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    Sick of this world, sick of this life, nothing to life for but love.
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    exploring, cycling, making, photography

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  1. hey, winterlong will you marry me?

  2. winterlong

    Picture Post

    'If in doubt pinky out'
  3. winterlong

    the CTF decline

    I like being on CTF it sticking only to CTF, I can't remember when I first joined, 2006 or something. It's just how things happen It doesn't appear to be very 'happening' because your CTF friends arent here anymore, or they make friends on CTf and then become Facebook friends. It always happens now and then you look back at 'the good old days' it hasn't changed, you're just using the site differently than how you use to and not connecting and forming friendships with people.
  4. winterlong

    New CTF Engagment

    Pics or gt*o
  5. Jesus wants you on the internet.
  6. winterlong

    So -L-ong CTF!

    Adios Matthew! #d2c978a
  7. Willllllll~!

  8. winterlong

    Picture Post

    Indeed I decree it is acceptable, for it is truth
  9. winterlong

    Picture Post

    Sexalicious! You're beautiful.
  10. winterlong

    Friend in crash

    Thanks for the support guys, thought I'd just post an update, unfortunately he didn't make it
  11. winterlong

    Friend in crash

    Hey can you guys please pray for a close friend who was in a head on car crash yesterday morning, Still in the intensive care unit, I was told it was just a matter of time for him to stop breathing as there's significant brain injury. It's a horrible way for anyone to leave...
  12. winterlong


    Once mastering accelerating and taking corners at speed, there's being able to shift gears whilst eating a cheeseburger, texting and smoking a cigarette. Then you're a pro driver
  13. winterlong

    Picture Post

  14. I judge everyone on the internet by their psuedonym
  15. Don't become more than friends, you'll save yourself unhappiness later