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    two halves of me must intertwine into the truth.
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  1. Crescentheart

    Being a Bisexual Christian?

    I'm not sure the body is retained in the kingdom of God more so the spirit overcoming its physical needs.
  2. Crescentheart

    Being a Bisexual Christian?

    well in then with your logic is someone's body more of who someone is than sin? than sexuality?
  3. Crescentheart

    Being a Bisexual Christian?

    I never said magically go away, but deliverance from lust and converting sexualities are entirely different things.
  4. Crescentheart

    Being a Bisexual Christian?

    Wow God must really hate a lot of people then. Those that try to change and repent and God never fixes their heart to the point where the devil has them in his clutch to the point where they take their own life submitting their fate to eternal separation from God. If only they stayed true to who God wanted them to be the devil would not have claimed their souls. If your heart was meant to be fixed God would help if not then maybe you are straying by trying to change it.
  5. Crescentheart

    Harvest Party 2013

    Stands awkwardly behind Ash
  6. Crescentheart

    Harvest Party 2013

    the number of ovals in that drawing is equal to the number of ovals you believe are in the picture.
  7. Crescentheart

    Harvest Party 2013

    *Jumps zabby and starts nomming on the corn costume yummy!* (dressed as totoro)
  8. Crescentheart

    In what denomination are you?

    Lovely Catholicism A subcategory of Catholicism.
  9. And as our dreams fall, we notice we will rise into the sacred oblivion

  10. Dreams of him/Dreams of love/Dreams given from above

  11. Crescentheart

    Being a Bisexual Christian?

    How old were you when you "were in the gay lifestyle?" how long did it last? and how old were you when you got out of it?
  12. Crescentheart

    Being a Bisexual Christian?

    Not to reply for wesker cuz he can handle himself but your logic is flawed. If you are extrapolating from male-male to same sex then we can all say sexual relations are still sexual relations and if same sex relations are sin so are different sex relations.
  13. Crescentheart

    Gay Marraige

    For purposes of that thread gay marriage plays no role because it doesn't fully exist so neither party really loses resources via being married if they have a divorce. And also the divorce rate for gay marriage is really really low. Regardless you need to explain how gay marriage would undermine the strength and clarity of marriage.
  14. Crescentheart

    PokemonX and PokemonY

    Catching kanto starters is fun!