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  1. hisservant

    is this awkward?

    i guess if you're the same sex as them it would be a bit awkward but the thing is there's no difference in a gay/lesbian/bi than your straight friend who's sleeping with their boy/girlfriend....
  2. hisservant


    OK so....i guess this is harder to explain than i thought. ........... So my two best (girl) friends and i all have the love language of touch. We hug on each other all the time, stand with arms around shoulders, lean on each other a lot.... My question is...is the following situation bad? Sometimes like when they're playing with my hair usually right behind my ear (which i know is just a sensitive spot for me anyway, just nerve wise...) my body...reacts. Now i'm a nursing student and i understand how the brain and peripheral nervous system works--one section of the brains motor sensors gets stimulated and it can inturn stimualte other parts of the body. Nothing at all goes on in my head and never has. (i wouldn't have to ask if that was wrong) but i was wondering.................................
  3. hisservant


    you can't control your dreams but what you do and what you think about during your day can effect them (know from experience). while sometimes dream do pop out of absolutely nowhere, and we can't control them, we can control what we think...
  4. hisservant

    still on female masturbation

    It was a flat out addiction for me! i admit that...but somehow by the grace of God i quick cold turkey a year and a half ago. the last time i did it i felt so empty...like a couldn't even hear God. and i was getting ready to go to a conference at that time. that was it for me. i haven't done it since. part of me is shocked i quit so easy. but its something that eats at me...or it used to. i think i've finally forgiven myself. but just a tip...for those of you that have found a way to stop...don't ever put yourself in any tempting situation. i didn't do it, but i discovered that i still have the ability to fall. (1 Corinthians 10:12)
  5. hisservant

    Come on... Masturbation without Lust?

    just a tip...if you've stopped doing it, don't put yourself in any tempting situation! i didn't do it, but i did discover i'm still capable of letting myself fall! (1 Corinthians 10:12)
  6. hisservant

    What was the last movie you watched?

    diary of a mad black woman...just this afternoon!
  7. hisservant

    Come on... Masturbation without Lust?

    wow...that hit home
  8. it's real life!! you can't shield someone from what really happens in the world! your friends seventeen...she's mature enough to handle that kind of content! and yes there is rape in the Bible! there's a lot of graphic content in the Bible!
  9. hisservant

    Ugh, so confused

    is she wearing a ring? if not, she's fair game! not gonna hurt to ask her!! lol
  10. i have!! he is nothing more than a friend and im really mad at him right now (though i am starting to cool off a bit)...just because he waits the four years doesn't mean im gonna fall in love with him...and again...i don't really want to deal with all this crap right now! got enough on my plate
  11. part of the problem is that he is my best friends brother....i've gone over the conversation several times in my head and right now i know i'm gonna end up yelling at him. i'm ready to call his sister and be like "i want to appologize in advance. i'm bout to talk to your brother and if he gets hurt or upset...it is not my fault"
  12. ok so i'm officially ******!! i left for college a week ago. there's this guy back home that's totally in love with me but i don't know exactly what i feel. the only thing that could be taken as a promise is the fact that i told him i might consider dating him when i get back...in four years. he told he'd wait that long. i told him that he didn't have to and that i might possibly date while i'm here. he doesn't always get stuff and we've had the conversation like three times! he likes to stretch the truth; usually it doesn't get on my nerves... but i get a txt from my dad yesterday at like 10 at night--"so i found out tonight that you told spence that you guys are getting married after u graduate college" i'm not sure i've been that ticked in my life...i have made NO promises to him. i spent half an hour on the phone with my best friend and hurling rocks at a tree...that definitely helped! a month ago i kinda liked him...now i'm ready to kill him!!
  13. hisservant

    Am i the only one?

    i get it other times too, but not like this. it just seems to flare up around this time. like i've had in persistant for two days. other times (and i know his isn't very "lady like" lol but it helps) i just down a soda belch good and it doesn't come back. but it won't go away!! lol
  14. hisservant

    best friends

    anybody have a friend that you just love beyond words? that you trust so completely? so much that it almost scares you...? my best friend and i met a year ago September. not even a year and this girl...idk why i wish i could get what i want to say into words lol she's a totally amazing friend...less than a year and i told her something no one knew. (mind you absolutely no one knew this...just me and God) anyone know what im talking about cause its hard to make come out right lol
  15. hisservant

    Am i the only one?

    I don't know if it's a coincidence but is heart burn normal during your period? it's been really bad these last couple days!! and its driving me crazy!