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  1. detta är en enslig plats, när vänner inte här.

  2. Svante

    Feeling not accepted

    I have always been told by m y familie to stay with my beliefs. somtime this i s not easy thing to do. The easy thing is to agree more with the people i n school so more of them will like you. I feel that I am gone far now and will stay with my faith. Also, like you say to pray on this is important.
  3. Svante

    My Great Grandpa passed last night..

    i am sorry for the lose o f your great grandpa. i will pray for you and for your familie
  4. Hej, jag kommer att maila dig och vi kan prata.jag är ledsen att det tar så lång tid men jag är inte lika van med detta. :unsure:



  5. I dont want t o talk abaout this with girls. so why this blows your mind? ---------- Post added at 03:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:35 AM ----------
  6. it not about intoloerance or discrimiination. it about a group of people who think there should have special priviledges more then other students. so, they will begin to make trouble
  7. yes, like Travis or Alexi Laiho.
  8. neutral countrys the status by not to become involve in wars. perhaps the militaire will be alert but will not begin a war in another country. Norway, Schweiz and Austria are example of neutral countrys. Norway and Schweiz are member o f United Nations but not a member of EU. Austria there join EU in 1995. i thiink today with globalisation make it more difficult to be netural. how is neutral country affect by war in Iraq and Afghanistan? do neutral countrys care about the standard other and more powverful countrys try to impose on them? do you think also that to be neutral means the country will not care about world organisation like NATO want to attack a country like recent i n Libya?
  9. the school pass the law even when many parents complain about it. i hope the law dont pass in Québec schools. school board say the law is pass for good of students. i dont like this http://www.vancouversun.com/life/School+board+approves+antihomophobia+policy/4948596/story.html#ixzz1PMG8mVkC
  10. this i s a great goal make b y Mikael Granlund from Finland who i s draft 9th last year by Minnisota Wild. this is play is make on May 13,2011 at IIHF championship against Russia. i hope somday i make a goal like this.
  11. this guy his dad put a tattoo o n his arm. it is cool. i like tattoos but i dont have any yet.
  12. Svante

    Picture Post

    here are my photo with my dog Leopold and friend Anders. then my photo with competetive team, Alejd BB and Bantam
  13. This happen few years ago in my church. now people i n my church still talk abaout i t because i t is become political issue in many citys. there was church bishop in Lund, she is there with some people to open mosque in Malmö. she say she want t o help immigrants get out from som isolation and to help them with there life. the church members say they do not like this and the money should help only for church families. many families then left the church because of this and my familie also to different church. If now someone is religious unsure going from SK and believe that it is to be a member if you wish to heaven. Then to realise that to talk about goodness but to supports everything to hate people because there come from different country and have different religion. Is this what Christian church should do to help people. Didn't Jesus tell the followers to go out and teach faith to all nations? Christina Odenberg, she is good person and she did this and get criticise for it.
  14. tack för din förståelse