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    Did you know...

    fresh chocolate is green the last carrier pigion died in the cincinati zoo in the eariler part of the 1900s in the winter of 1932 the niagra falls froze completely solid a dime has 118 ridges on this egde a gold fish has a memory spand of 3 sec.s 13 people a year are killed by a vending machiene falling on them 2500 new born babies will be droped in the next month
  2. blacknight17

    Boy/girl Name ABCs

  3. blacknight17

    Would You Rather Game

    hummm,,,, 3 ft small spaces! wyr go to an art museum? or a history museum?
  4. blacknight17

    Would You Rather Game

    iphone!!!! wyr go back in time or go to the future?
  5. blacknight17

    Double Phrase

    worm hole
  6. blacknight17

    Cute Animals

    these are so cute!!!! ^^^
  7. lol, your homeschooled too? waaahhhaaaahahahhaahahaaaaaaa!!!! join me we shall rule the world together!!!!!! those real-schooler dont stand a chance. (aka public school, but you knew that right?)

  8. blacknight17

    Did you know...

    your heart stops when you sneeze (bless-you) hawks mate for life pigs cannot look up horses cannot throw-up merilyn monroe had 6 toes on one foot every 7 minute there is a natural lapes in conversation
  9. blacknight17

    Would You Rather Game

    mountian, you cant get me to jump unless you threw me off wyr, walk acrossed america or swim across the atlantic (note: both with out stoping) for anything)
  10. Yo Mama jokes here please!! Yo mama so fat, when she jumped in the ocean all the whale started singing "we are family♫"
  11. blacknight17

    Would You Rather Game

    hike, water -shivers- wyr have everything you could ever need for the rest of your life or recieve $4000 dollars (to do with as you wish) every month for the rest of your life
  12. blacknight17

    Did you know...

    ok you win!
  13. blacknight17

    Double Phrase

    school book
  14. blacknight17

    Keep a Word! Drop a Word!

    show time
  15. blacknight17

    Would You Rather Game

    narnia!!!!! wyr... be trapped in a snowglobe or be trapped in a mirror?
  16. lol thats ok, i forgive you! :)

  17. blacknight17

    Let's Get Random!

    ruberbands last longer in the freezer
  18. blacknight17

    Ask A Girl.

    1 personality is a deff, the looks might catch our attention but we want to know whats under the face and musles lol 2 if we see something we dont like: a flare of a wild temper, a few to many ill choices, getting the feeling that he is not putting his all in the pot, many things could be the culprit 3 lol, the looks get my attention 1st, but after that it is the way he treats people in general/his relationship with God (i want someone that is going to help me grow) 4 ugg i always steir clear of ANY guy that says that right off the bat. there is no way they know me enough to love me after a couple of hours or even a few days, i hate it with a passion and i myself have a hard time telling my bestfriend that i have know since we were 12 that i love her (and i do!)
  19. blacknight17

    Favorite Male Member

    -L- (eventhough i am not his fave he is one of mine) lyle (come on he is cool and from Great Britian, need i say more?) themeiwanttobe ( i just love his name! ) Jarrax Volk (he has good thoughts) these are not in order but here you go
  20. lol, i did not make the cut as fave female? hummmmmmmmm? O.o

  21. blacknight17

    Double Phrase

    notch high
  22. blacknight17

    Keep a Word! Drop a Word!

    leaders table
  23. blacknight17

    Your Bible Translation and Type

    i use the good old 1611 King James Version. (random fact: this Bible has the reading level of the 5th grade, why do people think it so hard to read?)
  24. lol, hey . how sad you just got 2 friends. :( can i be your friend too? :D

  25. blacknight17

    Yo Mama...

    lol, ^^^ very nice! yo mama so old she left her purse on Noah's ark