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    Letters To My Man

    i support it!!!! i heard of doing this thing last year at a youth camp and i loved the idea. i already started praying for him but i think that this will be the greatest gift i could ever give to him. what i do is write the date, where i am at, and what number it is at the top of the page (i use a journal, but sometimes use special stationary) i would love to know if a guy did this for his lady, even before he met her
  2. blacknight17

    That guy you just cant get off your mind

    o have you pinned it for me!! there has been this one guy i have liked for 6 years but our lives are worlds apart and i don't even think he knows i exist. but i thank God for him cuz as i watch him you can tell that he is a great man for God. now i know a bit of what to look for when looking for my future husband ( and resenctly i think there has been a new addition to this prolonged crush!! )
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    i love it when i can get one to talk to me. not just let me do all the chit-chat'en. i like hearing their thoughts and opinions, what interests them. i guess i just like to have "good" conversations what i dislike is when they either leave you hangen and make you do the talking (mentioned before) and if, when they do talk, if it is just jiberish, they talk just to hear themselves talk
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    Keep a Word! Drop a Word!

    this is almost like my post called double phrase umm...super strong
  5. blacknight17

    The worst movie you have ever seen?

    the theif lord and inkheart loved the books hated the movies
  6. blacknight17

    Double Phrase

    war games
  7. blacknight17

    Stereotypes aren't really a bad thing, IMO

    o yes. they are not a bad thing. stereotyping is just a part of human nature, we catigorize things to made them easier to refer to. know any for bernettes?
  8. blacknight17

    the Duggars

    they are great
  9. blacknight17

    Camp Counselor

    o most deffinitely! there is a camp that i have gone to for years and am now to old to attend as a camper but i wish to work there not only for the experience but for the closeness i feel with God when i am there it is refreshing
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    Greetings from New Jersey! :-)

    well hello! i have family up there and they happen to be firemen too! but they get payed. but thanks for your time
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    Would You Rather Game

    fly most definitely! WYR... be burned alive or drowned to death?
  12. blacknight17

    Love troubles? Help!

    o girlfriend! i know the feeling, i had a guy that was only 2 years younger than i was but i did not care! but i knew it was not right. and your youth pastor know a lot more than you do about him so be wise and take his advice. if your still feeling something talk to your pastor or your youth pastor again. even your mother could help. you could still be friends but trust your youth leader and best of all ask God. ask for peace, and help in this matter He is just waiting for you to ask Him. i will be praying for you
  13. blacknight17

    Questions for the Ladies

    this is so perfectly said. the first thing i look for is if he is God's child then if he pactices it. and if he is better than i am at doing it. but all in all, love should be a triangle. God on top and husband and wife keep God as the head and let Him bring them together.
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    You Laugh, You Lose

    ok the hockey got me
  15. blacknight17

    I'm Pregnant!

    o! congrads!!! i pray that God be with you in this time and after!!
  16. God has the perfect girl/guy in mind for everyone, it is good to have standerds but be sure not to ignore what God might have infront of you... you will know them when you see them
  17. does anyone like to eat brussel sprouts? ido!! :)

  18. blacknight17

    A boy problem

    jess, i have lost count how many times i was in your shoes but everyone here is right, just be yourself, even if that means being in shy mode. i had a guy one time i lost because i did not speak when it was my chance, i kept quiet when i wanted to talk. but you could look at it this way: he already knows you like him which means that he has probbably made up his mind mostly about you, so their is not much you can to change it just be yourself and he will let you know one way or the other good luck girl! i'm rutin for ya
  19. blacknight17

    What is the best game of the world?

    frogger spyro the snake game (you can look that one up online)
  20. blacknight17

    What book are you reading now?

    i always have at the lest 20 different books going depending on what mood i'm in. but i have not started a new one since i just got a sony ereader, i wanted to figure out how to work it but a good one i just finished was the princess bride
  21. blacknight17

    Double Phrase

    sorry for get that last one toy story
  22. blacknight17

    Double Phrase

    hey no inbetween words thats cheating!! lol umm... cookie monster
  23. hey joe, yes you know me!! :D

  24. blacknight17


    God is trying to save you. His hand is reaching out and because we are human and have free will, it is up to us to grab His hand and He will do the rest. and heavan and hell are really places. everyone in this world is given the chance to accept Him. even the long ago remote tribes in places like africa had the chance to know Him. (there is a verse i just don't have it on hand at the moment) He made it simple. except or decline. go to heven (a really and tangible place) or to hell (a real lake of burning black fire) for eternity. He made it so easy. so easy that it is hard to believe. but, like i believe that the next breathe i draw or the chair i sit in will sustain me, i believe that His hand is right there for me to choose to touch and once i do i am out of the water and safe.