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    Do you have a Girl Bestfriend?

    ^MU=mutual understanding. Or so they say.
  2. I'm studying on a Christian school. So yeah, most of the girls are better than the one outside of the school. and Philippines has the best girls!LOL. jokes. But it's just my opinion. I hate hot girls, not into it. There's no hot girls here, well, some, JUST SOME! But here in the Philippines, it's other way around, you can't find a nice guy, even in my school. I, too, have flaws.
  3. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Do you have a Girl Bestfriend?

    ^Same here. *coughmostboyscarebulliescough* We fought about something, which I don't have any idea, yesterday. Then everybody suddenly was angry at me. Maybe because I went with my crush because she lost on a deal and she should treat me. That's the problem. Like last school year, I had this MU with a girl, but I STOPPED it, and she said she wanted me to go her house because she will give something to me. Then here's my BF again, she stopped me.
  4. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Masturbating in PUBLIC!

    Have you tried to masturbate in PUBLIC? You know, School's CR, Mall's CR, Friend's house CR? I tried it last year. But worse, my classmates also did it, 3 guys, masturbating in our school's CR. I dunno, I don't join those tguys, if I masturbate, I masturbate alone. LOL! It's privace, darn it. So yeah, what do you think?
  5. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Masturbating in PUBLIC!

    And I forgot to tell you, I just did it cuz' I was BORED, VERY VERY BORED! I was late that time, and I was the only guy in the room, everybody was in the chapel, I went to the CR, and did it.
  6. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Masturbating in PUBLIC!

    Heck! I already stopped! I did it once, but my classmates did it like more than 5 times. But they also stopped. I know it's gross. CR means Comfort room by the way, if you still don't know. It's an alternative word of Restroom.
  7. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    How far is too far?

    Sex when you're not married is bad. That's just my opinion. If you ASK your GF to BJ you, and she accepts it. What would you feel? If I were you, I would feel awkward. That ain't a Christian doing, even both of you love each other, it's just too far. Another one, after doing it for the first time, I bet you're going to be addicted on it. It's A SIN.
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    I know this is a girl talk.. But I think you need to talk to your mom, just like what Jess posted. You're just like my friend's mom, she's very protective that her daughter is starting to hate her. But don't do that, don't rebel.
  9. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Confused about my Faith

    It's not about religion, it's about your FAITH to God... Okay, so yeah. Some teachings of Catholics are false, IMO. Seriously, monument/statue/etc...it's just wrong, and mama mary? That's just wrong. About the baptism, they are right, it doesn't erase sin. You can, at least, uhmmm...make it as a note if you're not sure what you're doing.
  10. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Lack of Youtube is killing me

    Open MF->Go to options->advanced-->nextwork-->just tweak it, but try no proxy first.
  11. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Lack of Youtube is killing me

    720P! Gutz! But if it loads fine, then go. But if it's not try Mozilla Firefox. Or...search on google. Maybe the proxy? Do you have an account there?
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    Holy MOLEY! 2TB! Never thought there's such HDD. 512Video card, though. Make it 1GB!) @aqua: I know that feeling. I have this old PC, its specs: Pentium 4 2.4ghz 1GB ram(It WAS 248MB) 64MB video card 80GB HD I was suffering to slow startups until I upgraded my ram...and it buffers the video on youtube faster than my laptop. Windows XP
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    Writing! (Fiction!)

    I was writing a story before. But now I'm only writing short stories and post it on youtube. I like writing fiction, but the plot always seem to mess up everytime I add a chapter.
  14. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Just watched toy story 3...And wow! It was epic!
  15. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh


    ^ROFLOLMAO! But I stopped...kinda.)
  16. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh


    I'm a persistent guy. So yeah, when I ask someone who's their crush, I won't stop unless they tell me.
  17. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh


    LOL Bacon-n-Eggs.
  18. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    to love or to be loved

    1st one: I don't like to be inlove in a girl who loves me back first. It's kinda awkward. So yeah, it's better if I'm the one who will chase the girl and let her fall in love with me. 2nd one: I'm not sure. It's really hard to say.
  19. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Feeling isolated

    Hmmm...what does CUNY mean? And, is your school a Christian school?
  20. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Getting out of a bad situation...

    Where's the poll? anyways, why not talk to him? You know, have an open forum if you're classmates.
  21. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    YouTube: Official Thread (Post your account and new vids here.)

    I'm thinking of a plot for a short Christian story...again. Can't seem to find one. But I think one, but it's kinda a love story, but yeah. I'll try to connect it.
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    What do you mean? Haha...
  23. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Drinking problem

    My dad said he would force me to drink alcohol when I'm in my 4th year, since I'm not that fat, I'm thin. Anyways, he said it in a good way, he's a Christian too, uhmm... What I mean in the good way is that he would force me to drink so I'd eat plenty. Hopefull, I won't be addicted on it.
  24. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Lust problems...?

    I feel good when I posted it here. I never told it to anyone, yeah. I lie to my classmates, they are just, you know, they really like porn. How Ironic that they're studying at a Christian School. TSK. Maybe I can find some software that blocks a website.xD
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    You can search one...hmmm, about Tupac and Michael Jackson.