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    I'm Haley. I'm a Christian and former Counselor/Moderator here on CTF. I'm a missionary.

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  1. HaleyGirl16

    Hi hi hi! (Random life update)

    I love all of y'all too!
  2. HaleyGirl16

    Hi hi hi! (Random life update)

    Haha thank you, I'm a total Pentaholic so i think so too. I'll definitely check them out. we'll talk soon, hopefully! I'm not sure at the moment. My church sponsors missionaries in Ecuador so I've prayed about working with them some this summer. I'm also praying about going to Thailand or India with a group called Nehemiah Teams. And of course a return to Guatemala is never out of the question. still praying about it.
  3. Heeeeey everyone!! So, it's been TOO long since I've been active here. But just a quick life update for anyone I know that's still here: In school: -I'm currently a full time college student, I have 16 hours per semester. -I passed my first semester with a 4.0 (straight A's) and made the "President's List" at the college which is the highest academic honor at the institute. -I also passed my NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) at the basic level, so I am now a United States certified Basic Emergency Medical Technician. (For people unfamiliar with EMTs, I'm an ambulance worker.) -This semester I'm taking my Advanced EMT classes, after (hopefully) passing I will have to take another NREMT exam to get my Advanced license. #stressed In life: - I'm a sunday school teacher at my church for the pre-school class (2-5 years). - My hair is really long again, mostly because I'm too lazy & too busy to get it cut. - I've developed an undying obsession for the a capella group Pentatonix. If you don't know who they are you've probably been living under a rock & need to go to youtube & listen to them. Trust me, you will thank me. -I own and read an ESV Bible although I still love my KJV -I'm looking at going on another international mission trip this year. I'll update if I ever find when & where. That's pretty much it. I'm swamped & busy & stressed & tired pretty much all the time, but God is blessing me & I'm beginning to see big dreams come true. I'm 1 & 1/4 steps closer to my goal of being a Flight Paramedic (that's a paramedic on a helicopter). & Almost 2 steps closer to being a full time missionary (domestic & international). So, I love & miss you all (assuming I know you & if I don't know you HELLO) and maybe some day when it's not 1:15am I'll come back & chat a while. Oh & shout out to the people who voted for me as Most Missed Member in the boardies this year. It's super cool to know I haven't been forgotten! In Christ, -Haley
  4. HaleyGirl16

    Boardies 2014 Results!

    So I got on just to lurk, read the results & saw I tied (with several members) for most member. How sweet I love & miss a bunch of y'all too!!
  5. Hey all, I don't really get on here much anymore, but I was bored & not sleepy or busy so I figured I stop by and say hey to everyone. So quick life update: As of last month I'm home from the mission field. The year I spent there was amazing. I'm still trying to adjust to being home. I'm already looking at some definite possibilities of international & domestic missions in the next year or so. I'll be starting the process of becoming a licensed EMT (emergency medicial technician) in the fall. Should take about a year or so to complete my schooling & hospital rotations. I plan to use it both as my job & to open doors for medical missions in 3rd world countries. I'm also focusing on working with the children's church & youth groups @ my home church. I'm excited to see what God does there. Well, that's about it. Hope y'all are all doing well, and for those who don't remember/know me search my username & posts for the past few threads leading up to this update In Christ, -Haley
  6. HaleyGirl16


    Anyone else love Pentatonix? I just recently discovered them in November, and I love them. For those of you who are unfamiliar, they're the season 3 Sing-Off winners. An accapella (spelling?) group made up of 5 members. They do covers and originals. But yeah, anyone like em? Heard of em? Or another accapella (again, spelling?) group you like/love??
  7. HaleyGirl16

    Do you Believe Catholics are Christians??

    Do I believe Catholics are Christians? I know several Cathoics both here and in my personal life. I am close with an ex-Catholic who left Catholicism roughly 10 years ago because she believes the Catholic church is not Christian. I'm also friends with a family of Catholics who are very devout, attend mass every week, only fish on Friday, go to confession, ect ect. And I believe their doing it all because they believe in Jesus Christ and his salvation the same as I do. Now, on a personal level I have multiple serious issues with the Catholic Church. Praying to saints and Mary, confession, their doctrine of communion and purgatory, just to name a few. All of those raise serious issues for me. No offense to any Catholic's here, but I don't believe such practices are Biblical. That said, while I have issues with the Catholic church, I believe all of those things are secondary issues. They don't hinge on whether or not someone can be saved. I believe salvation is by grace through faith alone. I don't care if you're Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, or undetermined Christ follower. If you believe that Jesus died on a cross for your sins, rose again on the 3rd day, and you pray and ask Jesus Christ to be your savior and forgive your sins, then you're saved regardless of your label. That's all that's necessary to be a Christian, is to make the move on faith to recieve Christ's grace and forgiveness and be a follower of him. Now my question is, do Catholics do that? If the answer is yes, than yes they are Christians. If the answer is no, then Biblically speaking I don't see how they possibly could be. The kicker tho, is from what I've heard, that answer varies widely from Catholic to Catholic. Some I've talked to seem to have an almost Protestant view of salvation, grace by faith, pray and repent, ask Jesus to save you. Some trust in the teachings of and the works of the church to bring them the grace of God and a personal relationship with him, believing that anything outside of those teachings and sacraments are not sufficent for salvation. And then there is a world of other thoughts inbetween those two views. Based on what I've read, seen, heard, and discussed with Catholic's I know personally; Catholicism is about 50-50. If you trust in Jesus to save you thru grace by your faith in him, then you're saved and yes you're a Christian. If you trust in the sacraments of the church, going to confession, and being a "good Catholic" to save you without ever taking that step of faith to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then no you're not saved and therefore not a Christian. So my thought on the subject. I believe the question "Are Catholics Christians?" is flawed. That's like asking Are Baptists Christians or are Pentecostals Christians? Not all Catholics are Christians, just like all Baptists aren't, all Methodists aren't, ect ect. A Christian is a follower of Christ. A follower of Christ is someone who has accepted Jesus' death, burial, and ressurection as the only way to salvation and, having recognized their need, have asked Jesus Christ to forgive them and be their Savior. Regardless of your denominational doctrine or label or what church you attend, if you've done that then you're a Christian. If you haven't, then Biblically speaking you cannnot be a Christian. That's the only way of salvation, Catholic or not.
  8. HaleyGirl16


    If I name all of my allergies I'll have to make 3 posts. But for a few: Severely, SEVERELY allergic to latex and anything with latex in it. Like, for example, you could touch a latex glove, touch the keyboard I'm typing on, and then me touch the keyboard and have an allergic reaction. If I actually come in contact with the product itself I have a major reaction and I've suffered through anaphylaxis on more than one occasion because of the latex allergy. Spent many a nights in the hospital I have. When you said this had happened at restaurants I was immediately thinking latex allergy, because some restaurants use latex gloves when they prepare the food and if someone has a latex allergy, that cross contamination can cause a reaction. Could stll be the case with it happening at home, coming into contact with something else, but highly unlikely unless your family uses latex gloves to fix your food. Food wise: Bananas, kiwi, avacado, strawberries (which sucks because I used to love strawberries) and walnuts. Bananas, avacados, and walnuts will cause me to go into anaphylaxis if I eat them or eat something that has been contaminated by them. Kiwi and strawberries are still rough, but not quite as extreme. I'm not allergic to caffiene, but it makes me really sick so I have to have everything caffiene free as well. I have a list of allergies to medicine that a show dog couldn't jump over. Penicillin and all of it's relatives, anything with sulfer (or sulfa or however it's spelled), anything with latex (obviously), anything with codiene, anything with caffiene (like sudafed or excedrin) and some that we don't really know why I'm allergic to them but I am. My doctor hates to see that I need an antibiotic because he's extremely limited on what he feels safe to give me. Also allergic to bee/wasp/hornet stings, cats, dogs, and most trees and grasses. Spring and summer aren't the most fun time of my life... -___- Now, to your problem. Fried foods, sauces (like duck sauce, soy sauce, ect) and other things can contain peanuts or tree nuts. Many fried foods in restaurants are cooked in peanut oil or even if they're cooked with vegetable oil they may be cross contaminated with peanut oil, peanuts, or tree nuts (walnuts, cashews, almonds, ect). So you may be allergic to either peanuts or tree nuts. Even in your home if you're not thinking about cross contamination, you could cook with one thing that you didn't know contained *insert offending nut here* and then have your food cross contaminated with an allergen simply by not wiping down a surface or reading ingredient labels. The other thing I'm thinking it could be is a gluten allergy. Gluten is found in grain products, mostly wheat. It's used in a lot of stuff, from sauces to fried foods to soups. Basically anything that contains bread, flour, or wheat has gluten in it unless it says gluten free. Again, cross contamination is a big issue here. Because gluten is in so much stuff, cross contamination is almost assured if you're not looking to stay away from it. If this is the case you'd need to switch to a gluten free diet. Ok so I have a couple tips for you: Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I dont' claim to be a doctor. This is not medical advice that is meant to diagnose or treat you. This is simply advice from one allergy sufferer to another, based on my knowledge of allergies and their workings, and based on what I've done to avoid my allergens after talking with my doctor and under medical care and supervision. 1. YOU NEED TO GET ALLERGY TESTED! Point blank, period. Yes, I get it, you don't like doctors. Your parents don't like doctors. Understood. And I'm not saying this to scare you but you're really not going to like doctors if you end up having to deal with them in an ER or ICU unit because you went into anaphylaxic shock. Allergies that are left undiagnosed and untreated tend to get worse with more exposure. What's itchy hives and uncomfortable heat with this exposure could turn into low blood pressure and your throat swollen shut with the next exposure. I know this for a fact. I was diagnosed allergic to walnuts through allergy testing when I was 15. It was mild enough and I liked walnuts in brownies or granola bars so I would eat them anyway. Less than 8 months after I was diagnosed, I ate a little over half a brownie that had walnuts in it. My throat closed up and I couldn't breathe. I spent almost 3 days in the hospital as a result. Now I have to read labels like crazy, and avoid anything that says "May contain tree nuts" because if that tree nut is a walnut then it will make me really sick. Immunological response to an allergen gets worse the more you're exposed to it. So you need to get allergy tested to see what you're allergic to and how to avoid it. Especially since it's food allergy related, as those can cause particularly severe reactions. This step, if you read nothing else I wrote, needs to happen. Knowing is the first step to avoiding, and with allergies avoiding is the first step to safety. 2. Talk to your doctor about an Epi-Pen. In case you don't know what those are, they are these magnificent little tubes that contain epinephrine, adrenaline, steroids, and anti-histamines. A little cocktail of all the stuff they use to treat allergies at the ER. If you eat something that causes a severe reaction and you need medical attention, you (or someone else if you pass out or whatever) take the top off and someone jabs it into your thigh till it clicks. Then it's like giving a shot. It helps keep everything under control long enough to seek emergency medical attention. They aren't fun, but if you do end up developing a major allergy to something they can be life saving. And if you get allergy tested and come back with positive results, your doctor or allergist may write you a prescription for one anyway. 3. Read labels on EVERYTHING that you possibly put in your mouth. Whether you think it may cause your problems or not, whether you've eaten it without incident in the past or not, whether you even think you'll be eating it or not. If it's going into your cabinet, treat it like it's going into your mouth and read the ingredient label. This will help you if you have a reaction after eating something, because if it's a food allergy you'll see it on multiple offending labels. Most now contain warnings at the bottom for the common stuff. Eggs, milk, wheat, soy, peanuts/tree nuts, and some even list MSG and shellfish. Look for Contains: x,y,z-- May Contain: x,y,z-- or warnings about cross contamination like Processed on equipment shared with: x,y,z. This may or may not help you narrow down what you're allergic to, but it will be of upmost importance when you do find out for sure what it is so that you can avoid it before you even buy it. 4. Lastly, keep a food journal. Again, this helps you narrow down what foods cause problems and what they have in common with other foods that have caused problems. Write down what you ate at what meal, if you had a reaction and what kind, and any ingredients on a label that raise a red flag for whatever reason. After a week or two (sometimes less if you're having reactions often) you may very well be able to look and pinpoint what it is, or at least narrow it down to a list of a few suspicious things. After that, you can start avoiding the thing or things that you are suspicious of causing you trouble and journal your progress of whether or not it helps. Don't cut any food groups out of your diet until you talk to your doctor. Each food you eat contains nutrients, and cutting them out of your diet when you don't need to could lead to problems later. A diet change that involves cutting food or food groups out of your diet should always be discussed with a doctor first. Hope this helps T.K. and I hope you figure out what it is that's causing you problems soon! Praying for you!
  9. HaleyGirl16

    Stomach trouble

    Thankfully I'm not really hurtin anymore. I think it's just a weird stomach bug, but if I don't feel better in a day or 2, or if I start feeling any worse I'll go to the doctor. Thanks Katy!
  10. HaleyGirl16

    Stomach trouble

    So I woke up this morning with a general stomachache. Kinda nauseous, just not feeling well. I had pizza yesterday so I really didn't think much of it, just figured it didn't agree with me or whatever. As today has worn on, probably over the last 3-4 hours really, I've been feeling worse and worse. Now instead of feeling like an upset stomach, I've got a sharp pain in my lower right side. I have thrown up a couple times. Low grade fever, like maybe 100-101 degrees (fahrenheit for all you non-US folks). But the main thing is I'm hurting. Not like doubled over, excruciating pain or anything, but definitely enough to know it's there. I'm not asking anyone to play doctor or anything, but has anyone felt this way before and if so what was it? Like is it a bug or something or is it time to see a doctor? I don't have insurance so I'm trying not to go to the doctor unless I absolutely have to. But I've never had a stomachache like this before, so I figured I'd ask around. So did you just take some pain medicine or some pepto and then move on or did you need to see a doctor? And before anyone asks, NO there is absolutely, positively, 100% no possible way that I could be pregnant. I'm a virgin. Just thought I'd clear that up before everyone started asking Thanks yall!
  11. HaleyGirl16

    Guatemala trip

    Hey all!! So, as some of you know I'm leaving for a mission trip to Guatemala. I'm flying out Thursday morning & I'll be gone for a week. Super excited but also nervous as this is my first trip out of the country as well as my first time flying so it's all a little overwhelming. Your prayers are much appreciated!!
  12. HaleyGirl16

    Iphones or Androids?

    i have an iphone 4s and love it. But i also have an Elipsis 7 tablet, which is on Android operating system & i like it too.
  13. HaleyGirl16

    Merry Christmas OR Happy Holidays?

    My thoughts exactly!
  14. HaleyGirl16

    Merry Christmas OR Happy Holidays?

    I say Merry Christmas and would prefer that it was said to me. But I'm not gonna get all up in arms about it if someone says Happy Holidays. I don't like the term Merry Xmas and I don't like the term Holiday Tree tho. I'd much rather hear Happy Holidays or see it written than Merry Xmas. If you don't want to say or write Christmas, that's your business. But don't X out the Christ part please. That just doesn't sit well with me at all.
  15. HaleyGirl16

    Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Suspended

    I have an issue with the whole "A&E was within their right to suspend him" bit. I don't know his contract, so I don't know for certain if they have that right or not, but I would tend to say that I don't think they were within their right. In the interview, he was not speaking as a representative of Duck Dynasty or A&E. He was expressing his personal beliefs in response to a question that was asked of him. He wasn't filming, he wasn't on the job. He was stating his personal beliefs in an interview that was about his personal life. That would be like, if I worked at McDonalds, went home and posted on Facebook that homosexuality was sinful, if McDonalds disagreed would they have a right to fire me? I would certainly hope not! And if you can be fired from your job for expressing your opinion on a subject when you're away from a job, when and where will the line be drawn? I have a hard time believing that the Robersons would have signed a contract that prohibitted being able to express their Biblical beliefs just because they weren't in line with the standards of the network. Secondly, this has liberal & pro-gay agenda written all over it. A&E has repeatedly asked the Robertson family to remove prayer, Biblical references, and guns from the show. They have repeatedly refused. So now they "suspend" one of the members of the family for expressing (fully within his right) his beliefs. Had he made the statement that he supported homosexuality, this wouldn't be an issue. But instead, he used homosexuality and sin in the same sentence and bing, bang, boom; he's the most hateful, bigoted, anti-homosexual neo-nazi to ever be on television. His comments weren't hateful. They weren't cruel. They weren't degrading. In a nutshell, he basically said "I believe homosexuality is a sin, I'm not ashamed to tell anyone that, but I don't hate homosexuals or anyone else just because they sin differently than I do and while I disagree with their lifestyle I won't mistreat them." You would really have to twist, nick-pick, and take his comments out of context to even hope to end up with something that was hatefu toward anyone. And lastly, this was simply a bad move on A&E's part. Sure, they appeased GLADD and some of LGBT community. But at what expense? I honestly believe their ratings will drop drastically. There are several pages on Facebook with over 1 million likes each calling for boycotts of A&E and any of their merchandise. There are even people in the homosexual community that are saying "Shame on A&E" and supporting Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty clan. They weren't hurt by his comments, and while they don't agree with him, they still support his right to free speech without retribution. Apparently A&E doesn't remember the Chick-Fil-A controversy very well. That "boycott" backfired and caused the sales across the nation to sky rocket because of the support for their values and the right they have to free speech. This time, it will be the same way, only A&E will be on the backfiring end. They did this to try and make a statement, and the only thing they've proven is that they can set a double standard and be as closeminded & intolerant of differing beliefs and opinions as they are accusing Phil Robertson of being. I honestly don't believe this little stunt will end well for A&E.