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    Cousin It!

    Ok, I just tried shaving down there...it wasn't fun. It hurt like crap. It took FOREVER. And it just looks creepy now, not "taller". I'm just going to let nature take it's course and not disturb it....
  2. chris94


    This is a little weird, but i know there has to be other guys out there that have these same thoughts... 1. Do you think it is Biblically ok to be around other guys (that you are not related to) in just underwear (of any kind) or less? (by this, i mean like when you have friends over for the night, some people choose to sleep in very light or no clothing, and i want to know if this is ok.) 2. Is it ok for guys to go "skinny dipping" around each other or alone? (and i do not mean any of this in a homosexual way, i just mean that i live in the south US and it tends to get really hot during the summer, and it just feels a lot better and more comfortable to ditch the clothes and just jump in the pool or whatever, even if there are other guys around). Please help me decide on whether these are ok or not... and please, if possible, provide Biblical evidence to support your answer(s). Thanks so much!
  3. chris94

    Cousin It!

    ok, little awkward, but i have some questions... 1. I've always considered shaving down there, but i am worried that if i do not like it, will i be able to just let it grow back, or will it come back weirdly?? 2. I am starting to grow chest and stomach hair way ahead of others my age and am thinking about shaving it, but i am worried about the same problem... will it grow back normally if i do not like it? ok, that's pretty much all my questions... thanks!!!
  4. chris94

    Praying in boxers..

    That's interesting because I have had the same thing happen before. I feel a little awkward for whatever reason, but not so much now that I've read these comments. It's kind of weird though, because I pray in the shower all the time, but praying outside of the shower in boxers or less just feels a little weird to me... although I don't think it really matters.