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    a must see

    watch this. it is only 6 minutes but that is all that is needed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFAp8o1pkCs
  2. lol, alligator deer squid glue (hey this is was only once and i was 6 at the time) dolphin opposum squirl brains
  3. let me tell you that between CNN and FOX they are polar opposites and if the owners of fox news wishes to inverst that money to the RGA then thwy have all the rights to it. i believe that if it is your money then no one should have a say in where it should go or what it should be spent on. i know this is not part of the topic but i also have a problem with the social security system too.
  4. your profile pic looks gooooooood!!!! :) lol, hey there

  5. blacknight17

    Keep a Word! Drop a Word!

    this is like mine!! race car
  6. blacknight17

    Double Phrase

    your suppost to take the LAST word and use it as the FIRST word. not just repeating the same last word over and over. bad day
  7. blacknight17

    Behind the UserName :

    well, every year i try to come up with a different user name (just in cast i join somewheres new) i was 17 when i created this name and at that time in my life it felt as if everything was as black as the night.i did not know where i was going and was confused bout everything. one year my names was ink15. if you have read the seires of unfortunate events then you should know who that is. the 15 was once again my age. finally_fixed16 i used becuace i had thought that i had finnaly figured out what i was doing in life. this year i think i found a name to suite me. ever_changing18
  8. blacknight17

    Double Phrase

    bitting off
  9. blacknight17

    What is your eye colour?

    i have dark hazel eyes, to look at them you think they are brown but you look close and they do have a ring of green round the pupul. i know 4 people that have 2 different colored eyes. (one friend it was years before i realize that one eye was green and the other blue!!) one has a drak brown eye and a light brown eye the other to are really werid cuz one has one green eye and the other is half blue on top and green on the bottom and the other friend has a blue eye and the other is half green on top and blue on the bottom.
  10. 1. what are you looking for in your spouse? 2. if you have a girl/boy friend what is something that you would really appreciate them doing for you unexpectical? 3. what is something that makes you smile?
  11. blacknight17

    Would You Rather Game

    ugg, finger nails deff, i stubb my toes way to much to deal with the pain i would have if they were that long!! WYR be lost in space just in your space-suit or be lost in the middle of the ocean in your bathing-suit? [(no one else is there just you) ( yes you will most likely die)]
  12. blacknight17

    Love troubles? Help!

    ^ nicely said VGrace
  13. blacknight17

    preacher lou rossi

    ^^ i don't think she ment to discuss the site. well i have seen him at my camp for the past 6 summers and one message really stuck to me. Being a Lukewarm Christian. the text was over Rev. 3:13- 20
  14. blacknight17

    Double Phrase

    stubbed toe
  15. blacknight17

    question for male and females

    lol, very clever -L-
  16. blacknight17

    a must see

    yes it is, it makes you think of everyone that you have talk to and when you did not say anything.
  17. blacknight17

    Ask A Girl.

    lol, the "bab" guys are more appealing because they have a lot more confidence i think. and we know that the "good" guy is going to be there for us, so we see it as a challenge. if we get the "bad" boy we feel as if we accoplished something that will impress others, but if we fail then we know that there is always going to be someone there for us in the end. make sence?
  18. blacknight17


    lol, really? we are not understandable?
  19. blacknight17

    Pres. Obama's religion

    its biden right? lol, my little bros thought it was oboma and obiden running for office.
  20. blacknight17

    Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Think Obama is Muslim

    yup, he is now just going to those services to get the idea of him being a muslim off everyones mind
  21. blacknight17

    Ask A Guy

    lol, thanx giver... i did think of that reason but did not think it was still alive today, lol
  22. blacknight17

    Verses of comfort when pondering a mistake?

    this is my life verse, Ecc 3:1. you don't know how much it has had an impact on my life this simple verse is one of the reasons why i am alive today!