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  1. Maria_AMDG

    Feminism/Patriarchy Theory

    Hey man, speak for yourself!
  2. this site looks so different :o

  3. Maria_AMDG

    Best Christmas Gift

    statues of dragons
  4. Maria_AMDG

    Updates on Alek!

    wow, what an infectious laugh!
  5. Maria_AMDG

    The term "baby" in teen relationships?

    I call my boyfriend babby (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll-lia-FEIY), or babs, or Babs Bunny, or Lola Bunny, or Lola Cherry Cola.
  6. Maria_AMDG

    League of Legends?

    I lol at LoL, but it takes Dota 2 to make me break down and cry.
  7. Maria_AMDG

    Plants Vs Zombies!?

    haha oh god yes, this game consumed me for an entire semester
  8. -build muscle/gain strength -beyond godlike in dota 2 -call my parents more often -stop getting urinary tract infections -do laundry more often -less soda/energy drinks -save money -get a second/better job -build rapport with professors
  9. Maria_AMDG

    What book are you reading now?

    "Something Happened" by Joseph Heller about halfway through and so far literally nothing has happened
  10. Maria_AMDG

    When you get engaged (a fun thread)

    i didn't say KILL, just seriously maim!!
  11. Maria_AMDG

    last thing you bought?

    fish curry
  12. Maria_AMDG

    Ask A Girl.

    the thumbs
  13. Maria_AMDG

    When you get engaged (a fun thread)

    I would like him to bake the ring into a delicious casserole of hamburger helper (chicken helper/tuna helper are acceptable alternatives), then after I accidentally swallow it and have to be rushed to the hospital later that night pursuant to my mysterious but extreme gastrointestinal distress, he would take my sweat drenched hand and whisper, "babe, look at the x-ray..." and i would see the shimmering metal ring lodged in my inflamed colon and tears of joy but mostly of sheer agony from the raging infection and/or internal hemorraging would race down my barely conscious face
  14. Maria_AMDG

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I just watched a documentary called Indie Game which was very interesting, would recommend it if you're into that sort of thing
  15. Maria_AMDG

    Happy Holidays?!? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    But as we all know, the word Mass comes from the latin verb mitto, mittere, which means to send or dismiss. So one could even surmise that "Christmas" might actually mean "Go away, Christ!" So really, everyone who is so gung ho about the whole "Merry Christmas" thing is actually on the wrong side of the stick! Wouldn't you find it much more pleasant to wish people a "Happy Holiday"--literally acknowledging that it is in fact a "HOLY day"? ἀλλά μήν ἐγώ ἑλληνίζῳ!