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    Heyy, my name is SEan, i love God. i like to play guitar and bass alot and music has always been a big role in my life. i love to make new friends wherever i go and i joke around a whole lot. im a funnn person to be around and il make you feel welcome to anyplace. im myself. get to know me
  1. Blakfox00


    LOL instead of the shoulder, i would just tear off the top of the salt shaker and sprinkle it alllll over and then pretend its snow (because mind you, these salt shakers never run out, theyre magical) sooo you just tip that thing upsidedown and BAMM!!! you have snow ladies and gentlemen, except...its still salt.........works for my imagination at least
  2. Blakfox00

    What's your favorite version of the Bible?

    Lol i just find the NIV to work best for me, and if there is something that i actually need to check up on i just go to blueletterbible.com and check alllllll the versions i want
  3. hey so ive been sailing for a number of years, in an earlier post almost a year ago i stated how i was doing with my jet sprint boat racing, and as of now i am no longer doing that. i have gone back to competitively racing sailboats. my boat of choice is a Laser. just wanted to see if anyone else out there sails or maybe even races.
  4. Blakfox00


    http://www.tufat.com/s_flash_chat_chatroom.htm now i know that flashchat was what we had before, and quick question (is that one it ?) once i know i can ask some of my high up there friends for programs, and i actually have been working on a chat in my recent years(still a long way to go though) il see what i can find for us
  5. Blakfox00

    Does anyone remember Frogger?

    FROGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOMEST GAME (not quite anymore but ok) i always loved dying tho, especially in this one version that they made for fun, when the frog gets hit he practically blows up in front of whatever hits him, i thought it was great
  6. Blakfox00

    Does everyone agree that NFS Underground 2 is a Classic?

    Its really all about the first one but whatever, Mazda Miata !!!!
  7. Blakfox00


    i used to play that game a looooonngg time ago, i dont think when it first came out but really early in its days. i left it as i got older but i was like level 35 i think
  8. Blakfox00

    FIFA World Cup 2010

    Uruguay, my home country beat South Africa today. 3-0 1st. pop up kick to the goal right over the defender 2nd. red card to South African goalie for tripping the Uruguayso player. result penalty kick 3rd. centered from the right side and head butted in. woot. sick game. Uruguay may not have the best team, they definitely have a nice history for getting really close and usually being in the top 4 teams. im gonna put in my two cents on Uruguay being in 3rd or 4th place. Uruguay will do very well this year. I'm praying that they beat Mexico so that i can bury all my friends. (California is like the second Mexico) viva Uruguay. Forlan is #1 player.
  9. Blakfox00


    lol yayyy make us the cake!!! i was debating whether i should hire you or the cakeboss guy, i think im gonna go with you considering that the guy asks a couple grand for his cakes. they doo look good though. thank you maddie for the respectable post. means alot.
  10. Blakfox00


    lol absolutely right. <we have been together in real life for a bit, separate from ctf> <couple issues happened with maddie and my parents. my parents didnt want me dating then, so i had to drop it. got a bit annoyed so i paid them rent to have them ease up. it was pretty messy. lol i still pay rent. things were never the same. im proud to say that maddie is a good friend to me and i dont think she has any hard feelings toward me. she is very cool in my book. doesnt matter what anyone else says>
  11. OK OK so nobody knows anything of this until right now, but, im gonna CTF marry Amber! AKA MadeToLove10 I have been attached to her ever since the first day that we started talking, and even though in the begining it didnt really work out the way that i entirely planned, she finally warmed up to me and i can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that i love her very much. now i know that there are some people on the site that are skeptical of CTF marraiges and online dating/relationships, but i feel differently about it. i think its alright. i also know that it works, having a few friends that have succesfully done it before. moving on though, i must say that i pray everyday that this relationship will work out and i surely trust my God for the guidance that i need. this isnt something that will last two months, but i will strive to make this last forever. she is worth all the effort that i could possibly give to her and she deserves all the love i have in my heart (except the space for God ) i am not afraid to commiting myself to her. i love you Amber.
  12. Blakfox00

    Laptop Choices

    first off let me just say that in this messed up world, technology is being held up because of huge corporations such as Microsoft and Apple. people shouldnt be flocking behind banners. id venture out to say that money is the main reason why we dont have better stuff out there right now. if someone posts after me asking for an explanation of this statement, i will gladly do so, but in another topic. my point across for this topic will continue. Linux Rules Forever and runs laps around microsoft and apple. wooot! i HAVE used just about every operating system out there and i must say that Windows 7 is such a great improvement over Vista, and XP is GOLD because of all the compatibility that it has with everything out there. BUT people complain all the time about viruses. viruses, viruses, viruses. and this IS true, windows will always have them, as stated before here. This shouldnt scare anyone though, with the proper knowledge and a few simple tricks you can be NEARLY virus free. the reason why i say nearly is because: If you have a computer with Windows... and it is plugged into the internet jack... YOU HAVE A VIRUS... and i can bet a ton of money that ANY user here... that has Windows... also has a virus. if you minimize this small little hurdle, PCs are a much better choice than Macs. im not dissing Mac btw, i just think that people go stupidly GAGA over something that isnt too special. compared side by side to a PC, Macs arent too different, however, your price tag is VERY VERY different. you will spend so much needlessly by buying a Mac, its not even funny. if you were to spend the same amount on a PC that you do on a Mac, you would have a killer computer. another thing is this, Macs require you to buy APPLE stuff and APPLE stuff ONLY. If you want to change something like adding more ram to your computer, you take it to the Apple store and you have to pull 300 bucks from your (_______) <-----Fill In the blank there whereas with PCs you can just go to the store buy 2 gbs of ram IF you even need it for less than 60 bucks and just pop it into that sucker. compatability is the best friend you can have. you can change anything you want if you need to. any program can run, any file can be opened. its just magical. this is the ultimate advantage that PCs have over Macs. dont let the virus thing scare you, just watch where you go and you will be in excellent shape as for a great laptop, dont go with Vista, use Windows 7, i think its the standard right now anyways. the new Dell Studios are pretty nice as mentioned above. get the best rated one. ~Blakfox00
  13. Blakfox00

    Vista users!

    a great thing to have around on your computer if you are suffering from heat problems is SpeedFan. its a small program that will basically tell you everything you need to know about your computer (heatwise) it will tell you, the temperature of a few things such as Fan Speed, Core Processor Temperatures, Overall Temperatures, Hard Drive Speed and Temperature etc. with a program like this, you can monitor all of the above, and IF you need to, you can even change the fan speeds on your computer to maximize cooling and ensure that you wont shutdown again. also you could potentially look at it beforehand and prevent a shutdown. i would say that your optimal temperature should be around 40 degrees celsius. if its around 45-50c its OK, any higher than that and i would be concerned you might wanna try getting a cooling plate for your laptop if it is necessary. before buying one, make sure this stuff DOESNT WORK. because i dont want you to buy anything you dont need. hey while youre at it, you might wanna check up with windows and see if you need any updates. sometimes software can become obsolete after a little while. just be safe. vista is pretty much user friendly but if you need anymore help, tips or tutorials just pm me. <Blakfox00
  14. Blakfox00

    Vista users!

    Unfortunately, Windows Vista, is not the greatest system, and it is a fairly bloated and slow system when you get it from a store. most people like to keep really messy computers. if you want your computer to live longer, youre just going to have to learn how to keep it clean. as for the problem you have. ummm check out your BIOS settings, you MIGHT have a small issue with them. go to BIOS settings, then go to Harddisk menu select the IDE. By default it will most likely be AHCI which supports Sata harddisks. Just change that option with the IDE. your problem will get solved. ohhhh wait a sec, i got it. ok i used to have this same issue a very long time ago, back with windows XP. this IS a heat issue, you might not have had your computer for very long, but you could be using it in a really dusty area or its not getting enough ventilation. most newer computers can protect themselves by shutting off. 1st Step, Clean that baby out! shoot the dust cleaner into it and make sure its not being restricted anywhere. a good clean up job can reduce as much as 10Degrees. 2nd Step, dont run too many programs at once such as Movie Maker and such. these programs use a ton of processing power and can eat your computer alive if you dont watch it. 3rd Step, find a better spot. give your pc space to breath, dont treat it like you are putting a pillow over its face. HEAT is one of the biggest enemies of any electronics. Heat can melt wires, burn processors, destroy anything you call valuable basically. try clean it out every few months.
  15. Blakfox00

    Jet Sprint Boat Racing

    LOL i think im gonna hafta find a way to close this topic cuz i dont race these boats anymore if a mod could help me with that i would really appreciate it