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    Jesus I believe in you and i would go to the ends of the Earth!

    Nice to meet you all! Who's from Philippines here?
  2. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Show your post?

    Thanks! I'm not used at this kind of forum.
  3. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    The Meaning of Life

    That was funny!
  4. ajhshajdjadjjadjadjjdh

    Final Dawn

    Thanks! Chapter 1 will be here tomorrow. Soory if there are wrong grammar, I'm still improving it.
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    Thanks! But it's pretty hard, I'm also praying for them but it seems they really don't want God to enter their life. Can i ask a question?
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    Top 5 games?

    Top 5 1. Final Fantasy IX 2. NBA 2ksports 3. Final Fantasy VII 4. Phoenix Wrigh 5. Digimon World
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    Writing! (Fiction!)

    I love making stories though I didn't even finish one, i always end up in chapter 4-6 and I can't think of any ideas. I love to write Love stories, RPG, and the next story I will write after I finish my story "Final dawn" is a story of a christian.