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    I'm just a kid trying to make it through this life following my life's Author's plan for me.
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    Working towards realm 3
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    Reading, writing, school, lurking, acting, protecting, defending, death
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    Learning just who I am and how to fight my monsters
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    Karen, aka Blade

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  1. Karen!! Where you go? D:

  2. Karen!! :woot: I have missed you!! I am doing VEGGIETASTIC, thanks! :D How's college going? :woot:

  3. Oh, I am still praying! :)

  4. out of hte splint. now in rehab.

  5. Ahahahah!! xD

    How is your finger doing?

  6. Bladebearer

    What Are you Listening to VIII

  7. Bladebearer

    Students rebel against tracking chips

    first the schools. then the world!
  8. Bladebearer

    This changes everything for me...

    agreed. God knows what is best for us.
  9. Bladebearer


    *sits in corner of bored*