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  1. jarrox volk is he. a very God lead man. if ever you have a a question he is one that can probably help you.

  2. blacknight17

    a death at CTF

    i regret to inform you that a very close friend of mine and my CTF daughter here, has recently passed away. her name was Odessa (stars_in_the_sky) i spoke with some about that she was having problems with some things earlier, but now she has gone to be with the Lord. this even occured 1-4-2011.
  3. hey jamie have not talked to you in a bit, how are you?

  4. blacknight17

    The CTRL-V Thread

    I was wondering if you taught this same class at another time during the week. I would really like to attend that one if I had the chance. -(my name here) ^^ a note to my teachers cuz i was snowed out of my classes
  5. finite math is every kind of math you can think of plus a bunch more besides algebra. that how my advisor explained it to me. the book looks very diffucult and missing the 1st day was not a pleasure. i feel so down right now though it is a wonder that i care. i am glad God puts us through things to make us stonger... just somethings i wish i could skip

    what are you going to be taking?

  6. oh dears, i am not THAT old haha, did you say hello to your greatgrandfather as well?

  7. hello allison, i believe you are my greatgrandaughter here

  8. thank you, stars would have loved to be a grandmother

  9. blacknight17

    a death at CTF

    thank you all for your prayers my self and her family appreciate them. she loved it here, and the people she met. thank you
  10. daniel i see that i am a greatgrandmother now

  11. i am fine at the moment, just starting my college classes again

  12. thank you amanda, you are looking well

  13. blacknight17

    We shouldn't come in our "Sunday Best"

    i look at it this way, if you were to go on a date with this beautiful girl and you wish to impress her, would you not want to look your best? suited to the occasion yes, but still you would don your best chothing. the same with a girl for a guy. she will spend hours getting ready for a night out with her date. so why would we not do the same for God? we are His bride, He loves us. yes He accepts us as we are but loves us too much to keep us the same. we are His, we should bring glorry to Him. we also dress up for the message it sends to others. it says that we are not the same, that there is something different about us. that difference is God.
  14. cold, i am very cold. it has been snowing here. every thing is frozen........

    but i started my classes again. missed todays though because of the snow i could get there but not back home.

    so i have missed my first lesson in finite math, how grand is that.

    have you started classes back?

  15. happy birthday btw, i know i missed it, but i hope you had a happy one

  16. even thank you for getting to know you, i will keep you nd your family in my prayers

  17. it was lovely to met you, good luck in your adventures

  18. and also thank you for being a friend and a for give me good godly advice good luck in school

  19. amanda, i am unsure as to when i or if i wll return but i am still praying for you

  20. kimmy i know this last year has been hard for you but you are still in my prayers

  21. ben, you should rea my latest post

  22. blacknight17

    Have You Ever

    YES!!! i have done that!! good now i dont feel like the olny one who has done this have you ever thrown something over the edge of something tall (like a cliff or a bridge) that you were passing over just to see it fall?
  23. blacknight17

    c-wolf and cheeseisthenewpurple

    wow congrats amanda!!! i am glad i did not miss this and stars is sooo happy for you too (she cant be on anytime soon but she is so happy for you)