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    I be alex!

    I'm a pastor kid, and a hard believer in Jesus Christ. I speek in tongues, pray, and read my bible. I'm still learning more and more what it means to be a true christian.

    I am a college student and I"m going for a communications degree. In what yet I'm not sure but God will show me!
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    in the woods training for battle
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    -Art! <br />-Writing inspiring and action filled stories that either have good points in them or christian ideas.<br />-learning (in school or about God)<br />-sooo many more things that I cant think of now XD
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    Assembly of God
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  1. Faydflowright

    The Unforgivable Sin

    see i've always seen unforgivable sin like this. The one thing that can be confusing is that if you repent and truely repent that you were wrong to God, then God should forgive you. But then what is He talking about? I remember learning in church that this is more talking about how there's a "point of no return" so to say. There are sins out there that if you harden your heart too long and don't repent of them, you can't get to a true point of forgiveness and full surrender and repentance.
  2. Anyone, christian or not, can agree with the fact that the human speciese is a social creature. Even if we try to be alone, we still long to be appart of a group. Some would argue that is just the culture that we live in, but even God said that Man couldn't be alone. So then why do we still feel lonely? Just recently I was talking with an adult of my church about testimonies. I told her that I really didn't have one. I'm a pastor kid who doesn't even remember getting saved. I grew up in the church and basically everything before seventh grade is a blur. I'm a christian who enjoys the fun of action movies and anything with creatures in it. I read manga watch anime and I draw it. Oh, yeah, and I'm a college student with a supportive family. When you look at that, its really not a testimony like someone elses. Mine is, well, boring. After leaving that conversation I went home still thinking about what my testimony was. It must have been a God thing since I didn't think of my true testimony till then. In practically all of my life I was probably one of the most loneliest people out there. I even remember crying at school because I didn't have anyone to sit with for lunch. I keep reminding myself today that even if no one is with me, God is still my friend and that he's rooting for me. For the longest time I couldn't see this though. I remember going to "friend seminars" on how to make friends and finally reaching out and grabbing the wrong friends. I longed to be appart of a friendship and for the longest time I finally got the friends that God didn't want for my life. And even if I had these friends, they weren't true friends. I told one of these old friends before that it was Fluff. We knew what topics not to get on (religion, politics, and practically alot of things) and focused on the fantasy. I loved it yet i hated it. This changed when I finally got more in tune with God. It was like magic! I could start talking to other people and gained better abilities to gain new friends. Sure I never was close to those friends but it made me feel not alone and I thank God for blessing me for that! I look back all the time and wish that I had the abilities and the knowledge that i have today to actually confront those so called friends in the past. They basically ruined my life in Highschool and now i have no desire to go back. Though my loneliness didn't end there. Even within my church for the longest time I was lonely. Yeah at CHURCH. The place that should be the happiest place on the Earth, was so unwelcoming. For the longest time I wanted out of my own Youthgroup because frankly I had one friend. I even told my parents that once i got my license, I would go check out another city's youth group and if it was more welcoming and friendly there, I would go to that one. You might think thats horrible, but thats how unhappy i was at my own church. By the time I left I finally was starting to become friends with the youthgroup citizins. All the friends I made were younger than me and looked up to me. I love them but even I want someone to look up to that's not just my parents. But yet why is loneliness a disease? If God said that he is there and is our friend, then why do we feel lonely? Frankly, in what i've realized over the years, its a mixture between us not reaching out to others and the christian others who don't reach back. I think one of the saddest things to feel lonely in is in your own fellow Christians presence. It doesn't matter whatever domination you are or what you grew up in, but if you're a christian shouldn't you be like God and be a friend too? For us, the ones who are lonely, frankly no one will know if you're lonely. Technically its our responsibility to either get the help or just break out of our shells. Believe me, I'm not a master at this technique and I'm still trying to work on this too. ... Well, frankly thats my testimony I never wrote it out before so sorry if it does sound choppy. One of the best words of wisdom I got from my mom about loneliness was "to keep praying. God will lead the right friends and good friends in your life." I long for those friends and I'm still believing that God will send them to me and you too.
  3. Faydflowright

    Worshiping God

    The Bible also talks about not just getting your life straight with God but also a full surrender to God's will and purpose for our lives. One of the ways to show this, and is a major part of worship, is to show the lifting of hands. Psalm 134: 1-3 says "Oh, praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord, you who serve at night in the house of the Lord. Lift up holy hands in prayer, and praise the Lord. May the Lord, who made heaven and earth, bless you from Jerusalem." (NIV) Another form of worship is also the moving of the spirit through speaking of tongues. This is how your spirit man talks to the Lord. Its a way to get your mind focused on God. If God is in the secret place then how do we get there? "But God has revealed them [wisdom/spiritual gifts/etc.] to us through His Spirit. For the spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God...Even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God..." (1 Cor. 2:10,11 NKJV) This gets our mind and spiritman in check with the Holy Spirit so that we can hear God's voice. Really, its not just about really thinking of the words your singing, or just telling God how great He is, but it combines the full surrender to God. By raising of the hands, you're telling God that I'm guilty and I'm surrendering to you. By speaking in tongues you're allowing the Holy Spirit access to your soul so that you can hear God's word and what he's speeking to you. Once you enter into the secret place where the Lord abides thats when things happen and change. The thing with American churches today, compared to the early church, is that we want our services quick and easy. This gets into a huge other topic, but the worship service is nothing anymore. Even when we feel the presence of God in a room we need to continue on with the service. This is why I love just casual worship nights because they do give you the freedom and the opertunity to really tap into the supernatural. Though it seems everything is on a tight schedule now today and it really is sad to see that especially when everyone knows that you're so close... yet so far...
  4. You fascinate me. I don't use my dA account, but I wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your art. I hope you are having a blessed day in Christ.

    Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

    1 Peter 5:6-7

  5. Faydflowright

    What should we do?

    It would be a good idea to even pick up a good devotional book or bible study guide to help. Those help with a topic starter or just help to flow into another part of the bible study.
  6. Faydflowright

    How old is the Earth?

    I don't know what people's views are about evolution, but i don't believe in it. I believe that if anything things are always changing and adapting if anything. but besides that its really quite interesting to see that there are a lot of people's views on how old the earth is. The creationist point of view comes out of the churches and always has batted heads with what scientists have to say about what they say. Though the one thing i really don't understand is that why people are open on both sides of the argument for the other. I know there are lots of things in science that christians either don't like or believe (evolution for the main part). Though there are things out there that continue to expand our knowledge and knowing on what the world around us is like. If the universe is still expanding, what else don't we know about the world we live in? Its one thing to actually say that "oh this is what i believe in" but its another thing all together to say that "I'm not even going to listen to what you have to say. I'm right and your wrong". On a topic like this I already knew that there were going to be people like that. But then thats just being stubborn and not being open to the fact that maybe the other side may be right. Though we're just human and we really won't know till we ask God face to face who's "right", its the matter of making a good argument is to know both sides of the story.
  7. Faydflowright

    How old is the Earth?

    indead! I really wish that i could actually take a class about this topic. It is quite interesting to hear the both views of creationists and what scientists say. One of the many questions I can't wait to ask God some day. :3
  8. Faydflowright

    How old is the Earth?

    This is a question that comes up a lot in the christian world on how old the Earth is. With the power of technology and science some people end up believing or disbelieving what the world has to say on how old the Earth is. Frankly, I would like to know though what your views are on how old the Earth is. There are basic two ways of looking at this topic -incase you didn't know or wanted to refresh your memory on it- the creationist pov or the scientist pov. The creationists believe that the Earth was created in 1600 BC and take the seven days as literal seven days. These people believe that either dinosaurs existed durring the time of Adam and Eve, or that God put them in the Earth to fool people today. The scientists believe that the Earth was created over 6 billion years ago. The nonchristians believe that this is where evolution and all that jazz happened. Christians in this area have many theorys around how the earth was created: -That all of the iceages, dinosaurs, and other things (like the fall of Lusifer)happened before the making of Genisis. -There is a gap between Genisis 1:1 and Genisis 1:2. So the iceages, dinos, and other things happened durring this time. -Or that the literal 7 days were expanded over thousands of years instead. There are probably even more ideas out there, but these are the most common. I personally believe in the gap theory. What are your theorys or beliefs on this topic?
  9. Faydflowright

    Decided to draw anime for the first time in years

    I kept telling you that i was doing a class and i could teach you for free even. V_V
  10. Well if you mean clean by not sexual or language try looking for childrens manga like Pixie Pop, kingdom hearts the manga, legend of zelda, etc.. though online manga i found that many oneshots are great (if you search on onemanga for example), i absolutly love Orange Chocolate, Kobato, Safe Again Today, Miriam (just to name a few)
  11. Faydflowright

    Hiya! I"m new!

    Aw thank u everyone! ^^
  12. Faydflowright

    Hiya! I"m new!

    =D lalala Hello everyone! XD I'm finally going to post something here! Well the name is Alex or just call me AG<3 I'm an aspiring artist and writer! I"m also a pk (pastor kid). I've grown up in the church and I'm heavily involved with my church too! I'm the puppet director of my kids church (that finally has its first auditions this sunday so happy!) and I also work in the church cafe. =3 though some people say that pk's are the worst kind of person out there, I'm here to say... thats sortof true. I have been sheltered most of my life and I always need to watch what I do since it could affect how people look at my parents. Besides those things though I have a loving family behind me who support me so much! =3 so it evens it out sometimes XD bah me rambling well I hope to get to know more people who love God and want to follow Christ! well thats all from me! ttyl! -AG<3
  13. Faydflowright

    Just for fun

    Its always the bunnys fault! O.o