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  1. very very good thread,

    well i have had this.. but i just ignored it but was still friends with the guy. and we still are today. but if he would have every said anything about it to me frankly, then i would have told him some thing along the lines of "look you are my friend, more of a brother in a way. but i dont want a relationship with you. i just want to be your friend."

    hehe but my brother has a story like this, he realllllyyyy like this girl. for YEARS he liked he, still does i believe. and she and everyone else knows this. but she made it very plain of her feelings for him, and now she is still nice to him, but does not go out of her way for him. just because i think she is still uncomfortable about it.

  2. ok well i meet this guy...

    (yeah most all girl problems start out like this >.<)

    but he lives in germany, but we have been talking for a while now, and we both really like/love each other. i cannot imagine what it was like before him. he reminds me so much of my father too which is great. it was just lke a "click" and we have not stopped talking. and he is even willing to come to america (even though he loves german) to live here and to court me properly.

    but he is not saved, and he believes in evolution. i have tried to talk to him, but i am afread that i am not capable enought to talk with him. but he sees reason in things, and is willing to change when he sees what is right and wrong. i have been praying for his comeing to Christ.

    i dont know what i am asking here, but any advice i will take, thank you friends

  3. ok i do really like you but...

    i want the guy God has for me. and i am not sure that you are it. if you are just here to distrace me from the one God has planned for me

    i want to stay in the castle, but the party out side look like a lot of fun.

    so are you the promised prince? or are you the servent from town?

    please dont leave me, please stay away from me, i am going insane :/

  4. oh emily you are NOT worthless. you are never that even if you feel so you are not. this is a problem that you need to take to God. this is an addiction that is not going to go away in a day. what you need to do is to replace that addiction with something else. prevent yourself from looking up thost things and letting your mind wander to such stuff. ask God for His help and it will be easyer. but listen to me, you are not worthless. you are Gods child. that makes you gold and not less than me or anyother girl here. the Bible says that all our sins are as filthy rags, that covers the porn to the little white lies, they are all on an equal level there. nothing you can do will make you worhless to Him or to anyone else.

    and please do not harm yourself that is doing nothing but hurting yourself, not justifying anything or making things equal for what hs been done. it causes pain to god when you do such to yourself.

    hold on emily, hold on to it with all your might and give it to God. you are better than that to let a guy take it from you. sin is sweet for a season, but it bares great regrets in the long run. dont let go, and give it to God.

  5. yes but our relationship with Him is not judged by others immediately. we are to take care of that ourselfs and has nothing to do with how we look. no the Lord is not concerned with whether we are wearing jeans and a t-shirt or the most expensive dress we can affored. but it is the point in the matter of why we do it and what it says about us at that moment in time. when i miss a servise for some reason and i go out on a sunday and see others in their sunday chothes and i am not i feel so ashamed. like i let God down. and in a way i have because i was not a tesemony to Him that day but others were. see getting dressed up also ties in with what people think of us, and to what is in our hearts. i get all dolled up for serveses as a way to show God, "i am your bride, i am your daughter. let me show someone else how it is to be yours."

  6. I was wondering if you taught this same class at another time during the week. I would really like to attend that one if I had the chance. -(my name here)

    ^^ a note to my teachers cuz i was snowed out of my classes

  7. My whole life I've grown up dressing up to go to church. In recent years, its been less dressy, but as I sat in class today it suddenly struck:

    Why do we have to wear our sunday best?

    We don't see this evidenced in Scripture, in fact scripture appears to promote more modest attire that doesn't draw attention. And even if you look over history, we see how clothing styles have changed and our idea of "dressed up" would probably make some of our christian predecessors shudder.

    As it appears to be a totally relative matter, as long as it is modest and doesn't draw attention, what you wear appears to be totally irrelevant.

    Secondly and I haven't set in stone what I believe on this, could it perhaps be better if pastors were less dressed up? I think all of society has this bad stigma for guys in suits with church scandals, and corrupt politicians that are dressed up. It just has artificial written all over it. What if merely by your character, your testimony, and your life, you could be identified as the pastor of the church. Instead of getting all dressed up on the outside, why don't we get dressed up on the inside.

    I think the ties, collars, and suits, just turn into nice masks for clergy to hide behind. Lord willing if I become a pastor, I want people to see for who I am. A man. But a man who is sincere and passionate for Christ, so much so they can see it all around me in everything I do and say.

    I also think its makes the pastor more approachable and down to earth. I never want to lose touch with reality. I want to be real. I want to be honest. I want genuine. I don't won't to even seem fake by my attire, if I'm all those things.

    soli deo gloria

    i look at it this way,

    if you were to go on a date with this beautiful girl and you wish to impress her, would you not want to look your best? suited to the occasion yes, but still you would don your best chothing. the same with a girl for a guy. she will spend hours getting ready for a night out with her date. so why would we not do the same for God?

    we are His bride, He loves us. yes He accepts us as we are but loves us too much to keep us the same. we are His, we should bring glorry to Him. we also dress up for the message it sends to others. it says that we are not the same, that there is something different about us. that difference is God.

  8. i regret to inform you that a very close friend of mine and my CTF daughter here, has recently passed away. her name was Odessa (stars_in_the_sky) i spoke with some about that she was having problems with some things earlier, but now she has gone to be with the Lord. this even occured 1-4-2011.

  9. YES!!! i have done that!! good now i dont feel like the olny one who has done this :D

    have you ever thrown something over the edge of something tall (like a cliff or a bridge) that you were passing over just to see it fall?