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  1. I miss you too, and love you almost as much as I miss you.

  2. Sacracan

    gender neutral society

    The thing is... there's nothing new around.
  3. Sacracan

    The Terrible Results of Devaluing Life

    Easy for you to comment on and judge something you have never experienced. Productive members of society? Ha. What would they exactly have in life without sight and hearing? May be they felt like a burden for everyone around them. And you better lose the rest fast or you'll have some hard times ahead of you.
  4. Sacracan

    So are you male or female?

    An internet comunity with more ladies than gents? Imagine that.
  5. Sacracan

    Why Every Christian Should Support Mitt Romney

    It's already a moot point, kiddies.
  6. Flee this place while you still can. Flee and never return!
  7. Sacracan

    Where were you born?

    Now, isn't that original, or what!?
  8. Sacracan

    Paleo Diet?

    Fat-free diets. Carb-free diets. Vegan diets. Blood type diets. Cheat day diets. Outer-space-chicken-based diets. If I had to recommend one thing that should be implemented in everyone's diet it would be fasting.
  9. Sacracan

    Cows fed candy as feed prices rise

    A juicy stake? Well, no thanks.
  10. Sacracan

    The 31 Status (90% for the ladies, 10% for the guys)

    This fun kind of "christian-talk-in-a-set-rhythmic-pace-with-emotional-musical-background-to-inspire" videos seem to be pretty popular lately. Fun. And dating such a lady? Who *would* mind it really, as long as she has decent other qualities.
  11. Sacracan

    Bulking up

    Yes. About that. No. A very bad advice.
  12. It's that summertime, summertime madness...
  13. Sacracan

    Where do little kids go when they die?

    I so wanted to make a "dead kids can't go anywhere" joke, but then I decided it won't be very appropriate...