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    I'm Haley. I'm a Christian and former Counselor/Moderator here on CTF. I'm a missionary.

    Voted CTF's Biggest Bible Thumper & Most Inspiring Member of 2012

    Anything else you want to know about me, just ask :)

    Chatbox conversation:
    [22-02, 23:54] *cassie*: I love haley more than Chad.
    [22-02, 23:54] Pointer: Everyone loves Haley more than Chad
    [22-02, 23:55] Pointer: Haley's job is to be loved by all
    [22-02, 23:55] TJB_GoingintoBattle: Haleykins is loved more than Chadmin

    I love you guys too lol
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    Lot's of stuff! Ask me :)
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  1. Thanks! :D I haven't been on much because I'm just getting back from my summer missionary internship and a week at Glorieta for Collegiate Week!