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  1. Werner

    Suicidal Friend :(

    A friend of mine just told me of her suicidal friend "anthony." please pray for him as he goes through this hard time and that the lord will guide those around his life.
  2. Werner

    Help me stop old habits

    Say it in the name of the Lord, and you are Free Indeed!
  3. A group of people from my Church are on a mission trip in the phillipines, They were having an outreach service yesterday. A 15 year old boy dedicated his life to god during the service and Got saved. As they left the service the boy got hit by a car and died. Please pray for those around the incident that God will strengthen them and seround them in peace. <3
  4. The whole thread is about me doing that 2000 times and it still not working...
  5. Like them allot my only critic or comment would be. More exposure time, and Tripod... If the flowers are moving then set a quicker shutter speed if possible,an increase the exposure on Photoshop or something similar Well done.
  6. If you read the post, I haven done that. And yess.. apple is makes me want to cry..
  7. Werner

    Dreams about Demons

    I've had similar/different experiences with demonic things... All I can reccomend you is keep praying, and when it happens command these evils to move away from your life... e.g. "In the name of Jesus I command all evil to leave and be condemned to hell"
  8. My iphone randomly stuffed up, it is stuck on the Apple Logo, and currently I can get it into the restore mode by holding the sleep and home buttom method connected to itunes.. However, once it is in Itunes, when I click restore, it loads for a few seconds and then gives me Error 1603. I have done everything that apple recomends to fix this error and nothing changes... I don't know what to do anymore. I cannot take it to a store to get fixed because the glass is cracked on the front and they refuse to fix it. PLEASE HELP!
  9. Thanks for your response some good points to mention.
  10. Once again, for my blog I have two questions; 1) Why is Tradition important in the Catholic Church? 2) What are some crucial beliefs that set Catholics Apart from others? Thanks
  11. Werner


    126, quit 2 years ago. Game isn't fun anymore
  12. Werner

    Reformed Church

    Thank you so much, my parents and I have always attended Reformed churches, however I attend another church at the moment. Thanks for posting the clear differences, makes a week of research much easier.
  13. hehe, I love how clearly god speaks to us sometimes.
  14. The cross, it's the symbol of God's undying, unfailing love. That's what this whole "Religion" is about anyway. Jesus loves us, and we choose to honour that through remember the Cross.
  15. Werner

    The real work of prayer...

    Yeh, prayer is more than vomiting out words... It's a conversation <3