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    Double Phrase

    time out
  2. you diched me!!! i dont have a chat box :( *sniffuls, no one likes me*

  3. sorry, i must have sent you my computer glitches!!! thx anyways :D friends?

  4. hey join me in flash chat( sorry more glitches :( )

  5. blacknight17

    Do you think guys need to dress modestly?

    i have been kill by shock, and am now blinded for life
  6. i think i worked out the glitches i was haveing with my laptop and i just wanted to see if i could get the CTF chat to work

  7. i know, but it is So humid here :P

  8. could you do me a favor?

  9. your biography says much :)

  10. you deffinitly don't settle for being the low guy on the totem pole , lol

  11. not much here just been really hot out side

  12. my computer finally lets me into the CTF chat and NO one is there!!!

  13. blacknight17

    Double Phrase

    case solved
  14. blacknight17


    i was homeschooled, i started it the 3rd grade to graduatution this year. i loved it. but there were somethings i missed
  15. thats because i would rather say it live then it always be there :D

  16. you have a lot to say in you intrests

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    Ask A Guy

    hey, do you think most guys like the stick figure some girls have, or would they like them more on the curvyer side?
  18. my goodness you are in a pardicament. well cresent is right. all touching needs to stop. (as a girl myself) i know that if any guy kissed me or even held my hand an immediate conection is formed. and is a tough one to brake you say she is emotional, when you tell her do it in a public but privite place like out in a park. she won't feel like she is alone, but she won't worry that everyone is oppressing her. no offence, but i would not metion a therapist. not at the moment anyways. depending on how she veiws things she might take it as you are saying she is crazy and ossociate that with it not being worth it to live... but there is no good way of saying it so just say it strait and when ever she metions it. but ask her how her relationship with God is doing. at least a couple of times so she knows that you want her to keep at it and she most likely will bacause you want her to, she will respect that good luck