems with understanding scripture and it's authority - but not accepting evolution also raises questions and problems as well.
  7. greyx100

    Do dinosaurs still exist?

    ^THIS. I also recommend it highly.
  8. Hurrah to the great british tradition of burning Catholics.....
  9. greyx100

    Do dinosaurs still exist?

    I find that the evidence already is pretty overwhelming (Go read some Denis Alexander). However, I think a dinosaur Chicken would be very awesome, and I hope that they do, one day, manage it...
  10. greyx100

    Do dinosaurs still exist?

    Yes. Chickens.
  11. Hm? I though intelligent design stated that humans contained parts which were too 'complex' to have evolved, and thus must have been intelligently designed instead. (as summarised by the question 'What good is half an eye?')
  12. greyx100

    British Banter

    In bed suffering from a deadly bout of manflu.