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  1. Coreybates

    Blondes, Brunettes or Red-heads

    Blond or Brunette! but their all beautiful!
  2. Yer i think too much make up takes away a girls true features.. but a little is nice!
  3. Coreybates

    "The one"

    i totally 110% agree with txdinghysailor! u definetly should be best friends before anything.
  4. Coreybates

    "The one"

    Well at the moment i have such deep feelings for this girl at my church, and she has the same... yes i was crazy enough to talk to her about.. but we have decided to become better friends before anything.. and if we are not meant to be together it wont be as hard.. as all you guys said, i dont beleive there is "the one".. i think there are multiple girls whos personality you can click with.. but i'm not saying to not follow your heart!
  5. Coreybates

    Accountability Partner

    hey guys, i'm really struggling at the moment with porn and i really really want it to gone! and i think the only way of getting moving forward is if i have someone that can hold me accountable and i can do the same... so if any guys want to do something like this online, or in person.. (im from melbourne australia) that would be soo good! thanks
  6. Coreybates

    Pen Spinning!

    haha i do it a lot! like sometimes i dont even realise i'm doing it! i can do it around my thumb both ways... i did it in exams and have got some greasy looks from people from letting it hit the table. haha and i also taught all my friends how... its all around the school now!
  7. Coreybates


    Hey All, I have been looking at colleges all around California and was wondering if anyone on here goes to Pepperdine or has had any experience with the religious side of the college, thanks heaps, God Bless
  8. Coreybates

    Starting another quest of purity

    struggling, day 1, please pray for me, if anyone wants to do an accountability thing that would be great also!
  9. Coreybates

    Need Christian Bands!

    yer, Hillsong, Planetshakers, Chris Tomlin, Mat Redman, jars of clay, future of forestry, jon foreman, switchfoot, relient k, sonicflood, mat kearney, emery, dizmas, as cities burn, magnificent defeat. all really good bands with meanings behind the words they are singing! highly reccommended!
  10. Hi Guys, i am just wondering if their are any guys on here that live in Victoria, Australia? i have always talked to my brother in law about God as he is very knowledgable about his amazing power and mightyness! i have friends but non other really than him that i am close to.. he is now 21 and i wanna meet a guy around my ages who i can talk to about God and adapt a friendship with because at the moment i feel lost in this situation.. even if you are not in Australia.. but just wanna talk.. God bless Corey