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    Video games, of course! Basketball, I'm also addicted playing it, reading christian books, actually I just started last week. Listening to music, Christian song and emo-type.
  1. It's not an anime. It's a game. I forgot the title. A PSP game. uhhhh...Sorry, I forgot.

  2. What anime is your avatar from?

  3. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Ask A Guy

    You mean what they are showing when they're upset. They'll snob you to death.-.- And I don't know about the issues. I think we're on the same page, but I'm a guy. So we kinda understand each other.
  4. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Ask A Guy

    ^Hate tight jeans. I wonder how it makes some people comfortable by using it? Fashion,no? Never wore a jeans until 2 years ago.xD
  5. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Ask A Guy

    1.) Not if she's already have a boyfriend. That would be odd. But being nice would do, but sweet, really odd. 2.) Both.? But I prefer a girl that I love make food for me.
  6. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Do you have a Girl Bestfriend?

    My girlfriend is my bestfriend.
  7. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Ask A Guy

    But I am weak.-.- Really weak. Or I'm just afraid to fight back? I dunno. Getting bullied is terrying.
  8. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Antivirus Software

    AVG was very good before, then my PC got a virus which made AVG unusable. I lost trust on AVG since then.
  9. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Ask A Girl.

    Hmmm...another one...Don't you feel awkward when you're wearing short shorts and some people look at you? I told my girlfriend not to wear short shorts/shorts when going outside because her skin is white(we are brown, most filipino.) cuz' most guys look at him and saying "PSSST" which kinda scary. I'm overprotective.
  10. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Ask A Girl.

    UH...just a question, am I the only guy who hates my girlfriend/partner wearing short shorts? Not sure if I would post it here, or on the other thread.
  11. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    YouTube: Official Thread (Post your account and new vids here.)

    Thank you. So I'm reuploading vids. Some of those 200 vids. Ugh.haha.
  12. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    YouTube: Official Thread (Post your account and new vids here.)

    http://www.youtube.com/user/karlsanada13 New account. They deleted my account yesterday and lost all my vids.-.-