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  1. joshy

    3 Ways To Open a Conversation With a Woman

    Oh haha. I think I had read that one too. Kind of sad they didn't have more comments in support of the poor man.
  2. joshy

    Girlfriend or boyfriend?

    Alright, thanks for the tips guys.
  3. joshy

    3 Ways To Open a Conversation With a Woman

    Did you take that from the comments? xD
  4. joshy

    Is suicide immoral?

    Are there any verses to go along with this? I can understand it being wrong because you hurt people (not just yourself) which Jesus taught against; aren't there some exceptions though, such as if the person in question is at the end of their lifespan anyway, or killing themselves would benefit others? And thank you, I will try searching.
  5. joshy

    3 Ways To Open a Conversation With a Woman

    I'm gay and don't comment on a girl's footwear. So no, I don't believe that is a sign of homosexuality, though the man in the video very well might be one.
  6. joshy

    Me barking (Better)

    That's one strange bark.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oUmYuakkVUQ#! A Mr. Greg D. teaches men how to pick up the ladies with his conversational techniques. I have very little luck with the ladies and am considering following this man's approach but first I would like the opinion of the men's forum because I am too insecure to make my own decisions. Josh
  8. joshy

    Sex without sex

    You can also get STDs by touching certain things, getting blood transfusions or even sharing food or clothing.
  9. joshy

    Goth/Emo kids

    Yay, cannibalism!
  10. joshy

    CTF Official Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol Debate

    I've never smoked alcohol or drugs, but I know marijuana is extremely dangerous. I used to know a couple of potheads that did weed and they would always end up in the hospital after a bad joint. They would deal it too, landing themselves in jail quite often. But finally, after sharing a bong with some "friends" they didn't know well, they all contracted HIV and it wasn't long until they passed away. This is tragic and yet it's the reality of drug use of this kind. All you people supporting an individual the right to smoke herbs like this ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Guns don't kill people, governments don't kill people, police don't kill people, prisons don't kill people. All these things so prevalent in a police state are there for protection and everyone should be grateful for this instead of trying to handicap the judicial system by allowing these felons to run around sharing marijuana and other dangerous substances. Marijuana, not even one.
  11. joshy

    What do you think of respect/submission to husbands?

    Yeah, and God designed some men weaker than other men. So clearly God wants stronger men to dominate the weaker men?
  12. joshy

    Is suicide immoral?

    I don't know how to search.
  13. joshy

    Goth/Emo kids

    Emos = preppy goths Preps = obnoxious. I think the goths should breed more and we should outlaw prepism.
  14. joshy

    Is suicide immoral?

    Is suicide sometimes okay? If so, in what situations? Is it always wrong? Always right? Bible verses to support your stance would be great, as would your own opinion. I'm really curious to hear what you guys think as I myself am uncertain on what to believe on this issue. Thanks, Josh
  15. Hey Ed, I found your dog...