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    Gavrilla's plethora of interests. Enjoy my [s]organization skills[/s] lists.<br /><br />Christian Interests:<br />♠ Japan<br />♠ international students<br />♠ missionary service<br />♠ never abandoning others<br />♠ never judging others (I'm working on that one)<br />♠ changing, through God, from the inside, out<br /><br />Hobbies-Interests and such:<br />♠ history; Victorian, Rococo, and Elizabethan era<br />♠ theatre<br />♠ odd and eccentric music<br />♠ historical literature<br />♠ the occasional manga and anime<br />♠ video games galore<br />♠ other nerdy things<br /><br />Alas, I'm vain. I'm working on it ... :<br />♠ historically influenced clothing<br />♠ brightly coloured makeup<br />♠ soon to get a victoriohawk (victorian/mohawk)<br />

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  1. Supreme Commander Gavrilla

    creepy calls

    <blockquote>Mine's not exactly creepy per say, but we've gotten calls from a guy when he's drunk and it was hilarious. The first time we came home and checked our answering machine that had two messages on it. The messages were from a guy who sounds very drunk, and frustrated with "Sarah", presumably his girlfriend. He was ranting, mentioning something Sarah's mother said, to which he said (very slurred) "I don't care about no baby." He continued ranting, but he was hard to understand. We checked the second message and it was a continuation. He was still ranting. He was also mad that she didn't call him back. We all had a good laugh because the guy was so drunk that you he made no sense. Then we forgot about it. Months upon months later, we were watching T.V when the phone rang. My sister went to pick it up, listened for a bit and said "I'm sorry but I'm not Sarah" then kept repeating "Wow, that's very sad. But I'm afraid to say, I'm not Sarah." She eventually said goodbye and hung up. What happened was that that guy had called (completely drunk) and crying. He thought my sister was Sarah and was crying "You know, I didn't know what I was thinking. Don't leave me! I love you!" Sylvie kept on trying to tell him that she wasn't Sarah but he just wouldn't get it. Eventually she managed to make him realize thus hanging up. He called back four more times and each time my sister had to convince him that she wasn't Sarah. As terrible as it sounds, it was really funny because, like last time, he was so drunk he made no sense. Poor guy though, he sounded really upset. </blockquote>
  2. Supreme Commander Gavrilla

    Ask A Girl.

    <blockquote> What do I spend my time thinking about? ... Guys often. Not necessarily "oooooh, I think he's cuuuuuute" but I just wonder how they see me, what they'd think if they knew certain things about me, etc.... For the most part I daydream. There are a lot of daydreamer girls out there. I daydream about the perfect gentleman being with me, I daydream about living in the Victorian days, I daydream about what it'll be like once I'm married, I daydream about video games, I daydream about characters from TV, I daydream about how school will be once it starts ... it's a brutal cycle. I'm trying to stop it because I've spent more time daydreaming than actually living. Umm ... girls also are often suckers for drama so they'll brood on what a girl said to them, and what they could have said back, but didn't. That's what causes such serious dislike for people, we brood on our dislike of them. Umm ... other than that I think a lot about God and my issues. God's always in the back of my mind whenever I do something. Honestly, whenever I'm thinking of something it's a lot like brooding. I focus on it and it won't leave. I think a lot of girls are like that. Lol. Yep. That's my mind in a nutshell. It might get annoying after a while because he's probably right. I think it would be more helpful if he took out the bible and said, "Here, we're memorizing this passage right now." It depends. Normally, probably not, but that's only because if the guy is extremely uncomfortable with me knowing, then I'll feel extremely uncomfortable. It takes two to tango. If he acknowledges that he likes me and acts like it's not a big deal (he doesn't ignore that he likes me, acting like nothing happened, but he's just open saying "yeah, sure I like you. What about it?") Then I'd be much more comfortable and enjoy his company. Not at all. Not when he's that much younger than I. It simply causes difficulties, but that might just be me. Also, I can't help but imagine that if she's that hot, she probably has men her age chasing after her as well. </blockquote>
  3. Supreme Commander Gavrilla


    <blockquote>The same things happened to my sister! xD My Dad's a truck driver, so she was on a trip with him to somewhere in the U.S. She was reading a book and had her legs propped up on the dashboard when she heard from the CB radio someone say "Nice legs." She jumped up and looked through the window to see the trucker in the semi to their right laughing at her reaction. My Dad thought it was hilarious.</blockquote>
  4. Supreme Commander Gavrilla

    Moving from the USA to Canada

    <blockquote>Heh, heh, heh. It's very different. For some odd reason the U.S media loves to put the same culture unto us. Perhaps it's because I'm from Western Canada that my culture's so different than the U.S : /. Eastern Canada (Ontario) sees everything as serious business and it feels more similar to U.S culture. My Dad's a trucker so I've gotten to enjoy all of the Canadian provinces (but I have yet to enjoy the territories). It's amazing how often people will say to us "you're from the West aren't you?" It's very easy to spot. Here, I'll give you an explanation about Canadian provincial culture and how the different regions act ;D : Western Canada: B.C, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Everything's very relaxed. Very apathetic, if someone does something to you, you shrug. That's life. No one sues anyone out here. Ontario: (What I've been calling Eastern Canada) Serious business. Quebec: It's own country. Definitely worth the visit. Everything in Quebec is fun and funny. Quebec's a riot. Atlantic Canada: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, P.E.I, New Brunswick Very friendly, very happy; you hug instead of handshake. Alas, I have yet to visit the territories. Apparently they're just stunning.</blockquote> <blockquote>Nova Scotia is great! Everyone loves Nova Scotia, a good place to live! If you want to have the "full Canadian experience" you should visit Newfoundland every now and then. Words of advice: good luck understanding them. It's a dialect which only they can understand. xD</blockquote>
  5. Supreme Commander Gavrilla


    <blockquote>I think the website is what made that saying really popular. fmylife.com I have to admit, it's funny to read but it's also kind of sad. People do such stupid things and they "reap what they sewed". One girl was going on a date with a guy when he didn't show up. She keyed his car, writing a "f you" on it (just not so nicely censored). It turns out the date was the scheduled for the next day. She had her days mixed up. Like I said, you reap what you sew. She lost control and what she did was stupid under any circumstances. I used to read that website constantly (same with bash.org) but I can't do it anymore. Too vile. Too sex oriented. Mind you, there are posts that are extremely funny. It's the shock factor and the fact that the people are willing to joke about it. </blockquote>
  6. Supreme Commander Gavrilla


    Oh wow, do I ever have a story to tell for you guys.... Dx <blockquote>In gr. 10, there was a boy, who was slightly autistic, who'd go to our Christian-club-thing at youth and he started talking to me, so I as just nice and listened. Honestly ... this sounds horrible, but that was my BIGGEST regret that year. After that, he started stalking me. He memorized my school schedule. He'd hide in corners of the hallway. When walking in the hallway I'd see him standing between the lockers, and he'd watch me until I walked past him. Then he'd start walking behind me or beside me. It was terrible because I would try to ignore him, but it was clear that while walking, his head was turned and he was looking straight at me. Whenever he was staring at me it would always be straight in the eyes and if I ever made eye-contact with him, he'd initiate conversation. I can't explain to you how absolutely terrifying this is. Every day he'd learn my schedule more and more, and he'd be in other places of the hallway, staring at me as I walk past him. In English class my desk is in front of the door, which has a large window. English class started and then I saw him, through the door, lean against the wall to just watch me. I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't take it. I was shaken and dumbstruck. Thank goodness I had previously told my teacher about the boy, because I told her "that's him". She then opened the door and asked him if he had any class to go to. He didn't answer her, he just walked away. Understand, he'd be there every single Wednesday at the Christian-Club where he wouldn't try speaking to me, he'd just watch me eat. After the English class situation, I decided that I had to tell my counselor because it was quite honestly terrifying. My counselor wasn't there that day, so I talked to the lady who's "in charge" of him. After telling her, she just shrugged it off and say "Oh, Durem (that's his name) wouldn't hurt a fly!" That baffled me. I know girls who have had guys stalk them before, and my school takes initiative to stop it right away. This was my situation: because he's autistic, she wouldn't do anything. I couldn't believe it. I took matters into my own hands. I'd make sure I was never alone when I was in the hallway. I got Donald and Joal, two of the school's most eccentric characters to become my personal bodyguards from 4th period to 5th period. Though the situation was terrible, it was a lot of fun because of them. They were hilarious. I got to hear their commentary of everything that kid was doing and they were constantly bickering with each other for not being subtle. That became the highlight of my days ... but they weren't with me all the time and my biggest concern was that Durem would figure out where my locker was. One day, I heard from a friend from the Christian-club, that he cornered her in a room. Apparently she was terrified but he told her "I have a crush on Gavrilla. What should I do? Should I ask her out?" She told him that I just got out of a bad relationship and that I now HATE men. She said that "it would be best to stay away from her for now" ... which is all a complete lie (I love her). After hearing this he decided to completely stop following me. A miracle if you ask me! Such a relief! But it gets worse. By grade 11, he decides to start it up again ... only it's worse and Joal and Donald are no where to be seen. (Tune in next post!) </blockquote>
  7. Supreme Commander Gavrilla

    Moving from the USA to Canada

    <blockquote>I'm already <strike>Canadian</strike> from the CSSR, but if you're looking for a place where people are ridiculously relaxed, friendly, and has a whole indie-scene to it, Winnipeg's the place, my friend. I've had a friend move from England to Canada. It took years for them to become official Canadian citizens. That's all I know. ... Okay, I think I just gave the least helpful post in this entire thread. xD</blockquote>
  8. Supreme Commander Gavrilla

    What does your back-to-school wardrobe look like?

    <blockquote>xD Historical. I still don't have a bustle skirt, but I'm getting there. During the summer I got myself some more long skirts, a tail coat, another vest, over coats, a grey military sweater, some gnarled blouses, a corset, etc .... I got a lot this summer. : / Unfortunately my bloomers have a stain in them. I'm not quite sure what to do with them. Because the stain's baaaaad. </blockquote>
  9. Supreme Commander Gavrilla

    Russian literature recs?

    <blockquote>I'm really looking forward to reading it! I was going to read it a month ago but I decided "Gavrilla ... there's only 15 novels that Dostoevsky wrote, I'm going to read two each year so I'll enjoy his literature for 7 and a half years. In between I can read other classic literature. I want to enjoy his literature for the longest amount of time possible!" I love his literature that much. Sacrifice, my friend. Sacrifice. xP Lol! But yeah. Once it's 2010, I'll research which one of his books people claim "is the worst of his literature" next to the Idiot, because apparently that was his worst. Then I'll avoid the eating-strawberries way of reading an author's literature. When eating strawberries you eat the good ones first and by the end there's only the not-so-good strawberries left. Then you're left with the aftertaste of the not-so-good strawberries. So, I'll read his good and not-so-good literature in moderation, so by the end I'll still be enjoying his better literature and have the memories of that. Mind you ... I read the Idiot, and still really enjoyed it. If that's his worse, then I'm extremely impressed! Lol, I put a lot of thought into this. I'm pretty impressed with my strawberry analogy, if you ask me. I have no idea whether you guys can understand what I tried to communicate, but I'm impressed never the less! xP </blockquote>
  10. Supreme Commander Gavrilla

    Russian literature recs?

    <blockquote>xD! I completely agree! Mind you, I wouldn't want my guy to brood as much as Raskolnikov did. It's amazing how every character Dosteovsky created was so human. Goodness, *reminiscing*, just incredible .... Okay, going back! Yes! Raskonikov broods too much for me. I think I'd annoy the daylights out of him. xD As for Myshkin, I always thought he was annoying but I most definitely want a guy as pleasant and good natured as him. </blockquote> <blockquote>Oh yes! I forgot to mention! Whenever I read Russian literature, especially from Dosteovsky, every time there's a name of a character (or nickname) write it down and who they are (so that you'll instantly remember which character they are when reading it). For example: Gavril Ardaniolovitch Ivolgin / Ganya (his nickname): The General's secretary and ________ (I don't want to say, because it might be a spoiler :/ ). It's extremely important to do that for the sake of enjoying the book because Dostoevsky loves to have characters spoken about chapters ahead, just pop up with incredible timing ... and if you don't recognize the name the surprise factor's gone and you get confused thus losing part of the enjoyment of the book. As for the character list in front of his books, none of the versions I read had that. [insert tear] That would have been very handy but I liked writing the names down because I felt more invested in the book ... if that makes any sense xP . Also, I'm stubborn so I decided to read only the oldest translations. I wouldn't recommend that for anyone but myself. A very difficult read. I had to use a special dictionary, that had words that aren't considered "english" anymore. Also, there's most definitely not a character list in the front. xD </blockquote>
  11. Supreme Commander Gavrilla

    Ask A Guy

    <blockquote>Huzzah! I'm the same way. But for some odd reason I've been meeting a lot of guys that love romance lately and I'm always thinking "Where did I go wrong?!" Dx --- Another questions: What to gentlemen think of girls who dress "alternatively". Goth'd up, emo, punk, historical, steampunk, elegant gothic lolita, etc .... Do gentlemen naturally gravitate away from such ladies or does it make absolutely no difference? This question's the result of curiosity, because, hey I dress weird. (Historically, that is). xP </blockquote>
  12. Supreme Commander Gavrilla

    Purity/Promise Rings . . .

    <blockquote>My Mum and Dad are getting me one. It means a lot to me. I need a reminder desperately and the ring has significant meaning to me as well. It has black metal and a small white diamond in the middle which contrasts the metal. It reminds me that there's only one out there for me and not to settle for second best. : ) It's my promise to God and my future husband. Unfortunately, I was suppose to get it a year ago but due to the nature of my family I still haven't gotten it ... like I said, I desperately need a reminder. I really hope I'll get the ring some day. </blockquote>
  13. Supreme Commander Gavrilla

    If You Had To Sign Up Again...

    <blockquote>Something shorter .... </blockquote>
  14. Supreme Commander Gavrilla

    Anime Favorites?

    <blockquote>I used to be extremely into manga and would therefore read everything I could get my hands on. I've read: ♠ xxxholic ♠ tsubasa ♠ samurai champloo manga ♠ perfect girl evolution/wallflower ♠ nana ♠ naruto ♠ bleach ♠ death note ♠ negima ♠ gintama ♠ ranma 1/2 ♠ hikaru no go ♠ chobits ♠ card captor sakura I know there's more but I can hardly remember. It was a long time ago. : / Out of all the manga I've read, there's four which are way above the others. Those are the only ones I continue to read now. Series that I consider the very best <strike>well ... two of them aren't the "very-best" but they're good enough for me to continue reading them after three years of having ditched anime/manga</strike> Manga Katekyo Hitman Reborn Once you get to the 8th volume, plot kicks in ... and it's fantastic. The farther it goes, the better it becomes. (SunFlower, you are right! How have these guys not have heard about KHR! Apparently it's getting huge in Japan right now.) Eyeshield 21 The story telling is amazing! You'll never find better story telling in a manga. Don't be scared by the football storyline. It's absolutely incredible. The most intense, adrenaline filled, will-cause-you-to-sweat-because-you'll-never-know-what'll-happen-next, manga ever. Warning: the anime sucks. Dogs: Bullets and Carnage To be honest, the story telling's terrible but the art is great. It's my eye-candy. Very best art for a manga you'll ever see. Love it. < 3 Fairy Tail It's a really new series but I like it because it has a really good atmosphere atmosphere and the main character is mysterious (you don't know much about him) which is great. That means that there's going to be some serious "ho snap! No way!"s in the future. Anime Gintama Absolutely hilarious! The funniest anime that's out there! It's not funny if it's dubbed. The Japanese subbed is the way to go, the voice actors are what do the magic. It's great! So random, so hilarious, great characters and it's a very humble anime. They always make fun of their own anime. </blockquote>
  15. Supreme Commander Gavrilla

    Russian literature recs?

    <blockquote>I read Fyodor Dosteovsky's the Idiot and thoroughly enjoyed it. When I read his Crime and Punishment, that book changed my life. Dosteovsky is incredible. I have no doubt that he's a genius. No person can understand human interactions and emotions to that level. Mind you, he had a ridiculously difficult life and I assume that most of it was personal experience. Lol, I doubt that that book can change anyone's life other than my own but I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. In all of his books he's has deep pride for Russia. He's at times add dialogues where he can simply discuss Russia between the characters. He'll at times note which characters are "stereotypically Russian". I think it's fascinating because according to him, stereotypical Russians are extremely intense. ... I just love his literature. He's my fave author, I could talk about him for hours. --- I have a friend who's reading a book from Leo Tolstoy and she's really enjoying it. Maybe you should read some books from him as well. </blockquote>