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    I was born. I Haven't died yet. Whatever happens to occur between these two major events are either highly suspicious and/or embarrassing and therefore not worth mentioning here.
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  1. Happy birthday! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Jess!

  3. I sorry Jess you are still my buddeh :hug:

  4. *sigh* First time getting on here in forever. I totally lurked your page and was going to say something romantical when I forgot you divorced me. :c Miss you, Evan!

  5. HAHAHA!I love your avatar.I hate computers.

  6. hi mom! lolz! I just wanna say that I miss u and I hope ur doing well!

  7. Aww... Your fam will miss you very much. Lol! Well, I hope you're having an amazing time at college! :D

  8. Dear Jessica, <3 u 2!

  9. I feel horrid right now, I'm totally not seeing it! Is it your hair??

  10. Silly Wifey doesnt notice obvious shiny

  11. Dear Daughter,

    Mommy misses you and is off at college, gettin an edyoukayshun so that I may provide for the family. I love you!!