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  1. parkingwars


    It's funny how they are against the way it was done then become what they disagreed with It's going backward, not foward. Gj on you, man. Friday can not come soon enough.
  2. parkingwars

    How do you be humble in the evil world

    The quality of being modest, reverential, even politely submissive, and never being arrogant, contemptuous, rude or even self-abasing Too many overlook what humility actually is. It's not thinking too highly of yourself, not being afraid to laugh at yourself, knowing your strengths and weakness, and knowing that you are only human. Too many sit there trying to be "less worldly" than others and miss the point completely.
  3. Doesn't make it the right thing to do if they didn't allow the people who made the money to decide whether or not it was spent on something The people who decided didn't make it on their own. What's worse is that the parent company, which did not have CEO's that directly made the money, donated it when they are in charge of a supposedly "balanced" news network.
  4. parkingwars

    Why Rednecks May Rule the World

    You keep eating that trolling up, Jarrax. Go get 'em tiger.
  5. parkingwars

    Why Rednecks May Rule the World

    You are one lucky lady
  6. parkingwars

    What do you think of respect/submission to husbands?

    Maybe, but does it matter when the focus of Christianity is Jesus. Well, should be anyway. No, we don't. We aren't God It's almost silly that you think feminism is the source of this and other problems. It's what the exaggeration meant, and you supported it. This is not a new problem and is unrelated to a woman's "role". And for the rest you're making generalizations that aren't true in most cases. None of the reasons you gave have anything to do with feminism Please don't make things up and act like the modern average woman is a tyrannical hose-beast. It's not true and is actually a media thing you have obviously eaten right up. But this subject is strongly tied to them and you can't say it's not (which you did). You keep saying that these things are due to feminism and every bit of sociology and psychology of our modern culture fails to support you assertion. Frankly, I'm going to believe researchers qualified in the subject over some teenage girl who hasn't really lived in the real adult world and is obviously regurgitating opinions. These are subjects you should rule out because they have to do with a realm outside of the home. Education in these fields, serious education, leads to jobs for men and women alike outside of the home.
  7. Eh, the number is accurate, just that whoever drew it was terrible at symmetry
  8. parkingwars

    Beck: Help us restore traditional American values

    Probably the same way Beck "live up" to Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"
  9. parkingwars

    preacher lou rossi

    Jesus never ever hung out with rotten "patatoes"
  10. parkingwars

    Does Christian Music Really Suck?

    Most Christian music produced in the last 15 years or so is terribly cheesey
  11. parkingwars

    Why Rednecks May Rule the World

    Sad thing is that my area is prime example that the "rednecks" enjoy this aspect while whining about the rest
  12. parkingwars

    Beck: Help us restore traditional American values

    Because THOSE are the American values and "honors". That is what this goober Beck unknowingly supports every time he rants about traditional America, founding fathers, the man even goes on about Paine though it's pretty obvious by my quotations from it that he didn't read it.
  13. I would like you to take a moment and stare at my attachment then re-evaluate your statement. Now, if Fox news had donated to a democrat, socialism supporting, Wiccan politician the tune would be very different around here from many. The issue is that Fox news parent company took money that was not their private income and gave it away to someone the people who gave the money and earned the money had no say in. Unlike the community center issue, which is private citizens exercising their RIGHTS, this is an issue of people taking money that really isn't theirs and giving it to someone in order to push an agenda the people who made the money may not necessarily support.
  14. parkingwars

    What do you think of respect/submission to husbands?

    The exaggeration is is so ridiculous the point is lost. Fixed. That is a problem in our society totally unrelated to feminism. Be strong independent and educated =/= Go out and give [mod edit] in any way shape or form. My dad let my mom handle that after he stated his opinion that men do stupid things a lot and age doesn't change it (in a semi joking way of course). My dad doesn't want to know who I'm doing or what we're doing and lo and behold I am not a [mod edit] They are few and far between and I would say that their problems are related to a lack of respect between the two parents, not feminism. Yay for misplaced blame! You can be a feminist and still respect and love your husband with all your heart. The two are not mutually exclusive. This thread *is* about them. It's about how they view women, their wives, how they treat them, what their thought process is. Please don't be so ignorant.It was written by a man. Out goes accounting, basic business skills, understanding credit, understanding the government, understanding advanced science and math, health care professions, etc.Sorry, basic skills are needed in everything I listed above for men AND women.
  15. So do you agree that just because some things are "legal" doesn't mean they should be done?