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  1. hey kimmy, hope your year has been going good

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    Keep a Word! Drop a Word!

    light up
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    The Song Title Game

    beauty and the beast- Celine Dion
  4. the 1st one, achiever, i was a little unsure how that pertaned to me. but after a little thought i found that that quallitly is there. when i do get something done it mades me feel very proud like i just did something great. it really makes my day. the other one i was unsure of was context. that one i deffinately thougth was not right, but it is ture as well.

    over all they do and have helped me in my life and in my work. it is amazing that these talents that God gave me work well in this combination

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    well, since i my friend started showing up (you know, monthy) it has never been regular. like i would have one in may but then not again till november (great in terms of swimming all summer long) but it has never straightend itself out, so my mom took me to the doctor. but before that i did some reseach and the results i came up with matched me perfectly (not to much detail but stuff like excesive hair, bad bad acne, extra weight that does not go away, and missed friends [monthy] are just to name a few) but then i went to the doctor and it was comfermed that i have this desease. but one thing that has been bothering me is that i will have a difficult time having children. and on top of that both my mother and her mother lost more children than they gave birth to, and they did not have this desease. so with these two factors i am so scared that i will never be able to have any of my own.
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    im here and im happy

    congradulations amanda i am glad things are coming together for you
  7. wow, those fit you perfectly. some of mine i was unsure about but when i think of it i see them there in my tendencies quite often. have they helped you any with your classes or in your life in general?

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    The Song Title Game

    always on my mind-willie nelson
  9. i just took it for 2 of my classes yesterday and have been reading that book that goes with it. what did you get? i got achiever, developer,harmony, input (which i think we have discussed before), and context.

  10. have you every taken something call strenghts quest before?

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    Boardie Results

    haha boogles, i did not either, but our ctf hubbys did. that has to count for something. how did you o that? ^^^
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    What is God teaching you! :)

    pacients and understanding. haveing the pacients to see things through and wait for what is right, and to have the understanding that things happen for a reason. that there is a reason for evreything, even if i do not wish it so.
  13. i am doing fine at this moment. with the end of the semester came the end of some other things as well. but with God grace, He is helping through them. how about you? what have you been up too?

  14. i usually start off in psalms or ecclesiastes then i go to a book in the old testament, ruth more often. i find her life very encouraging. everything she went through was tough but she still did what was right and was rewarded for it. she was blessed in many ways by God because she did what was right.

  15. hello logan, may i ask what part of OH you live in?

  16. meal tiems are non existent for me, but usually i try for in the evening when things are down. wha areyou reading currently?

  17. meal times are non existent for me, but i usually try for the evening when things are winding down. what are you reading currently?

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    Sexual desires

    oh emily you are NOT worthless. you are never that even if you feel so you are not. this is a problem that you need to take to God. this is an addiction that is not going to go away in a day. what you need to do is to replace that addiction with something else. prevent yourself from looking up thost things and letting your mind wander to such stuff. ask God for His help and it will be easyer. but listen to me, you are not worthless. you are Gods child. that makes you gold and not less than me or anyother girl here. the Bible says that all our sins are as filthy rags, that covers the porn to the little white lies, they are all on an equal level there. nothing you can do will make you worhless to Him or to anyone else. and please do not harm yourself that is doing nothing but hurting yourself, not justifying anything or making things equal for what hs been done. it causes pain to god when you do such to yourself. hold on emily, hold on to it with all your might and give it to God. you are better than that to let a guy take it from you. sin is sweet for a season, but it bares great regrets in the long run. dont let go, and give it to God.
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    Heyy :)

    hello skye nice to meet you
  20. how much more college do you have?

    i always find time to pray, but what is most difficult for me is to find the time to read my Bible more. i dont get into it as much as i should. i love it when i do but i need to more offent.

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    you left me
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    We shouldn't come in our "Sunday Best"

    yes but our relationship with Him is not judged by others immediately. we are to take care of that ourselfs and has nothing to do with how we look. no the Lord is not concerned with whether we are wearing jeans and a t-shirt or the most expensive dress we can affored. but it is the point in the matter of why we do it and what it says about us at that moment in time. when i miss a servise for some reason and i go out on a sunday and see others in their sunday chothes and i am not i feel so ashamed. like i let God down. and in a way i have because i was not a tesemony to Him that day but others were. see getting dressed up also ties in with what people think of us, and to what is in our hearts. i get all dolled up for serveses as a way to show God, "i am your bride, i am your daughter. let me show someone else how it is to be yours."
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    Favorite Male Member

    jarrax volk - for always beening there and for being a great friend
  24. the class about Hermeneutics sounds interesting. any of theses somthing you are really looking forward to?.

    thanks you ben, you always know what to do. i have been trying to go to God more. i use to have this little book i would right things down in, but i found myself turning that into a God instaed of bringing things to Him. so i stopped that and am focusing on talking to Him more one on one. now i find that time sweeter than when i wrote in that book .