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  1. so how many and what form of weapons have you decided to take to the ball? i think i have found mine

  2. right before class this morning a friend saw me looking through the knives and daggers you suggested. she did not like them, but prefered butterfly knives. they seem more like a street/gang tpye of weapon to me.

  3. blacknight17

    The Song Title Game

    He's got the whole world in His hands
  4. true, but i dont like a lot of angles in a knife.

    what do you think of butterfly knives?

  5. the bulldog was the next one i wanted to show you, it is beautiful!

    though the vespula is very sleak

  6. blacknight17


    please make up your mind!!!! i can not make everyone happy stop being that way, i have to grow up!
  7. hey amanda, you changed your name nice :)

  8. i am still browsing, but so far ishi is my fave

  9. i am loving this ishi <3 thanks

  10. blacknight17

    Official CTF Ask Me... Thread

    nope have you ever ownd a parrot?
  11. blacknight17

    Name Mixer

  12. blacknight17

    The Song Title Game

    beauty and the beast-celine dion
  13. nice, that means i should bring my shuriken collection too!! http://hoodathunk.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/shuriken.jpg

    oh and my peper spray... that would be good.

  14. blacknight17

    Official CTF Ask Me... Thread

    yup, very beautiful have you ever licked a spark plug?
  15. blacknight17

    CTF Marriages

    my goodness!! more grand kids?!?!? O.o
  16. i like your choosen attire, are the balls usually so dangerous to attend?

  17. hey amanda, your CTF engaged?!?!?!?!?! :D

    congrats my daughter!!!!

    also did you know that you are a CTF aunt too?

  18. blacknight17

    What would you do if....

    1. probably die and go to heaven from delight!! 2. grab my history book and Bible and go sight seeing with a camcord what would you do if you won $100,000,000 ?
  19. blacknight17

    Guess the movie quote

    not a clue amanda "royal place the center of whole universe"
  20. blacknight17

    T-minus 9 days

    *takes evans cookie bag* good luck jordan, you will have my prayers
  21. blacknight17

    Official CTF Ask Me... Thread

    yes, it is Lynn <-- i like it because when people try to guess it, it has to vowels and is 4 letters with 1 repeating do you have a snowglobe?
  22. blacknight17

    Purple Bats!!

    fire jugleing? awesome welcome to CTF