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    Knowing You'll Be There . . . .

    lol, really? where?
  2. blacknight17

    Your Wedding...

    i dont know how big, just all my friends and family better be there. i dont care bout the dress, just as long as it is white in the fall i think, and outside. besides that i just want the man God has prepared for me
  3. blacknight17

    Very Special Birthday :)

    wow he is getting old, happy birthday!!
  4. blacknight17

    Knowing You'll Be There . . . .

    i like it :)thank you for sharing. i think we see things about the same way, may i ask your age if you dont mind?
  5. blacknight17

    Knowing You'll Be There . . . .

    o that was beautiful, where did you find it?
  6. blacknight17

    Would You Rather Game

    mutt take a speech class for a year or give a speech to a crowd of 1 million people
  7. blacknight17

    Keep a Word! Drop a Word!

    bone tierd
  8. even if there were no promises i still would
  9. how is the corperations going against democracy? them giving money is the same as when big buisnesses give to sports events. and how is it not their money? they worked for it they have it to do with as they please. even if they are a group. i am in a organization and after we earn the money and pay our dues we spend it however we choose. it caries the groups name but it was our money. you asked our opinion on the trade center notion and i told you mine.
  10. blacknight17

    preacher lou rossi

    yes muslims do. but even by thier faith they know that Jesus is God. any muslim could not deny that He is who He is. lol, yes He did. He "hung-out" with gentiles and sumaritains. at that time they were considered as the scum of the earth.
  11. well points for the political assoiation, but you have to remember that back in those days you were considered to be handicaped for being left-handed. infact some thought there was a mental mess up if a person was left-handed. they looked at the left hand as being the weaker hand. the right as being more superior and better. so as an illistration to everyone (who knew what it ment to be labled as a left-handed), a wise man is the stronger hand and foolish man is weaker one.
  12. blacknight17

    Double Phrase

    hill top
  13. that is an interesting way to desribe something. do you normaly say things that confusing? or is that a special occation?

  14. "a wise man's heart is at his right hand: but a fool's heart is at his left" it is late for me but i will get back to you with a word bout this
  15. blacknight17

    preacher lou rossi

    yes we are called to love others but that does not mean that we have to agree with them and dwell with them and let them be as they were. we should try to witness to them and show them Jesus. and yes we should love them for their person but not for their ways. if you put a rotten potato in the basket of good potatoes then soon all you will have is rotten pataoes.
  16. blacknight17

    Advice on relationships

    i would suggest to talk more with your pastor or a nother spiritual leader for more help understanding your faith. and a verse? well i know there are many but the one i rely on the most is Ecc 3:1 (look at my signature)
  17. blacknight17

    Double Phrase

    dish up
  18. i am against it deffinite. they are doing this as a slap in the face to americans. they are saying " we can destroy your buildings and kill your people and you still let us set up camp right where it happened. arn't you stupid." and we kinda are cuz some people wont see that this is exactly what they are shoving in our face.
  19. blacknight17

    Why Rednecks May Rule the World

    we look to the past and learn from it, that is where our future lies
  20. because it is owned by someone who has the right to do with their money as they see fit. even if it was headed by a group of people they still have the right to spend and donate to who or what ever they wish.
  21. what books have you written?

  22. blacknight17

    Why Rednecks May Rule the World

    well i am all for this redneck buisness. they are the poeple of this country. i have lived in most the states and have found quiet a few rednecks in each of them. and they are all the same good hearted, good natured, patriotic, america love'n people. if we had more of these people in charge i have no doubt that our country would be the place it once was.
  23. blacknight17

    Are you afraid to die?

    the act of dying might disturb me a little but what do i have to lose really? everything in this life can be taken away in a moment, but nothing afterwords can. i am actually looking forward to dying
  24. blacknight17

    Double Phrase

    court side