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    Antimalware Doctor

    Best combination would be. Avast+Malwarebytes Nod32(I have this)+Iobit 360 security+malwarebytes= Scanning all of them. Malwarebytes and Iobit is a fast scanning type of programs, you'll love it. Spybot is kinda old.
  2. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Ask A Guy

    Glance a little bit(You can't avoid it, it's infront of you.), then look away.
  3. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    How are your swearing habits?

    ^Same here...unless I got ****** off by them. I swear a little bit too low.
  4. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    What's silverlight do?

    Your username is kinda a bit, you know, offensive.
  5. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Any fellow Reliant K lovers out there?

    I love their acoustic versions.
  6. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    How are your swearing habits?

    I got influenced by a "certain" person who is a swearing machine. And now, when I got frustrated or something. I swear.
  7. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    How do you cry?

    Well, "She"(my GF) is the only person that can make me cry. And also some frsutrations.
  8. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh


    Practicing on guitar. And I wrote some songs. Most are secular.But I really suck at singing.
  9. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Ask A Guy

    8 Err....my girlfriend isn't really dependent. But there are so many maniacs so I have to protect her from those arse. She's a little fragile too. Have a sensitive skins. So uhmmm...I'll be there if she needs me.
  10. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Ask A Guy

    Uhh....pretty tough,you know. You look like obsessed with that guy. Don't push yourself too hard, if he still comes back to you, take time. Let's see if it will work. Anyways, what's the reason why he's dumping you?
  11. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    When was the last time you....

    A month ago. WWTLY got tripped by nothing, you just fell flat without hitting something?
  12. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    YouTube: Official Thread (Post your account and new vids here.)

    It's okay now. Thank you.
  13. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    YouTube: Official Thread (Post your account and new vids here.)

    Whut? Wait, I'll try to log-out and log-in. Or maybe it needs some time to change?What the heck?
  14. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    YouTube: Official Thread (Post your account and new vids here.)

    It's not yet fixed I think. The thread title is still, Thread: Do you have a youtube account?
  15. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    YouTube: Official Thread (Post your account and new vids here.)

    So uhmmm...little revived for this. Post your new vids if you have one.
  16. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Google Yourself!

    Tried searching my username and it's everywhere, but it's only me. lol, I'm making epicness in the interwebs.
  17. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Best gaming moment

    Blocking a buzzer-beating shot in NBA.
  18. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    The Last song you've sung?

    Start again-Sam Tsui
  19. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    When was the last time you....

    Last week. WWTLY cried?
  20. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh


    Just dual core? You have to get Quad core or i-series,dude. You have a big RAM and it's not going to be in its full speed unless you upgrade your processor.
  21. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    No real friends

    Hmmm..I don't know if I consider myself in the same position. But I hate talking thus I have no new friends, unless it's on the interwebs. Yes, many of my friends in FB are people who I met in some forums, and facebook itself. In School, I only talk with few people, 2-5 persons, and those are my close friends. Being bullied destroyed my reputation on that school, so I have to stay with those close friends. Anyways, to keep friends. I don't know, try doing weird stuffs they like.lol. Sorry, I suck at suggesting things. Oh,oh,oh...choose your friends wisely. True friends keep in touch with you, no matter how shy you are.
  22. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Ask A Guy

    Arms? Nope. My girlfriend is a little bit hiary "Balbon in tagalog". Don't care, I get used to it anyways.haha. Armpit? HELL YES!
  23. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Ask A Guy

    We don't have a prom so I don't know. I think you'll just hurt him.:/
  24. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    How did you meet your girlfriend/wife?

    I met my girlfriend when I was in Grade 5, I was a transferry back then. No talks before though until last July. Yeah, I was so down before, so did she. And there.
  25. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Defining Love

    I answered this on our essay. Love is unexpected and unexplainable. It comes when you least expect it...long storu short, God has a perfect time for you and that person. He will give it to you.