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    CTF Christmas Ball 2010.

    slips into the party a little late, but glad to be here. goes off looking for a someone...
  2. becuase they give me the he-be-ge-bees lol

    i am sure of everything up until the paper is infront of me then i feel like i dont know anything

    that is why i mostly work on the things back to front :D

  3. blacknight17

    Guess the person to post next

    lol me!!! hum... blade?
  4. please share your clean jokes!!
  5. how do i know that that is just what i want? how can i be sure?

  6. i am in a community college right now for my basics, but i am almost done.

    and i would just pick something but i love too many things (science, art, history, english, writing, zoology, i could go on)

    i am trying to listen but nothing is comeing up yet. i guess it does not help that i am a little impaticent too.

  7. blacknight17

    carbonated beverages

    which do you prefer and why? O.o i like coke myself, pepsi is too sweet
  8. no that is the problem. my dad is having issues with it but i just dont want to go somewhere or pick something that i am going to end up changine and waste both time and money by go.

  9. i know, my pastors duaghter went there but she had problems with the teachers and such, bob jones though i just dont feel called to it... my list is dwendelling

  10. lol, see you learn

    hyles anderson

    taylor university

    bob jones university

    pensacola chritian college

    and a few others that i cannot think of at the moment

  11. neat thank-you

    i would like to visit the ones on my list. i have a couple of them, but not all

  12. i need to decide what to do soon, so i was just looking up some colleges and universities that might be an option

  13. blacknight17

    being thrown out

    i am praying for you and your life amanda, nothing is done with out a purpose
  14. blacknight17


    i am praying for you amanda, no matter what you are Gods child, His hand is on you
  15. blacknight17

    Ask A Girl.

    being courted would be the best ever, but in any case i would wait for the guy. he is suppost to be the leader in the family so i think it should be he who does the asking out bit, not everytime but he should make the first move.
  16. hey i hope your holday went well.

    i was wondering, what is the name of your college? and do you like it, academically i mean?

  17. lol but of course!!!! one of my nick-names is Gumby (but only when i go bowling), cuz it is sorta like my last name.

  18. blacknight17

    Nook vs Kindle?

    i have a sony eReader and i love mine <3 i have not bought one book, but there are many sites that i can download many books from. and i can have any PDF file, or even upload anything from like micosoft word and such, that is nice. long battery, easy to go form book to book, i love it
  19. blacknight17

    The Song Title Game

    fathers eyes-amy grant
  20. blacknight17

    The Song Title Game

    as the world falls down-david bowie
  21. blacknight17

    what to do with my hair?

    cute!!!!! i love it woohoo