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    Tim Hawkins!

    Who else loves Tim Hawkins!?
  2. Holiness Princess

    Tim Hawkins!

    My Favorite Bible verse is the best one!
  3. Holiness Princess

    My Aunt was healed!

    So, my aunt had a massive heart attack. The Doctors told her that only 12 percent of her heart was actually working. She went back to the hospital for another appointment. HER HEART WAS COMPLETELY HEALTHY!!! They couldn't find not one thing wrong with her heart. Her doctor said that if this was back in olden days he would have declared her a saint! Praise the Lord!!! She is planning on sending copies of the reports out as testimonies! ( :
  4. Holiness Princess


    I definitely know how that is. I'll be praying for you!
  5. Holiness Princess

    Picture Post

    Yea I know i'm short and weird looking. lol Good Lord, my pictures posted huge!
  6. Holiness Princess

    Funniest video I've seen in a while

    I'm sitting here cracking up in a room full of people.... thank you.
  7. Dr. Pepper = LOVE! I'm actually really grumpy every morning if I don't get my fix.
  8. Holiness Princess

    I'm back! (:

    Hi! Welcome back! I remember you from the first time I was on here.
  9. Holiness Princess

    Prayer for a friend

    I'll be praying!
  10. Holiness Princess

    Home-schooling parents may face criminal record checks

    I was homeschooled, and I actually think that this a good idea. There are some weirdo's out there, hiding behind homeschooling. But, most homeschool families have nothing to hide, so I give it up a thumbs up.
  11. Holiness Princess

    Kicked out of home.. need prayer please..

    I'm sorry, Dear. I'll be praying for you.
  12. Holiness Princess

    Please Pray...

    I had a friend that died in an atv crash a few months ago. He was only 16. I've really been thinking about him lately with Christmas coming up and everything. And, please pray for his mother. He was an only child, and she is still grieving and feeling lonely. She has MS also... so just be praying for her and me. Thanks.
  13. Holiness Princess

    Awesome Tomato Snack

    That sounds good to me. I love my tomatoes just like any good southern woman needs to!
  14. Holiness Princess

    Post Your Bible(s) Thread!

    This is mine!
  15. Holiness Princess


    Wow! That is amazing!!! Praise the Lord!
  16. Holiness Princess

    Quotes 'are' us

    Ronald Reagan quotes are awesomestastic. George W. Bush quotes are pretty great too! haha "One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures." -George W. Bush
  17. Holiness Princess

    4 Kids Hurt in Crash at Day Care Center

    awww... that is sad! I'll be praying.
  18. Holiness Princess

    An American History Lesson

    I just love Benjamin Rush. Awesome Post!
  19. Holiness Princess

    I Change Not

    KJV believer right here! It's the only one I will use. ^^^ Good points.
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    Holiness Pentecostal
  21. Holiness Princess

    Who would play you in a movie?

    Hayden Panettiere
  22. Holiness Princess

    my first post

    Hi! Welcome to CTF! We should go fishing sometime. lol
  23. Holiness Princess

    hi hi

    Hi! Welcome to CTF!!!! I'm a homeschool Graduate!
  24. Holiness Princess

    How old are you?

    Lovely 16.
  25. It seems like time for me is flying by. I've graduated High School this year, about to get my driver's license. I still don't know what college I want to go to yet. Sometimes... it's just too much. But, I'm planning on being a Teacher. One day I want to open my own Christian School.