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  1. Rayn

    Great Quotes

    "The church is a mouth-house, not a penhouse." - Martin Luther, Sermon for Advent
  2. Rayn

    Young Earth Creationism and Space

    It's sad that this is the way it's usually presented, but a more appropriate approach would be to state it was created with age, just as Adam wasn't created an infant but an adult.
  3. Rayn

    Youth Groups

    I was too much of a social outcast to be active in the youth group when I was a teenager. I started helping the Youth Director after I turned 18 and was eventually hooked into teaching every other week. We met on Sunday evenings before service for "discipleship training" which entailed nothing other than studying Scripture. Wednesday nights were the longer meetings with higher attendance and usually we had food and social time before Bible study. We organized trips that were meant to be both informative and "fun." Now I'm not active in them at all. My Pastor and his wife are the main ones teaching the youth at my current church. I'll probably chaperon to the Higher Things conference next year for totally selfish reasons as it has hours of liturgy over the course of a week. :3
  4. Rayn


    Started off good and became progressively worse and worse. By the end of the anime I only care for the action scenes and there were only a few good ones.
  5. I love your avatar.

  6. Rayn

    Protestants ~ how do your clergy work?

    Only seminarians are called in the LCMS, and one must be in the LCMS for seven years before even being considered for enrollment.
  7. Rayn

    Calvinism Doctrine

    I used to be a Calvinist because of their understanding of divine monergism (God is the sole worker in salvation), but I think Lutheranism is a better alternative. God is still the sole worker in salvation but without all that "particular atonement" stuff. It's not as logically satisfying. 1. God elects some to salvation but doesn't elect others to damnation. 2. He desires to save all and has the power to save all, the external call of the gospel is always accompanied with divine grace, yet man often resists it. 3. Some may lose their salvation (connected to number 2). But I think it makes more sense of the most passages in Scripture.
  8. John, if you don't mind, I have further questions. As a Lutheran I agree that Christ's true body and blood are given in the Eucharist, though I would differ as to "how" this happens, but why do you as a Catholic Christian go to the altar? What benefit are you hoping for? If someone thought they didn't need the sacrament, how would you respond to then?
  9. I basically agree with the OP. The gospel is an offense but we don't need to be unnecessarily offensive with our presentation of it. The people I work with know I go to church every Wednesday and Sunday, they know there are conversations I don't engage in with them because the nature of them is inappropriate, and I pray for opportunities to share the gospel with them (which God has answered on several occasions), but generally speaking I don't try to make the conversation happen. Most of them don't want to talk about it and I don't want to force them to. OP, I thank God for your conversion. May his peace and grace preserve you.
  10. That is an issue not only of interpretation but Biblical authority and I need to have a conversation on the relationship between history and faith first.
  11. The passages you cited don't exclude anyone from God's saving will, they only teach that certain ones are included (his sheep). Each drop of blood was shed for the purpose that you and all others would be saved. I've seen a lot of arguments in this thread that focus on God's power and glory. Calvinists treat the power and glory of God as though it is the center of the Christian faith. Did Jesus die for all? Certainly not, they say, because not all are saved, and that would imply weakness in God. But this isn't the reasoning of the New Testament authors. Peter has no warrant to believe that false teachers are among the elect but clearly states that the Master bought them (2 Pet. 2:1). I agree with Calvinism's emphasis that God is the only worker in salvation, but I can't reconcile definite redemption with several passages of Scripture. You can't even preach the gospel if you can't say with certainty to your audience, "for you," because it isn't good news to me at all that Jesus is "a savior," I need to know if it was for my sins that he atoned.
  12. Jesus died for all men and desires all men to be saved. I'll go further and say everyone is OBJECTIVELY justified, but not all receive it, and so many will not be saved. That said, salvation is only the work of Jesus. His word powerfully calls men and turns their hearts from self to his promise, "I have redeemed you." Our wills are in bondage and unable to effect anything. It is God's Spirit, working through the word of Christ proclaimed to sinners, who renews us and causes us to be born again. There are no steps to "being born again." The only thing sinners can do is reject God's word. We receive the gift of faith and believe because God chose us from the foundation of the world. This is sometimes called single predestination. And yes, Lutheranism is hard to understand on this subject. Predestination isn't an easy subject no matter what your tradition.
  13. Rayn

    The Spark for Jesus Never Lasts

    Tell me about it. I've been there ever since I've been a Christian -- about 9 years now. Paul was there in Romans 7. It's the experience of every Christian. The absolutely surrendered life, yieldedness, conformity to the law of God by the Spirit within you, or what have you, will have to wait until we die or the resurrection. You need to hear about the forgiveness of sins every single week and receive Christ's body and blood for the nourishment of your faith. Those are the primary things. Stop roaming around in your inner-parts taking spiritual inventory. You'll never like what you see there. Christ saved you two thousand years ago and gives himself to you for your benefit weekly in the supper. If you're not receiving that, you need to find a new church -- it's that serious.
  14. Rayn

    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Shades of Forbidden Passion by Unexpect. Wicked avant-garde.