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  1. The work goes slowly.... the exams approach rapidly... How're you?

  2. Yes. You can believe in a flat earth and be a Christian as well. Evolution does raise questions, and I daresay problems with understanding scripture and it's authority - but not accepting evolution also raises questions and problems as well.
  3. greyx100

    Do dinosaurs still exist?

    ^THIS. I also recommend it highly.
  4. Hurrah to the great british tradition of burning Catholics.....
  5. greyx100

    Do dinosaurs still exist?

    I find that the evidence already is pretty overwhelming (Go read some Denis Alexander). However, I think a dinosaur Chicken would be very awesome, and I hope that they do, one day, manage it...
  6. greyx100

    Do dinosaurs still exist?

    Yes. Chickens.
  7. Hm? I though intelligent design stated that humans contained parts which were too 'complex' to have evolved, and thus must have been intelligently designed instead. (as summarised by the question 'What good is half an eye?')
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    British Banter

    In bed suffering from a deadly bout of manflu.
  9. greyx100

    Jesus > Religion

    I think both videos make important points - I found that in the first, he chose his words incorrectly at times.
  10. greyx100

    Uni Freshers Advice!

    Oh, and don't buy full-sized loaves of bread - buy the smaller ones you get for around 70p to avoid wasting food.
  11. Good to hear it's going well. I'm getting rather bored being the only one home who hasn't started yet..

  12. 'Down it fresher' - how many times have you heard the afforementioned statement since arriving?

  13. greyx100

    Uni Freshers Advice!

    Don't be an idiot. Seriously, don't. Peer pressure is stupid.
  14. So, uh, where does the physical resurrection come into these answers?
  15. greyx100

    British Banter

    such luxury, dishwashers. As my mum always says 'I already have more than one dishwasher' whilst pointing at me and my dad. Dishwashers are too American
  16. greyx100

    British Banter

    Abi did you enjoy deadline day? Woo!
  17. greyx100

    British Banter

    You mean Tory AND LIB DEM racist immigration van, I think you'll find
  18. greyx100

    British Banter

    I declare, we should begin our revolution of orderly queueing and tea drinking by taking over flashchat! It's about time we collected taxes from those upstarts across the pond.
  19. greyx100

    British Banter

    "Madam, you are ugly. In the morning, I shall be sober" Top quality banter from sir Winston himself!
  20. greyx100

    Ask an Eastern Christian

    What are your views of beards?
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    For many, it's more: 'My life is stressful and this is my way of coping with it'. The same could be said for those who comfort eat... However, what it does to your body is absolutely disgusting - as is the smell.
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    Politically, I am ...

    Or the fact that moderate is not a well-defined term. In fact not many terms are well-defined. mathematicians in the real world problems