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  1. There's always something that I wish a lot of guys knew about girls, or just people, so if anyone else feels this way, please go ahead! Of course it's hard to think of things on the spot, so post as many times as you need. XD I wish guys knew that being buff doesn't make them manly. The manliest guys I know are polite, chivalrous, and godly. And may not have an ounce of muscle on them. I wish guys knew how much hugs mean to girls (and just me particularly). Sometimes they don't seem to get it. I wish guys knew that I'm only being loud because I don't know how else to get their attention. That's also why I poke them or hit them. Talking to them by itself just isn't enough anymore.
  2. I just thought I'd add to the mindless, spam-inducing threads that have absolutely no point but yet fill up time. That's right! You too can become a CTF spammer!! Yeah... Simply post the amount of CTF cash that the person above you has. GO!
  3. Not the emoticon I thought that would be sending...I've forgotten all the codes clearly, haha.

  4. But graduating!! That's exciting beyond words, no sarcasm. :lol:

  5. Oh no, that wasn't what I meant. I meant my old avatar was high school of me. I now see how that was badly phrased. :P

  6. I'm majoring in Business Management, whoop dee do! lol

    So high school, am I right? Hahaha

  7. I know. :P and I've been just enjoying college and such things.

    Yeah it was. XD

  8. That's good to hear! Yeah I feel bad because I don't really remember you that well, but I recognized your username and Veggie Tales theme, haha.

    Thannnks. :P The old one had to go, don't know if you remember it. XD

  9. Hi. :) I've been pretty good, how bout yourself?

    Thanks, I figured I better redo everything on my profile pretty much, hahaha.

  10. I feel like it's necessary that I bother you on here as well. :lol:

  11. I'm going to have to respectfully decline. I don't give out my number on here anymore. But you can message me on here whenever. :)

  12. Nooo you're not a senior! It can't be so! Haha I don't know if I'll be on often. I'm scared to post in the forums now. XD I might just catch up with people like you. I'm a sophomore...in college. :o

  13. It's been almost 2 years. ;) I'm wonderful. How bout yourself?

  14. Shhhhh don't tell anyone!

  15. rock4god246

    How do you pronounce "crayon"?

    Yes, I got the idea from the "lol" poll. So how do you pronounce crayon, and do you have a reason why or an opinion as to either being "correct"?
  16. rock4god246

    Do you like the song Friday?

    I don't think I need to say anymore, other than if you have not heard this song, here is a link if you would like to listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD2LRROpph0 Please be respectful of other's opinions if they feel differently than you.
  17. i meant the look of ctf XD

  18. i had to read that first sentence like 4 times before i understood it. XD and whats with this new look? mehhhh!! hrmph.

  19. oh hai. why dont you just email me? im never on here anymore. XD

  20. it's not that i CAN'T. it's that i dont. i dont want to anymore. *shrugs*

  21. obviously not ctf because i never get on. XD why'd u come back?

  22. CODYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whatchu been doin?!

  23. rock4god246

    Stuff You Wish Guys Knew

    BAHAHA wellll I suppose if guys were women we wouldn't be interested in them anymore and it wouldn't matter! So guys, I hope you know WE DON'T WANT WOMANLY MEN. *shakes head* Rather we want men conscious of the difficulties of women, and conscious of our frustration with you in many moments. :3