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  1. Is it annoying when a girl is really sweet and tries to be nice to everybody?

    Do you like making food for girls sometimes or prefer they make food for you?

    1.) Not if she's already have a boyfriend. That would be odd. But being nice would do, but sweet, really odd.

    2.) Both.? But I prefer a girl that I love make food for me.:)

  2. Hmmm...another one...Don't you feel awkward when you're wearing short shorts and some people look at you?

    I told my girlfriend not to wear short shorts/shorts when going outside because her skin is white(we are brown, most filipino.) cuz' most guys look at him and saying "PSSST" which kinda scary. I'm overprotective.

  3. Guys with sisters, how are you with your sister?

    I just ask because my older brother is confusing and drives me nuts.

    And he has said things that are very hurtful but sometimes he is nice and wants to hang out with me but he doesn't opologise. And I know my brother loves me cause he is human and not evil but I don't know if he even likes me or thinks I'm just a pain or what.

    And I just wonder if this is normal and how most guys interact with their sisters.

    I would apreciate your advice:)

    I have an older sister. She's a bit hot-tempered. We're not that close except if she asks me to do something on her laptop. Uh...she's nice if she's with friends. a little bit not if with me. I guess I annoy her too much. But we had our laugh moments. Well, if I kid a little.

  4. Haha thanks for answering guys but just one thing,

    Platonic means just friends not that you don't know them:D

    I meant if you have a female freind your not romantically involved with how do you refer to her affectionately?

    Would you ever give her a nick name or call her something like dear?

    Or would you talk to them the same as male friends?

    Just call them in their real name or sometimes "Psst"

  5. Guys, do you like when girls call you "cute"? (Ex: You do or say something and a girl - maybe a friend - says, "Oh, you're so cute!")

    I'll be flattered. But I know it's not true. And it's kinda awkward because everybody will tease you.

    It shouldn't make a difference if her friends are guys or girls.

    Of course naturally guys get jealous if 'their girl' is hanging out with another guy a lot but I certainly wouldn't expect her to change her friends based on their gender.

    I'm fine with his gay friends. But guy friends? Not that much. Especially, if she had a crush on that guy before.

    Guys, what terms do you use to refer to girls to expres romantic affection vs. platonic affection????

    And how do you treat female friends vs. male friends??

    Do you talk to male or female friends more about your problems?

    Do you feel the same about your male and female friends???

    If you go off Christian standards for appropriate behavior, what's the difference between girlfriends and friends who are girls?????

    Just curious.

    1.) In Relationship: Calling her baby...Baby Koala ko(In english, my baby koala.) This weird ll Girl I don't know: Miss..? or pssst.

    2.) With boys: Can swear anytime. With girls: Talkative but ain't swearing

    3.) I talk to female friends. Male friends are just not trustable enough. They will laugh at you most of the time.

    4.) I guess so.

    5) I spend more time with my girlfriend.

  6. How do I know what a male friend thinks or feels about me??

    If he talks about his problems to me does what does that mean if anything??

    Are akward moments a good or bad sign??

    Not that it matters much at this point but I haven't had many male friends so I just wonder cause guys are a bit confusing to me sometimes.

    Ps we only talk through email.

    Talking to email is just not right...I guess? If the guy likes you, he will go shy to you and avoid you if you're in the same room. It's really awkward. I've been there and we didn't get that close IRL..just in Facebook and text.

  7. I just tickled my GF's legs the last time we saw each other. She has sensitive skin. I just did it a little and stopped, it made me look like a rapist or some sort. How about hugging? Tight hugs,etc. Will hormones go crazy too? One time I kiss my gf in the lips, then the next day I have a freakin' flu and have LBM(Not sure if you know it but it's a sickness which you're stomach is not working properly like a diarrhea.) it took some days before I recover then she said, it might be your hormone...getting excited. I was like "Eh...?"

  8. Best combination would be.


    Nod32(I have this)+Iobit 360 security+malwarebytes= Scanning all of them. Malwarebytes and Iobit is a fast scanning type of programs, you'll love it.

    Spybot is kinda old.

  9. Any! Haha. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edtion,Maxim, Cosompolitan,and those ones wrapped in plastic with photoshopped butts on them that you find gas stations and grocery stores. Do you look away? Go to another check out counter? Ignore them?

    I personally turn them around backwards....

    Glance a little bit(You can't avoid it, it's infront of you.), then look away.