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    preacher lou rossi

    i did not mean to sound like i was against witnessing to muslims, and if you ask a muslim a few simple questions from the koran they cannot deniy that Jesus is Christ. 1. the virgin birth without it we cannot believe He is who He is. Jesus was the only one to ever be born this way. no prophet was, they all had a father and mother. 2. the holy names a. Jesus is called the Word of God (John 1:1) and the koran never calls any other prophet this. not even mohomid himself b. the Spirit of God, you ask a musim who this is and they will tell you 3. mericales only Jesus did mericales. He raised the dead, God can raise the dead, mohomid never raised any dead people. He healed the blind (note: if you have been blind all your life not even surgury can fix it) He healed lepors, a deisease that has no cure, you get it you die, but Jesus healed it. 4. Jesus never committed a sin. no where in the koran can you find Jesus asking for forgiveness. all the prophets did, but not the sinless Jesus. Jesus says "I am God" Mohomid never said anything like this. you ask a muslim that knows the koran any of these things, can they deniy them?
  2. lol, i'm good. i have lots of reading to do though :)

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    I have done this twice already!!!!!

    can you be banned or something for doing that?
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    Yo Mama...

    if you don't like them then dont post anything
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    clean jokes

    lol, nothing rasist and nothing dirty(but mud is welcome )
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    Ask A Girl.

    B, as long as he is not wearing reatty old holey jeans and a t-shirt thats all ripped up, then in my book he is a desent-looken guy. if he ups it 1 and is wearing something like an open button-down with his T and jeans he has my eye. anything more dressy and the brownie points keep adding up.
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    Would You Rather Game

    lol i like to watch broadway but i think i would reather universal wyr take care of 10 3 and 4 year olds? or 10 dogs and cats for a week
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    im throwing my 2 cents with L here, he has told you himself he is not interested in her. their is no need to worry about it. trust him.
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    Boy/girl Name ABCs

    ever (yes its a girl name)
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    A Fairy Tale Reality: Part 1

    i will, you got me reading the thread with the word fairytale
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    Would You Rather Game

    train, never been on one before wyr read gone with the wind or be the star actor in the movie?
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    Boy/girl Name ABCs

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    A Fairy Tale Reality: Part 1

    if you dont mind i am going to copy and paste this to my files for more reading in the future
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    Help! I need Cliches!

    my mom has one that i dont think many have heard dont let the eggs burn
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    lol, your random arn't you?
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    How Far is Too Far? Is feeling up wrong?

    this is my standers but i believe any form of touching should be avoided. nothing is ever going to be good enough we as humans will always want more, even if we have a good heart about it. hand holding will lead to kissing, kissing to touching above the clothes, then below them and every where. so why open doors that lead to temtation? i think it should all wait till marrage. for the one God has chosen for you
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    Help with a friend

    when i have temtations to do anything of that nature (i have a goal to save my 1st kiss for my wedding too) i think of what i would say if i had to tell my husband (even though i dont know him yet) i dont wish to hide anything from him so i know if i dont do it i wont have to tell him and hurt him in that way. ask her if she would be ok in telling her husband what she did when he asks. would she tell him? i know i would be ashamed if i had too. well thats my advice but do not forget to pry about it. God always has His hands on things.
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    Keep a Word! Drop a Word!

    child care
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    Help! I need Cliches!

    those are great!! thank you very much
  20. it is the exact same. the businesses are not buying the votes, they are letting the canadates have a leg up on finances. the sports team with the better donations and support are more likely to win because they will more likely have better equipment and what ever else they need and can get with the money, but yes in the end it is the team members that decide the final outcome of the game. it is the "same" for the canadates because they have the money for any extras they need or want, but again in the end it is up to them and the voters on the finnal out come.
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    Counting Valkyrie

    did you write this or someone else?
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    Knowing You'll Be There . . . .

    but you have an idea down, i am just starting and i have not a clue! i am just taking random-ish classes till i fuigure it out
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    Keep a Word! Drop a Word!

    dry clean
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    Knowing You'll Be There . . . .

    sorry for the 20 questions you studing to be a preacher?