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    I never log on here and when I do it's usually to creep on people so don't expect to hear from me.
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  1. Hahaha, yeah it is exciting! Lol I love that emoticon.

    What is upwards? :D

  2. Not the emoticon I thought that would be sending...I've forgotten all the codes clearly, haha.

  3. But graduating!! That's exciting beyond words, no sarcasm. :lol:

  4. Ohh, hahaha. Yes, it was high school! :D

  5. Oh no, that wasn't what I meant. I meant my old avatar was high school of me. I now see how that was badly phrased. :P

  6. Haha, awesomeness! :D

    Haha no, I just graduated recently.

  7. I'm majoring in Business Management, whoop dee do! lol

    So high school, am I right? Hahaha

  8. Hahah. And awesome! What are you studying for in college? :D

    Haha, I remember that one!

  9. I know. :P and I've been just enjoying college and such things.

    Yeah it was. XD

  10. Haha, I've had my veggietales stuff for awhile. xD What have you been up to? :D

    Haha I think I remember it, was it of a dude?

  11. That's good to hear! Yeah I feel bad because I don't really remember you that well, but I recognized your username and Veggie Tales theme, haha.

    Thannnks. :P The old one had to go, don't know if you remember it. XD

  12. I am glad you're doing good! :D I am good too, thanks. We didn't talk that much, but I've missed seeing you on here!

    Ooo, your avatar is so cute! Haha

  13. Hi. :) I've been pretty good, how bout yourself?

    Thanks, I figured I better redo everything on my profile pretty much, hahaha.

  14. Hey! :D How've you been?

    I love your profile picture! :D