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    Fun, loving, non-judgemental, Christ lover, Christ Follower
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    Church, Youth Group, Sunday School, Friends, Mentors at Church, and Outdoors. I also Love singing at
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  1. Hey, don't know if you remember me or not...buuuuut hi! :]

  2. omg. omggggg. i cant sleep so i was like "yo i wonder if CTF is still around" AND I SEE YOU. AND YOU'RE 17. HOW IS THATT POSSIBLE. omgggg. omggggggg. freaking out. thats not possible. you were 13 3 minutes ago. what is this. so many memories. i cant even. what is life. ok im almost done freaking out. but not really. i just haven't talked to you in years and you're such an awesome person and i want to know how your life has been. i'm pretty sure youre like my ctf son so. yeah. that too. what. 17. no. colton. wow. aahh.

  3. Colton!! :woot: How have you been?! :D

  4. Oooohhh!! Ok lol sweet :) I was thinkin to myself... hmm I didn't know they made those bracelets for guys 0.o But yes radio explains it hahaha.

  5. Howdy!

    I'm T.K.. you've become quite the celebrity. O_O I mean, not even the boardies got this much attention

  6. Hahaha no ma'am! Like the internet radio. :)

  7. Pandora? Like the bracelets?

  8. ColtonB

    So, like, shaving pubes.

    Trim, it's too bothersome if just let alone. That may just be me, but feels better when trimmed and I have shaved once and it felt good. But definitely gotta do something down there. -Colton
  9. ColtonB

    Rank the 2012 Movies

    Alright, this will be difficult. 1. Les Miserables - due to my Choral side and high appreciation of the musical <3 2. Hunger Games 3. Pitch Perfect 4. The Dark Knight Rises 5. The Hobbit 6. The Avengers They were all so good, but this is how much I enjoyed each of the movies.
  10. I am in love with Pandora. <3 haha

  11. *takes a bow* thank you dear

  12. haha, very clever girl you are. Very clever indeed!

  13. Lol I don't doubt it for a second

  14. ColtonB

    Greetings You Beautiful People

    Thank you everyone! Nice to meet the new folks, and good to see the old folks.
  15. Oh, I have heard that from everyone. Mine is following the same path, most number of Dual and AP classes that I am allowed/can to take right now...It is crazy!