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    Four years ago, a 26 year old man at my church was diagnosed with liver cancer. He went through the needed therapies and treatments that were necessary for him. He was put on a list for a transplant about 6 months ago. Last month they had found a match and did surgery that night. He was in church that next week. He has a wife and baby. He is now 30, 31 years old. Praise God that he was able to have it done and have a liver that works well. But there is still trying times ahead. But, I thessalonians 5:18-In "everything" give thanks for this the will of God in Christ Jesus Concerning you.
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    couple months ago my dad had conjestive heart failure and was in a semi coma for like 3 days. He got out, but he's not taking care of himself and he has a hacking cough. He says he knows what's wrong but it's getting worse. That's what had happened when he got in trouble before. They said that if he don't take care of himself and it happens again, he won't make it. I would just appreciate it if you are reading this if you would think about him and pray for him. His name is Dan. Thank you.
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    Titus 2:11

    I have heard different preachers say different things about this. At least in my opinion anyway. But, Titus 2:11 says, For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared unto all men. Now, I hear of missionaries and good christians saying that there is a world dying and going to hell because they have never heard of Jesus Christ. I have also heard one of my favorite preachers of all time bring this up in one of his sermons, "God has only obligated himself to appear unto all mankind once." Hence saying Titus 2:11. He was saying that everyone in the world is going to hear about salvation at least once. Now... I'm not saying anyone's wrong, I just want to know the truth...